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How to Dry Cowboy Boots Fast and Effectively? The 11 Easiest Methods

How to Dry Cowboy Boots Fast and Effectively? The 11 Easiest Methods

Cowboy boots have been an accessory, companion, and soulmate of Western Americans since the late 18th century. They get a beautiful outlook and wonderful meaning in them that are the beauty of history, cultural traditions, and Western Americans.

Cowboy boots are typically made of 100% leather. They are very durable (can last more than 10 years), comfortable and smooth. You can wear them all day for work, casual wear, outings, picnics, etc.

However, due to the leather material, they have a weak point which is water. Water can damage leather quickly.

Here is an article about how to waterproof cowboy boots so that your boots can survive rainy and snowy seasons.

But what if your cowboy boots get wet? If not handled properly, they can lead to getting moist and moldy. Wet can deteriorate the quality of your cowboy boots.

So how to dry cowboy boots? Let’s check out our effortless methods right below!

Shall we?

How to Dry Cowboy Boots Fast and Effectively?

With a high shaft, drying cowboy boots is a tough task compared to other boots or shoes.

Most cowboy boots are made of leather and suede, each will have different drying methods.

We’ll show you some methods to dry cowboy boots.

We also let you know if one is suitable for leather or suede boots.

1. Use a boot dryer

Boot dryers are a very popular product to dry cowboy boots.

Boot dryer

If you only have a pair of boots in your house, then it seems that you don’t need a boot dryer.

But if you are a die-hard fan of boots, especially cowboy boots, you should own a boot dryer. This is extremely necessary when the rainy season is coming.

Boot dryer is a specialized product to dry cowboy boots and keep them in shape. You can quickly dry several pairs of cowboy boots at a time. It is quite convenient for cowboy boot collectors.

Boot dryers will make the cowboy boots completely dry without getting moist or damp. Cool, right?

2. Use boot trees

Another very popular and essential product for cowboy boots is a boot tree.

The main effect of boot trees is to keep the shape of cowboy boots. The boot trees also have excellent moisture absorption, which will keep your cowboy boots completely dry.

Tecovas Men's Boot Trees

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click the image for more info

Cowboy boots, especially suede cowboy boots, are easy to lose shape when they are wet. So boot trees are a great product to solve this problem.

Boot trees are exclusively multi-functional products for cowboy boots. They should be on the cowboy boot shelf at your home.

3. Use household powder (talcum powder, cornstarch, baby powder)

Now, your cowboy boots are wet. If handled incorrectly, they can still be damp in an annoying way.

That’s when you need household powder. It is an economical and effective way to dry out your cowboy boots.

Household powder

If you don’t have a boot dryer or boot tree to dry cowboy boots, sprinkle some cornstarch (or baby powder, talcum powder) inside them. Then leave overnight.

The next morning the powder will absorb all the moisture and dampness in your cowboy boots, and they will be dry and clean.

4. Use the sun

Sunlight, yes, is the best gift from nature. We love sunlight because it makes everything dry including your beloved cowboy boots.

Leave your cowboy boots in the yard and sunbathe until they’re dry.

However, don’t leave them in the sun for too long, especially suede cowboy boots. Exposure to harsh sunlight for too long can cause them to become hard and crack.

5. Use cedar boot shapers

Boot shapers made from cedar wood can keep the shape of cowboy boots. They also work to absorb moisture, making cowboy boots dry.

If the boot tree keeps the form of the foot of the cowboy boots (and absorbs moisture), then the cedar boot shapers will make the leather around the calf stay in shape and dry.

All you need to do is put the boot shaper inside the boots, and leave it there. After a while, all the water in your cowboy boots will evaporate.

In addition, the scent of cedar also helps to repel insects, keeping your cowboy boots from the visit of strange insects.

6. Use natural wind or wind from a fan

This is the method I regularly use for my soccer shoes. You might know that wind also makes cowboy boots dry quickly as well as the sun does.

Besides, the wind doesn’t make the suede hard or crack.

All you do is leave your cowboy boots out in the wind or in front of a fan.

If you leave your cowboy boots in front of the table fan, keep them lying down so that they can catch the air in them. From there, the cowboy boots will dry from the inside out.

7. Use a hair dryer

Another useful tool to dry cowboy boots that many people use is a hair dryer.

The temperature of the hair dryer will help the cowboy boots dry quickly.


However, consider if your cowboy boots are made of suede. The high temperature of the hair dryer can cause the suede to be dry, cracked and not soft anymore.

Be careful not to set the temperature too high!

8. Use a bath towel

If you and your cowboy boots have just experienced heavy rain, why don’t you use bath towels for both?

Bath towels are very absorbent and can dry your cowboy boots quickly.

bath towel

For that reason, preparing a towel to care for your expensive cowboy boots is definitely a good idea!

However, this is only a temporary solution, you may still need boot trees or boot dryers to dry your boots more thoroughly.

9. Use rice

This is the method that Eastern people use very often: using rice to absorb moisture.

Soak the damp cowboy boot in the rice barrel, and let the rice do the rest.

This method seems a bit expensive. If I were you, I would use household powder instead.

10. Use toilet paper, newspaper

This is a fairly classic method. It is very similar to using boot trees.

If your cowboy boots are damp, tuck toilet paper or newspaper inside the cowboy boots fully and snugly.

toilet paper

By doing this, toilet paper and newspaper will absorb moisture in cowboy boots, while keeping them in shape.

This method is suitable for both suede or leather, but it might require a lot of paper.

11. Use roasted salt

Roast a handful of salt in a saucepan, until the salt has warmed up, don’t let it burn.

Put the roasted salt in a sock, or cloth bag, and then place the sock/ bag into cowboy boots.

Leave for 1 to 2 hours, and your cowboy boots will dry inside. If it is not dry yet, you can repeat this process until you get the final result.

Some notes

  • If your cowboy boots get wet, you should dry them as soon as you get home. Don’t let them be wet for too long, it’s no good for your boots.
  • Make sure the boots are not damp or moist and make sure they are completely dry
  • Water can wash away the natural oils and waxes of cowboy boots and make them prone to drying out and cracking later on. So it’s best to condition cowboy boots to moisturize them and repair any damage caused by getting wet.
  • Store cowboy boots in a dry place, away from musty places. Suede cowboy boots should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place so that suede can breathe.
  • If your cowboy boots get wet and dirty, refer to methods of cleaning leather cowboy boots here and suede cowboy boots here.
  • When using high-heat methods to dry your cowboy boots, remember not to overheat.
  • In the rainy or snowy season, use specialized products to waterproof your cowboy boots.
  • Do not put smooth leather cowboy boots in the dryer, or they will overheat. It can cause the cowboy boots to dry out the natural oils and waxes.

Is it OK to get cowboy boots wet?

Cowboy boots are definitely NOT OK at all when they are wet.

Most good cowboy boots are made of leather or suede. And no matter how durable your cowboy boots are, if exposed to water for a long time without proper care, cowboy boots will degrade quickly.

Especially suede, they are very sensitive to water.

In general, leather and suede have a common enemy which is water. So the big enemy of cowboy boots is water.

There are many waterproof cowboy boots, if you regularly use cowboy boots to do outdoor work and experience sudden rainy or snowy seasons, you should use waterproof cowboy boots. Western work boots could be a good choice for you.

If it’s the rainy or snowy season, there are ways to protect your cowboy boots from the water (conditioner, mink oil, wax, etc.).

Spraying a thin layer of protection onto a cowboy boot before going outside is a good way to protect cowboy boots from water.

We have a wide range of ways to help your cowboy boots fight against water here!


Take good care of your cowboy boots against the onslaught of water.

The methods above we guide you are the most effective ones to dry your cowboy boots and they don’t affect your boot quality.

You can use specialized products such as a boot tree, boot dryer, or cedar boot shaper. Besides,  using household items is also very effective in keeping your cowboy boots dry.

Share with us below if you come up with any other helpful tips and tricks.

Last words, make sure you have a layer of armor ready for your cowboy boots to cope with sudden rains and research methods to make cowboy boots waterproof.

Good luck!