How to Stretch Cowboy Boots at Home | The 10 Easiest Methods

One good day you suddenly want to buy a pair of cowboy boots.

So you order a pair of cowboy boots on Amazon.

2 days later you receive a work of art from the western United States. Unfortunately, that day was not a beautiful day …

Your cowboy boots don’t fit your feet and you get angry!

Hold on! If the boots are tight, you just need to stretch it. Today FromTheGuestRoom will show you the easiest ways to stretch your cowboy boots at home.

Let’s get started!

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots at Home?

When you want to stretch cowboy boots at home, you probably make use of your household items, or things that can stretch cowboy boots at affordable prices.

Some of the products below are probably not the products you are looking for, because they cost as much as a cowboy boot.

Besides, these products are often used by professional cowboy boot shops or cowboy boot collectors.

If you are looking for items that can stretch cowboy boots at home or cheap products to stretch cowboy boots, then follow the methods and stretch products provided below.

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Method 1: Wear your cowboy boots many times

This is the simplest and the most effective way you can do to stretch cowboy boots at home.

New cowboy boots will need time to stretch to fit your feet. Wear your boots several times a week (5 or 6 times a week) and walk around your home.

About 1 to 2 weeks, your cowboy boots will stretch. The leather around the calf, heel and foot,… of cowboy boots will be adjusted to fit your foot, heel and calf. (these are likely the most tight parts of your cowboy boots)

Tip: You should use extra thick socks when using this method.

Method 2: Use steam to stretch the cowboy boots

To speed up the process of stretching cowboy boots, you can use the steam from your kettle.

This aims at softening the leather of cowboy boots so it can be easily stretched.

Make use of your kettle to get steam.

Step one: Use the kettle, wait until the steam rises from boiling water

Step two: Take advantage of the steam rising from the kettle and then heat inside your cowboy boots.

Step 3: Wait until the boot heats down (don’t rush or you’ll get burned). Then put on your boots with socks and walk around the house.

With this method, the heat helps stretch your boots easily to fit your feet.

Also, you can steam inside the cowboy boots and use the boot stretcher to shape the cowboy boots and to stretch the parts you want. (Scroll down to see more about boot stretchers).

Method 3: Use heat from the hair dryer

This is a very easy method to stretch cowboy boots at home. Get your wife’s hair dryer and heat into the cowboy boots.

The process is similar to method 2.

Step 1: Use a hair dryer to dry inside cowboy boots

Step 2: Put on boots with socks and walk around the house

Method 4: Use lotion to soften the leather of cowboy boots

Using a moisturizer is also a good way to soften the boots’ leather:

Step 1: Get your wife’s lotion

Step 2: Put on the parts where you want cowboy boots to stretch, then wear these boots.

Step 3: Sorry to your wife for taking both her hair dryer and her lotion.

Just put a little lotion on cowboy boots before using them, your cowboy boots will stretch quickly.

Method 5: Use alcohol and vaseline to soften cowboy boots

Wine and vaseline have a great effect in softening leather.

It takes some time to apply this method, but you get a great result in return compared to other ways.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Apologize to your wife and go to the grocery store to buy a bottle of wine

Step 2: Dab alcohol on a cotton ball or soft cloth and wipe gently over the surface of the cowboy boots.

Step 3: After the alcohol has dried, use a cotton cloth to wipe the cowboy boots again to ensure the alcohol has absorbed into the boots

Step 4: Use a little vaseline and apply it over the surface of cowboy boots. Be careful with this step, do it gently to avoid damaging the cowboy boots

Step 5: Sorry to your wife for using her vaseline, and the rest of the wine is yours

Step 6: Use this method a few times before going out with your cowboy boots, this will help the cowboy boots to relax more quickly

Method 6: Spray water around and inside cowboy boots

Another simple way is to use a water sprayer to spray around your cowboy boots before going out with them.

When water penetrates the cowboy boots leather, the leather becomes softer.

However, note that just spray a little water, and make sure the boots are dry. Leaving the boots wet for too long will hurt the leather of boots.

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Method 7: Use cowboy boot stretcher to shape cowboy boots

This type of boot stretcher is not the same as the one we mentioned above.

The boot stretcher above is made of metal, and is quite expensive. Understand the need to stretch cowboy boots at many people’s homes, we have a wooden boot stretcher for a softer price.

In general, there are only 2 simple steps to implement this method.

Step 1: Put boot stretcher into cowboy boots

Step 2: Adjust the level of stretching you want

There are different types of boot stretchers, some are used to stretch the width of cowboy boots, some are used to stretch the instep of cowboy boots.

Method 8: Use boot stretcher spray and leather conditioners

There are many specialized products to stretch cowboy boots. In addition to boot stretchers, the boot stretcher spray is also popular.

First usage:

Spray a little of this solution on cowboy boots before putting them out, your boots will stretch in a short time as you desire.

Second usage:

You can also use a boot stretcher spray with a boot stretcher.

Step 1: Spray the boot stretcher spray into the area you want cowboy boots to stretch

Step 2: Put the boot stretcher into the cowboy boot and adjust the stretch level of the cowboy boot

Step 3: Leave it overnight

This is a very effective way to stretch the boots, but it will cost “a little”.

Method 9: Use ice

Sounds a little strange, isn’t it?

You may not know it, but you can use ice to stretch your cowboy boots.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare the ziploc bag

Step 2: Put a moderate amount of water into the plastic and lock it (Don’t put too much, if you put too much water, the water will come out and wet your cowboy boots)

Step 3: Put them in cowboy boots – Make sure the water bags are big enough that you can tightly put it inside your cowboy boots

Step 4: Put the cowboy boots in your freezer compartment (hopefully your freezer compartment is big enough)

Then wait for the result!

This method will reshape the inside of your cowboy boot, making the inside of cowboy boot more relaxed and more comfortable for the foot.

Method 10: Use warm water bags

Another method of using heat to stretch cowboy boots is to use a warm water bag.

Get warm water in a small bag, and place inside cowboy boots, leave it overnight. The next morning, you’ll see that your boots have been stretched.

Or you can use this method before you wear cowboy boots to go out.

Do not let the water overheat, it will adversely affect cowboy boots quality.

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Things to keep in mind when stretching cowboy boots

  • If you use water methods to stretch cowboy boots, be sure to dry them with natural wind
  • If you use thermal methods, do not overheat
  • Don’t dip your boots into the water to stretch them, that will destroy your boots
  • Don’t wear boots while you sleep to stretch them, your feet will get hurt. (Read more: Are Cowboy Boots Bad For Your Feet?)
  • After applying the above methods to stretch cowboy boots, give them a break. Your cowboy boots need time to stretch.

[FAQ] How can I stretch my boots fast?

The above methods are methods that shorten the time to stretch cowboy boots.

If you want to know the ways to stretch cowboy boots fast, then we recommend these methods:

  • Use boot stretcher
  • Steam inside cowboy boots (can combine with boot stretcher and leave overnight)
  • Use boot stretcher spray (also can combine with boot stretcher and leave overnight)
  • Wear cowboy boots frequently during the day and week
  • Use the heat of the hair dryer
  • Take your boots to the boot repair shop

For the process, we have full instructions above, you can scroll up to read more.

However, don’t rush when stretching your cowboy boots, or you may destroy the leather of your cowboy boots.

And again, never stretch your cowboy boots by immersing them in water. The cowboy boots skin is very hydrophobic (except for Western work boots that are usually waterproof)

Besides, do not try to wear cowboy boots while sleeping, it’s no good for your feet.

Will rubbing alcohol stretch leather boots?

Alcohol may help soften cowboy boots, but won’t stretch your cowboy boots by itself. You must wear boots to stretch them.

Actually, using alcohol is a very popular stretching method.

First, rub alcohol on the surface of a cowboy boot to make it softer and easier to stretch.

After the alcohol has absorbed inside the cowboy boot, put it on for a while before they can relax.

This method will shorten the time you need to stretch cowboy boots, but the bottom line is that you still have to wear them (or use a boot stretcher).

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Do boot stretchers really work?

Yes, boot stretchers really work.

Boot stretchers are tools used by many professional cowboy boot repair shops. They are very effective, you can trust in them.

However, boot stretcher tools from repair shops are usually quite expensive (approximate the price of a pair of cowboy boots).

If you have some cowboy boots, then you can use wooden boot stretchers because they are affordable.

If you are a cowboy boots collector, then you should use metal boot stretchers (the expensive type).

Before buying a boot stretcher, you should research which is best. Perhaps you should consult with people who have bought before you (if you buy online).

What is the best way to stretch leather?

Put them on, just put on your cowboy boots. That is the best way to stretch them – simple & effective.

Applying this method, your cowboy boots will stretch as you want and fit your feet perfectly.

Other methods will shorten cowboy boot time, but you need to be careful when applying them. Carelessness can lead to stretching your cowboy boots too much.

Besides, these methods to shorten cowboy boots time should only be used at the first time wearing boots. Do not abuse non-specialized products for cowboy boots made from leather.

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Do boots stretch over time?

Most boots and cowboy boots are made of leather. And yes, the leather will stretch over time.

However, they only stretch to a certain extent. Usually, cowboy boots will stretch a lot at the first time if you wear them many times (or use the methods of stretching cowboy boots mentioned above).

Leather boots will stretch until they fit your feet and not stretch much after that. Compared to conventional shoes, cowboy boots or boots have a longer stretch time. Because cowboy boots are very durable, strong and sturdy.

Because of these characteristics, we recommend buying cowboy boots that you feel comfortable from the beginning.

Does leather stretch when wet?

Yes, leather will stretch when wet, and will be damaged if it gets wet for too long.

The method of using water to stretch cowboy boots is widely used.

The first step when stretching cowboy boots is to soften the leather so that you can boost the stretching takes place faster.

However, everything has two sides, you should only use this method when cowboy boots are new and still hard. After using the water method (instructions above) to make the leather softer and more stretchable, keep it dry with the natural wind.

Water is the formidable enemy of leather, so don’t let water and leather meet for too long, it is troublesome!

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Before you leave

Probably no one will read these lines, but if you come across this paragraph, then we wish you can stretch your “stubborn” cowboy boots successfully.

In general, a lot of brand new leather cowboy boots that you just bought won’t be fit immediately. Keep calm, don’t get angry and return them. They take time to relax, and the methods we introduced above are the simplest and easiest methods to do at home.

Be patient with your cowboy boots, then they will bring the best experience that no other shoes or boots can give you.

Besides, cowboy boots are also very durable. With proper care, they can even follow you for more than 10 years.

Again, good luck!

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