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How To Keep Cowboy Boots from Rubbing Leg?

How To Keep Cowboy Boots from Rubbing Leg?

One of the most annoying of every high boot is that they are often rubbing your leg, and so do cowboy boots.

With a height range from 11 inches to more than 14 inches with so many stitches, cowboy boots make your feet look unique and fancy.

However, sometimes this height is also the weakness of cowboy boots.

If you choose the wrong size and the leather around the calf is too tight, cowboy boots will rub your leg. Besides that, there are tons of other reasons for this rubbing problem.

In today’s topic, you will know why cowboy boots keep rubbing your legs and how to solve this problem.

Let’s find out!

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1. Choose Cowboy Boots that Fit Well

To prevent cowboy boots from rubbing your leg from the beginning, the most important thing is to choose the right size and right fit.

From my experience, when choosing cowboy boots, you should pick ones that are not too tight nor too loose at the calves.

Cowboy boots should be a little loose at your calves. Why? Because you must leave room for the socks, the proper socks will prevent your cowboy boots from rubbing your leg!

Besides, one thing for sure is that cowboy boots with a little loose at the calves will not rub your legs like tight boots.

People with wide calves may have a lot of trouble choosing cowboy boots, so it is necessary to read customer’s reviews before making a purchase.

If there are not many customer reviews, you should call the seller directly to know more about the fit of cowboy boots.

Always make sure that cowboy boots are just a little loose at the calves but fit snugly at the instep.

And the same thing happens to the heel of cowboy boots, if cowboy boots are too tight at the heel, they can rub your heel and cause blisters.

In fact, your cowboy boots often slip at the heel at the first time, and this is normal if the heel slippage just ranges from 1/4″ – 3/8″.

However, if there is no heel slippage at the beginning, that’s not good!

2. Keep Cowboy Boots Quality Longer

Cowboy boots rubbing your legs do not just appear in new cowboy boots. Many people complained that their cowboy boots started rubbing their legs after 4 or 5 years of use.

The general answer is that their cowboy boots have deteriorated in quality! Cowboy boots may be too dry, too soft, sagging or slouching, etc.

If you don’t have the proper care methods for your cowboy boots, they will deteriorate quickly! Therefore, they will rub your legs for sure!

There are many products and methods to prolong the quality of cowboy boots. You can condition cowboy boots with mink oil, beeswax, or polish them with shoe polish, etc.

Leather care kit from Tecovas

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These products and methods not only keep the quality of cowboy boots, but also moisturize and make them soft, and don’t make you get blisters.

Moreover, you should store cowboy boots properly, always keep them straight, not fold or crack, this will make them not rubbing your legs anymore.

3. Break-in Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots that do not finish the break-in period will make you more uncomfortable than you think! And rubbing your legs is one of those annoying things!

When cowboy boots are new, they are quite stiff and somehow don’t fit your feet well! They need time to form their shape to your legs. Therefore, just be patient!

If you don’t want to wait, I have several ways to speed up the break in process of cowboy boots here!

4. Make sure your Cowboy Boots are not too Dry

Cowboy boots are often made of leather, and just like human skin, you should keep them at the right humidity. Don’t let them dry too much!

Many cowboy boots have leather lining, and if they are too dry, they will make you uncomfortable by rubbing your leg.

You should apply leather conditioner on the lining, this product can moisturize and nourish leather very well.

man is polishing cowboy boots with stitching

5. Make sure your Cowboy Boots not Too Wet

Cowboy boots that are too wet can lead to a saggy and slouchy situation, resulting in rubbing your legs.

If you wear cowboy boots in the rainy season, you must equip yourself with many methods to dry your cowboy boots.

The popular methods include using boot trees, boot dryers, household powder, etc.

Just make sure your cowboy boots are not too wet nor too dry, they will not make your legs uncomfortable.

That’s the point!

Tecovas Men's Boot Trees

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6. Keep the Shape of Cowboy Boots Perfectly

Scratches, breaks, folds, scuff inside the cowboy boots will make you upset because they will rub your legs constantly! Trust me, I am one of the victims of this problem!

The cause for this problem is that cowboy boots are not stored properly like you must keep them straight!

To do that, you can use boot shapers, boot racks, boot stands, etc.

Many cowboy boots are standing upright

7. Wear Over-the-calf Socks

The most popular and effective way to prevent cowboy boots from rubbing your leg is using socks, but not the normal socks, you should choose over-the-calf socks.

The socks will turn into perfect shields to protect your legs from rubbing cowboy boots! Cowboy boots have a height of more than 11 inches so you should choose socks that are taller than your mid-calf.

For me, I like using boot socks that cover all the calf!

Tecovas boot socks

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8. Use heel inserts

If cowboy boots are too tight or do not finish the break-in process, your heel can be hurt. To prevent your heel blisters, a heel insert is the best way to go!

Just put it inside, between your heel and cowboy boot, and it will pamper your heel!

Heel pads

9. Stretch your Cowboy Boots

Another popular reason that makes cowboy boots rubbing your legs is that they are too tight. The solution is very simple, just loosen them!

Everyone may know the solution, but not anyone knows the methods to stretch cowboy boots, from there keeping them from rubbing your legs.

There are many ways to stretch your cowboy boots such as using boot stretchers, boot stretch spray, or steam inside your cowboy boots.

One thing you need to pay attention to is to determine what place cowboy boots are tight. Is it the leather around the calf, or the instep, or other places?

Note that each place will have special ways to stretch!

For instance, you can use a boot stretcher to stretch the leather around the calf and instep.

A boot stretcher is stretching a boot

But if you want to stretch the heel of cowboy boots, boot stretch spray may be a better choice!

We have many articles with detailed instructions on how to stretch cowboy boots at the instep or leather around the calf. Hope you can find useful information!

10. Break-in Cowboy Boots

For new cowboy boots, rubbing your legs is not uncommon! In fact, when cowboy boots are new and have not gone through a break-in period, they do not fit your legs perfectly.

This situation will disappear after a short time (about 2 to 3 weeks) when your cowboy boots are totally broken in.

But, if you don’t want to wait for too long, you can use a conditioner, boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, lotion, or steam inside cowboy boots to speed up the break-in period.

And you know what, here is how to break in cowboy boots fast for you!

11. Use Boot Cuffs

If your cowboy boots rub your leg at the collar, you can use boot cuffs to cover around the collars of cowboy boots.

Boot cuffs are a popular product used in the winter, they will keep your feet warm and prevent the top of cowboy boots from making you uncomfortable.

However, since this is a product exclusively for the winter, it can make you feel hot if used in another season.

A woman wears boot cuffs with cowboy boots

12. Soften your Cowboy Boots

There are many ways to make cowboy boots soft! You can use conditioner to soften the leather of cowboy boots.

Besides, steaming inside cowboy boots to soften them is also a good choice. Or just spray a little warm water inside cowboy boots, warm water will soften the leather.

In case you want to steam cowboy boots, take advantage of the steam from the kettle!

Some other websites told you to dip entire cowboy boots into the water to make them soft or stretched. I don’t think it’s a good idea!

Cowboy boots are made of leather, water will ruin them if cowboy boots get wet for too long.

A man holding mink oil bottle

13. Use Household Powder

If cowboy boots rub your legs every time you put them on and make you uncomfortable. The household powder may be a good choice to help you.

Sprinkling some cornstarch or baby powder will help you put on your cowboy boots easily. The powder will reduce friction between your foot and the boot leather.

The boot shafts will less irritate your legs and make you more comfortable somehow.

14. Put your Jeans into Cowboy Boots

Another way to keep your cowboy boots from rubbing your leg is to put your jeans into the shaft of boots.

In terms of fashion, this is not good for men, because they don’t tuck their jeans into cowboy boots. But, who cares if you are going to work and need the best comfort.

In general, they are still good ways to make your legs free from the attack of the annoying boot shafts.

15. Insert everything soft to comfort your legs

Cotton ball, soft cloth, rag, boot scuff, toilet paper, or everything else you can find in your house that is soft enough

Turn them into a shield to protect your feet from rubbing cowboy boots, why not?

Before you go

The problems above are very common. But if your problem is not one of them, let me know in the comments and I will try to answer you.

Cowboy boots rubbing your leg is not uncommon, but from my experience, they will not last for too long if you know how to treat them properly. So, don’t be impatient.

If you are intending to buy new cowboy boots and want to make sure they are not rubbing your legs, just following my instructions.