How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Around the Calf? | The 7 Easiest Methods

Cowboy boots are always a meaningful and aesthetic fashion gift, they embody the strong beauty of wildness yet sophisticated.

However, many people have had a lot of problems with cowboy boots, especially buying the wrong size, or their feet are oversize.

Normally, leather around the calf is always a problem for people with big calves.

To solve that problem, let’s join us in the topic today: How to stretch cowboy boots around the calf?

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Around the Calf

There are many methods to stretch cowboy boots around the calf. We will show you the professional stretching methods used by cobblers. These methods are quite simple that you can do it at home with your household items.

1/ Use boot shaft stretcher

The boot shaft stretcher is a frequent tool used by cobblers to stretch leather around the calf.

All you need to do is to put them inside the cowboy boots, adjust the level of stretching you desire, and wait.

The advantage of this method is easy to do and effective quickly.

However, the downside is that the price is a bit expensive. If there is only one pair of cowboy boots in your home, it seems this is not the method you are looking for.

2/ Steam inside cowboy boots

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If you are concerned about the cost of method 1, we recommend steaming leather around the calf.

This method is often used by cobblers, but you don’t need a steam generator (boiler) like them. Instead, you can take advantage of your family’s kettle.

That’s right, use the steam rising from the kettle to distort your cowboy boots.

Just steam inside and outside leather around the calf, then put on your cowboy boots and go out. Doing so a few times, the leather around the calf of cowboy boots will stretch.

However, please note that you should wear socks before wearing cowboy boots, because they can be quite hot after using this method.

3/ Use boot stretch spray

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The final method used by cobblers to stretch cowboy boots is boot stretch spray.

This is a solution that helps your cowboy boots soften and stretch quickly.

Just apply a little to a towel and rub on the leather around the calf surface, then wear cowboy boots and go out. Repeat this a few times to stretch the leather around the calf of cowboy boots.

Boot stretch spray will shorten the stretching time of leather around the calf.

This is also an easy method to do at home, it doesn’t take you much time and money.

However, you should use a good boot stretch spray product.

You can combine all three methods to get the best effect.

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4/ Use leather conditioner

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One of the principles to help leather stretch faster is to soften it. And a leather conditioner does that very well.

Every time you clean cowboy boots, don’t forget to use a conditioner to relax cowboy boots, which keeps color longer and extends cowboy boot life.

If you need to stretch your cowboy boots faster, apply leather conditioner regularly, this will cause the leather around the calf to loosen up quickly.

You can apply conditioner on the leather around the calf whenever you intend to wear cowboy boots. After a short time, cowboy boots will stretch and you can wear them comfortably.

If you don’t have the time, use a leather conditioner with the boot shaper to speed up the result.

5/ Use hairdryer

In addition to steaming cowboy boots, another commonly used method of heat treatment is to use a hair dryer.

Using heat can help the skin to stretch more quickly. In this case, a hair dryer is an ideal item in your house.

Use a hairdryer to dry around leather around the calf, then just put on socks and take a few walks around your home.

Note that don’t let the temperature become too hot, they will affect the leather of boots.

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6/ Use lotion or alcohol

Being not a specialized product for leather, lotion can make leather around the calf softer and more relaxed in a short time.

Just apply a little onto a cloth and wipe it all over the leather around the calf surface.

You can then use the boot shaper, or your hands, to stretch the cowboy boots. Or simply put them on.

Similar to using lotion, alcohol also works as a quick skin relaxant.

The procedure is similar to the method of using lotion, just apply a little alcohol to the surface of the leather around the calf, then wait for it to penetrate. That’s all!

You can use a hair dryer to speed up the penetration of lotion and alcohol.

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7/ Spray water

One miraculous effect of water is to make the cowboy boots leather softer and more elastic.

All you have to do is spray a thin layer of water onto the leather around the calf of the cowboy boots.

Tip: Warm water may be more effective

However, don’t overdo this way, exposing too much water for long will lower leather quality.

Remember that you should only spray a thin layer of water on the leather surface. Then put on cowboy boots and walk like normal.

The water will accelerate the process of stretching cowboy boots.

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Some notes when stretching cowboy boots around calf

  • Give your cowboy boots time to rest, they need a break to automatically stretch after we apply methods to stretch them. Don’t force them or they will stretch too much.
  • Don’t follow the silly advice on the Internet that is to completely immerse cowboy boots into the water with the hope of stretching them. You know that cowboy boots are afraid of water because water is no good for leather and suede at all.
  • Be patient when stretching cowboy boots, don’t rush or your cowboy boots will be stretched too much.

How should cowboy boots fit on the calf?

Cowboy boots should be a little loose on the calves. But don’t be too loose.

When choosing cowboy boots, the most important thing to get a perfect fit boot isn’t leather around the calf. That’s the instep and heel.

However, in order to maintain good aesthetics, comfort and flexibility, cowboy boots should be a bit loose in the calves. Don’t fit snugly and don’t be too wide.

If fit snugly, it will be difficult for girls to tuck jeans into cowboy boots. Not to mention putting on boots will turn into a nightmare.

If leather around the calf is too loose, it’s difficult for cowboys to tuck the cowboy boots into jeans. Not to mention if you put the boot shaft into jeans, the V scallop is shown clearly, you won’t look beautiful as you should.

So, leather around the calf should be a bit loose for you to wear cowboy boots beautifully.

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Do cowboy boots stretch out?

Yes, cowboy boots will stretch over time, but very little.

Usually, if you have just bought cowboy boots, your new boots will go through a stretching time to fit your feet. That’s called the break in process.

After that, cowboy boots still stretch but very little. Cowboy boots are very durable and sturdy, so they just stretch to a certain extent during use later.

In normal conditions, cowboy boots will stretch very little except for using methods to stretch cowboy boots such as using boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, steam…

Before you leave

The above methods are the most effective methods to stretch cowboy boots

You can use specialized products such as boot stretcher, boot stretch spray… Or other professional methods but you can do at home such as steaming cowboy boots.

If you want to save money, you absolutely can utilize available items in your house such as lotion, alcohol, water spray…

Anyway, good luck!

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