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How Do I Keep My Cowboy Boots From Sagging, Slouching?

How Do I Keep My Cowboy Boots From Sagging, Slouching?

Cowboy boots are an impressive fashion product with a distinctive structure and unique motifs, They are always a special contemporary fashion icon over time.

However, because the structure differs in height (ranging from 11 inches to 14 inches), they are very susceptible to sagging or slouching.

And if you wear cowboy boots like that, it would be a fashion disaster.

And the good news is that you’ve landed in the right place! I’ll tell you how to keep your cowboy boots from sagging/ slouching.

How do I keep my cowboy boots from sagging / slouching?

One of the common reasons leading to sagging and slouching is the way you store cowboy boots. If you do that incorrectly, they will lose their shape.

In addition, using cowboy boots for a long time without proper care will cause them to quickly deteriorate, resulting in sagging issues.

But what if your cowboy boots are loose in leather around the calf and lead to slouching? We will show you several methods of making your cowboy boots fit tighter.

Let’s dive in!

Keep cowboy boots in shape

One of the most effective ways to prevent sagging in cowboy boots is to let them stand upright and stay in shape.

Never let your cowboy boots stand alone, they will break, crease and lead to sagging.

To keep the shape of cowboy boots, we have many methods, including the most effective ones which are using boot shapers, boot trees, boot stands, and boot storage racks.

Womens boot tree from Tecovas

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

In addition to the above methods, you can also use a water bottle, or newspaper, to tuck it in cowboy boots, to keep them straight up.

Besides, use your cowboy boots more often to ensure they will always stand upright and stretch enough.

We have an article on how to keep your cowboy boots in shape, you can check it out here!

Keep your cowboy boots dry

That’s right! Leaving cowboy boots in a wet condition will cause them to sag and slouch quickly. The most important thing is you need to keep your cowboy boots dry.

Water is one of the enemies of leather, but as you know, leather is the main material that makes cowboy boots.

If cowboy boots are moldy for a long time without drying them, they will quickly deteriorate and lead to sagging.

There are many methods to dry cowboy boots, typically using a boot dryer, boot trees, some types of boot shapers, hair dryer, wind or sunshine, etc.

Boot dryer

We’ve got quick and effective instructions for drying cowboy boots here!

Knowing these methods will help protect your cowboy boots from sagging or slouching.

Keep cowboy boots fit tighter

Another cause of cowboy boots getting sagging and slouching is that they are too loose.

Cowboy boots that are too loose can’t hold up well, you need to find solutions to help them fit tighter.

Usually, two loose spots that lead to cowboy boots getting sagging and slouching are the ankle and calf positions.

To solve this problem, wear a pair of thick socks or double-up socks to help your feet fit cowboy boots tighter.

Or another way is to use a leather string to wrap around and tighten cowboy boots at the ankle or calf.

Some other tools to help cowboy boots fit tighter are calf sleeves, boot cuffs (suitable for winter use) and cotton balls.

To learn more, here is the instruction on how to make cowboy boots fit tighter around the calves.

Keep cowboy boots from drying out

Cowboy boots are made of leather so they will dry out if not cared for properly.

When cowboy boots are dry, they are more susceptible to cracking, breaking, or folding. This leads them to get sagging and slouching.

For that reason, you need to have the right way of moisturizing.

There are many ways to keep cowboy boots moist, the most effective way is to use a leather conditioner.

leather cleaner and leather conditioner from Tecovas

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

This is a specialized product used to care for cowboy boots, you can use it to moisturize and nourish cowboy boots.

The conditioner is very effective in protecting cowboy boots from drying and cracking, thus you can avoid sagging and slouching problems.

Store cowboy boots properly

If not properly stored, cowboy boots will sag quickly.

Your cowboy boots should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place that is neither too hot or too wet.

cowboy boots in storage closet

That will retain the quality of cowboy boots while keeping them in good shape.

As long as you follow my instructions, along with using the boot shaper, your cowboy boots will hardly get sagging or slouching for a very long time.

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Keep cowboy boots clean

Do not let your cowboy boots stay in the dirt for too long, this will dry them quickly and develop cracks.

You should clean leather cowboy boots regularly with leather cleaner and horsehair brush.

Besides, if your cowboy boots are made of suede, the suede brush combined with the eraser and suede cleaner will solve the problem.

Tecovas suede cleaner, brush and eraser

Suede cleaner, brush and eraser | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

We have a great guide on how to tackle muddy cowboy boots here!

After cleaning the cowboy boots, to avoid drying out, you can use an additional conditioner as guided above.

Ensuring that cowboy boots are clean will help them hold up better, avoiding sagging and slouching.

Use blousing bands/straps, boot bands

Blousing bands/straps and boot bands are common tools used by the army and hikers to make their pants tidy.

However, we utilize them to fix sagging/slouching cowboy boots.

Just use blousing bands/straps or boot bands to wrap around your cowboy boots while you wear them, and your cowboy boots are tidy again.

This method may prevent you from looking good, but for those who use cowboy boots for work and not for fashion, this is a good solution.

Fix cowboy boots with plastic / metallic strip

Another way is to use metallic or plastic strips to fix the cowboy boots.

The way to do it is quite simple: attach the metallic/plastic strips to the inside of cowboy boots vertically to fix them and avoid sagging problems.

However, this can make your legs feel uncomfortable. The best solution is to wear a pair of thick socks to avoid skin irritation.

Besides, we still prefer methods of storing and caring for cowboy boots to keep them from sagging or slouching rather than DIY methods.

No matter what, Prevention is Better than Cure!

Use double-sided tape to stick the leather around the calves to the socks

Here’s another DIY method you can try, using double-sided tape to glue the leather around the calf of cowboy boots to the socks.

double-sided tape

This helps cowboy boots hold up better without sagging and slouching.

However, this is not a long-term solution and your socks need to hold up really well.

Besides, another inconvenience is that you will have to remove the double-sided tape from the socks every time you take off your boots, which can cause the socks to stretch quickly.

Choose the right size of cowboy boots

Choose cowboy boots with leather around the calf that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Besides, your calves should almost fill the leather around the calf of cowboy boots (leaving room for socks).

This will bring you a beautiful look and comfort, and help cowboy boots fit snugly at the calf, without sagging or slouching.

Wrap it up

In short, there are many ways to keep cowboy boots from sagging and slouching, however, I still like the proverb: “Prevention is Better than Cure”

You should take good care of your boots, like using a boot shaper to keep them in shape.

Besides, use a leather conditioner to keep cowboy boots with the right moisture, thereby preventing them from drying, cracking, or breaking. Your cowboy boots can now say no to sagging issues.

Don’t forget to keep cowboy boots dry and clean, damp or muddy cowboy boots will lead to slouching problems. Use a boot dryer, hair dryer, wind, and sunshine to keep your cowboy boots dry.

Store cowboy boots in a cool, non-damp place and avoid high heat sources. Cowboy boots will stay in the best state and won’t sag.

If you are considering buying cowboy boots but are afraid of the sagging problems above, you can choose cowboy boots according to my tip.

Remember that cowboy boots with leather around the calves should not be too tight nor too loose, your calves must almost fill the entire leather around the calves.

That makes cowboy boots able to hold your calves snugly, they won’t sag nor make you uncomfortable.


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I have problems with the cowboy boot caving in right next to the ankle bone which causes rubbing and then a sore. what can I do to stop it from caving in


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I have an article listing methods of dealing with your problem here.

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