The 5 Best Cowboy Boot Conditioners – For Leather Boots and Suede Boots

Not only do men own at least a pair of leather cowboy boots, but so do the women. However, not everyone knows how to clean and preserve leather cowboy boots the right way.

Now, let’s dive into such useful knowledge to get the right way to care for leather boots so that they always remain shiny and dirtless. You deserve new, beautiful and durable cowboy boots if you take care of them carefully.

Today, we will introduce to you the 5 best cowboy boot conditioners. And not just for leather cowboy boots, but also for cowboy boots made from suede.

Shall we? Let’s begin!

How do you condition cowboy boots?

Before I introduce you to cowboy boot conditioner products, we think that you need some advice on how to care for boots, let’s take a look!

How to condition leather cowboy boots

Step 1: Clean leather cowboy boots

Always keep in mind to use specialized products to clean the leather.

Do not use brushes that are too hard to scrub or they could adversely affect the leather surface quality of cowboy boots.

Unlike leather conditioner products, you do not have to rinse with water. After cleaning cowboy boots with leather cleaner products, wipe them with a damp cloth or soft cloth to avoid the backlog of cleaning chemicals.

Step 2: Apply leather conditioner

After cleaning your leather cowboy boots, apply leather conditioner on them. As for this method, you can spray directly on them, or spray on a towel and wipe on the surface of cowboy boots. Just spray gradually, start with a thin layer first. Take your time, do not spray too much.

Step 3: Wait for the leather conditioner absorb into the leather of cowboy boots.

You can also use a hairdryer to dry the solution more quickly. Repeat step 2 if necessary (leather boots are too thick and the solution cannot penetrate inside deeply).

Besides, we have shown you how to preserve and clean cowboy boots in the right way, for specific types of boots. You can see more here.

How do you condition suede cowboy boots?

Compared to leather cowboy boots, suede cowboy boots are much more difficult to store and clean. You need to pay attention more.

Suede cowboy boots are easily scratched or dry and stiff, be sure to take care of them carefully to remain soft, beautiful and durable. We have specific instructions on how to store and clean suede cowboy boots here.

Let’s moving on with some basic steps to condition suede cowboy boots:

Step 1: Clean suede cowboy boots:

The sure thing about cleaning suede boots is that you have to use the right brush. Because suede is softer and more flexible than leather, it is vulnerable to hard bristles.

Besides, remember to use exclusive cleaning solutions to suede cowboy boots.

After scrubbing cowboy boots with a brush and cleaning solution, use a soft towel to dry the suede cowboy boots.

Step 2: Apply suede conditioner

Similar to leather cowboy boots, you can spray directly or spray on a towel and rub your suede cowboy boots.

Wait for the solution to penetrate into the suede cowboy boots.

You can use a hairdryer to accelerate the penetration of the solution into the suede.

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Step 3: Wait for the cowboy boots to dry

Make sure that the suede cowboy boots are dry after you finish the care process.

Water is the number one enemy of suede, don’t let them get wet. Use a hairdryer or natural wind to dry them out.

5 Best Cowboy Boot Conditioners

For leather cowboy boots

1/ Leather Honey

An extremely famous brand of leather conditioners for over 50 years is Leather Honey. It always satisfies millions of customers all over the world.

Just put a little on cowboy boots (it doesn’t need to be applied continuously and for months like other products, a small amount is enough) and wait for them to penetrate into the inside of boots. And wait for great results.

Leather Honey product makes your boots waterproof and stain-free. It helps old leather regain fresh colors and keeps them soft. From there, your boots are revived and flexible again.

2/ Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Every family should have this product in their home.

You can apply it for your cowboy boots or even car seats, interiors, jackets,…

I bet none of us like cleaning. But with Chemical Guys’ leather cleaner and conditioner, you would enjoy cleaning as it is easy to use. Apply it and Bum! You get your boots flawless in a flash.

This product is easy to use and effective for repelling all stains, oil… without leaving residue such as soaps. You can count on this product to make your cowboy boots youthful and great again.

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3/ Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

This product is used by many cowboy boots lovers. It was born for serving your beloved cowboy boots.

That’s the Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner. It is the favorite item on display shelves of many cowboy boot collectors.

It gives your cowboy boots the care and protection that they deserve. Bickmore Bick 4 is best for cleaning, protecting leather boots (from stains), softening and maintaining leather skins…

Only 4 simple steps: Clean – Apply – Dry – Buff, you have new and long-lasting boots.

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4/ Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner

You might think that using leather conditioner products make your boots unbreathable. The problem solved with this product. Since Obenauf’s products are completely natural, the leather of your cowboy boots is not only breathable, but it is soft and flexible as well.

Heavy Duty LP restores the colors of boots that have lost their original color due to the sun or the effects of rain. It makes your boots waterproof and protects them from oil, sand, salt …

Natural products are always safe and reliable, am I right?

5/ Sof Sole Mink Oil

Mink oil is an extremely popular product for the maintenance and protection of leather.

Specifically, mink oil is resistant to dirt, sand, salt … It can restore the original colors of your cowboy boots as well.

You can use it for smooth or grain leather.

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For suede cowboy boots

Unlike leather conditioners, suede conditioner products are just a few and more difficult to find.

Perhaps because the characteristics of suede are harder to maintain. You will need a lot of time to take care of them.

Suede gets dirty and absorbs water easily. If you don’t take care of your boots properly, they can be dry and hard, then deteriorate quickly and lose their flexibility.

1/ Saphir Medaille d’Or Nubuck & Suede Renovator & Conditioning

Osmosis nourishes suede boots from the inside and protects them on the outside. That’s what Saphir Medaille d’Or Nubuck & Suede Renovator & Conditioning owns.

You just can’t go wrong with this conditioner. Waterproof and condition your beloved suede cowboy boots with this spray.

This product is formulated with sweet almond oil to create a film that protects suede boots from stains and water.

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2/ Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent

It can be said that the Bickmore brand is the pride of the United States. Not only favored by the leather conditioner product line, Bickmore suede conditioner products are also very popular.

It protects your cowboy boots comprehensively and extends the lifetime of suede cowboy boots. By simply spraying a thin layer of Bickmore solution on cowboy boots after cleaning, you can wear boots regardless of rain and sun.

3/ Refreshed Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner

Refreshed Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner removes any stubborn stains such as grass, oil, dirt, asphalt, clay.

This product is also completely made from natural, non-toxic components for caring suede cowboy boots made and increasing the life of boots. It softens your boots and gives them flexibility as you wish.

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4/ Gear Aid Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit with Spray, Cleaner, Brush and Eraser

A complete set of products includes water repellent spray, suede cleaner, boot brush and eraser for protecting and maintaining your suede boots completely.

It is a misconception that any brush can be used for suede boots. Actually, you must use the right kind of brush for suede to get the best results. Otherwise, it will damage the suede boots.

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5/ Angelus Genuine Professional Mink Oil Conditioner Spray

A mink oil conditioner spray will make your suede boots soft and supple. Besides, it helps suede boots fight against dirt and rain.

The spray is easier to use than the wax. It works in a wider area on leather items than using wax.

Besides, using a mink oil sprayer is less time-consuming than using wax and the amount of mink oil sprayed on cowboy boots is also more even.

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