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About Us

FromTheGuestRoom is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, bachelors, editors and writers.

We are from different professions but our common point is that we all love fashion, especially boots.

Our Vision

In the uncertain days of life, how do you find (or rediscover) yourself?

I put on my boots, then walk or work! Just 2 simple things, not much!

Finding meaning in life and defining ourselves are not the destination. It’s a journey, we find ourselves along the way, when we walk and work.

And along the way, I love my boots more than anything.

When I want to walk, I wear my hiking boots! When I want to work, I wear my cowboy boots! And when I want to walk and work, I wear my tactical boots!

And one day, I asked myself:  “Does anyone think like me?”.

And I keep looking for the answer! And one afternoon in January, 2020, From The Guest Room was born! – With the mission of finding people who share the same passion and love for boots!

Every morning you wake up and prepare for more than 20,000 steps, you will need a truly reliable companion. And I’m sure of one thing: boots are exactly what you’re looking for!

For those whose childhood and youth are associated with boots, one thing is for sure:

“Boots are not just an accessory, it is a culture, a method of communication and a lifestyle! When you look at someone’s boots, you know who they are, calm, strong, assertive or simple.”

I firmly believe so!

From The Guest Room is certainly not the only site with content about boots, but I guarantee it will be one you can trust. The content may not be the best, but it will be the most trustworthy!

From The Guest Room will be an open environment for you to share everything about boots and your life.

Together, we will define and connect our life throughout the boots! Our journey will never stop…

I’m Jay Gatz, and I’m with you!

hiking in the jungle

Our Mission

Currently, From The Guest Room is focusing on building content about boots.

Our squad shares the love of boots, undoubtedly. You can see our main categories are cowboy boots, tactical boots and hiking boots.

We try our best to provide high-quality articles with useful information about boots, and how to deal with annoying problems arising while using them.

Of course, in the process of developing the content, there will be many shortcomings, we hope to have your support.

The articles may contain controversial information, but we always stand behind them and are pleased to listen and understand all of your suggestions.

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