What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Need ? – Detailed Instructions

We are not kidding, if you go to Amazon, enter keywords such as “boots”, “cowboy boots” … and click on any products rated best.

Wait, take it slow, don’t click on the 5-star reviews but take a look at the 1-star reviews. You will be surprised because …

80-90% of all 1-star reviews of the best-rated products come from choosing the wrong size!

Don’t repeat those mistakes!! Let us help you resolve this matter. Scroll down and find the solutions together!

Here come some common questions we have collected for you:

How do you know your boot size? What size cowboy boots do i need?

First of all, you have to know your foot size – Find the width of your foot by measuring your soles.

Step 1:

Neatly place each of your feet on a sheet of paper or put them on the damp sand.

If you put your foot on the paper, use a marker to mark the 4 yellow spots as shown in the picture below.

Remember to hold your pen upright at a right angle (90 degrees) to the paper.

Step 2:

Measure two red lines as in the picture to find out the length and width of your foot.

Note: Foot length must be measured from the longest toe to your heel.

If your foot size measurement is between two sizes (or after measuring the size of your feet, you terribly realize that your two feet are not the same size), remember that always choose the larger size.

Now you think that you can choose a pair of boots that fit your foot size right away…

But, nah, I don’t think so…

Since different brands of boots have different size charts. Therefore, it is difficult to come up with a single size chart that can fit all foot sizes.

So we recommend that before purchasing any boots, you need to learn about its brand in advance. Each brand will have its own guide of choosing the size for their boots.

Too troublesome? Don’t worry, we’ll list some of the most popular cowboy boots brands and explain those tips here for you. By the simplest way !!!




Click here to see


Click here to see

Dan Post

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Handmade Lucchese

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Charles Albert

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Old West

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Very Volatile

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West Blvd

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Or when shopping at Amazon, you can refer to the size chart here:

However, not all size charts tell you about width, so check it out here:

Regular width sizes for women:




Average to medium



Regular width sizes for men:




Average to medium



And the most important part …




3 1/4”


3 7/16”


3 5/8“


3 13/16”




4 1/8“

EE (W)

4 5/16″


4 1/2″


4 11/16″

Note: This width size chart is only used when the cowboy boot brands do not provide the boot fit guide.

Besides, there are many other brands but we cannot list them all. If you still can’t find the right boots, we recommend that you call the store directly and consult a salesperson.

For example:

Let’s practice choosing a pair of Ariat cowboy boots!

Size chart of Ariat brand for men:

Size (US)InchesCentimetersUKEuroJapanese

After measuring:

My foot length is 9.82 inches, foot width is 4.28 inches.

As such, I will choose cowboy boots with these criteria:

Length size: 9.88 inches (approximately 9.82 inches).

Wide size: 4 5/16″ (approx 4.28 inches) and it’s size EE.

So, I would choose Ariat cowboy boots with size 8 wide.

And there is the product of that size:

Besides, as you may know, men’s and women’s cowboy boots are totally distinctive!!

You can read more about the differences here – Difference Between Mens and Womens Cowboy Boots

How do you get cowboy boots to fit?

Here are three important tips to choose a pair of cowboy boots that fit you:

The first secret: Instep

Usually, western cowboy boots have no strings. So if you choose a pair that is tight or wide at the top of the foot (instep), there is no way to fix it.

At the instep, you need to find the boot that is not tight or loose but fit snugly.

In that way, when you walk, the top of foot (instep) can be as flexible and comfortable as possible.

Wear boots and experience. If the top of the foot (instep) is too wide, you know that the leather of the boot is soft. When you walk, you will feel your heel slipping out over a half.

That’s not good at all, because that will affect your gait in the long run.

Otherwise, if it’s too tight, you will feel uncomfortable and inflexible when walking.

The second secret: Width – The ball of your foot area

You have enough room in the “Area test width”. You don’t want it to be too tight. It would be better if you get a bit of space in it.

Put on your boots. The test happens the same as in “The first secret: Instep” below. However, this time, let’s touch and feel the leather of the boots at the “Area test width” position. If you feel soft, then the boots will be suitable and comfortable for you.

Having the “Area test width” a bit wide does not cause a problem. That your feet won’t slip anywhere, because the top of the foot (instep) has kept your feet neatly in boots.

Of course, if the “Area test width” is too wide, it will become a different matter…

The third secret: Heel

As you walk, the heel of the boots must be 3/8 to half an inch off the ground.

The reason is that with the new cowboy boots, the sole will be a little bit stiff. Let’s try it! Now, raise the heel of the boot 3/8 to half an inch higher than the ground. The ball of the foot is still on the ground. If it is easy to do that, then you have got a flexible pair of boots.

From our view, when you want to go to the store to buy cowboy boots, you should come with your friends …

And remember to use this method to compare the flexibility of different cowboy boots soles!

In addition, you can refer to the types of heels that suit you at “Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots

How much room should you have in cowboy boots?


When choosing cowboy boots, pay attention to the tip of the boots, they should be away from your longest toe from 3/4” to 1 1/2”.

This is important, as other parts of cowboy boots can stretch after using. But if the tip of the boot is too short, there’s no way that it can get longer.


On the top of the foot (instep), definitely snug, not tight, not loose. (Read more above)


Now, let’s scroll up to read:

  • How to measure foot size
  • How to choose the right boot width for your foot (The ball of your foot area)

Should cowboy boots be tight or loose?

They should be snug, not tight or loose.

Tips: You should choose cowboy boots that you feel comfortable from the very first time you wear. The reason is that the leather is very sturdy, especially less stretching after using it.

If your boots are too loose, they will affect your gait, resulting in losing the swagger of a cowboy.

The cowboy boots option is too tight, it will take quite a time to stretch as desired, you may not please to wait for such time.

Do you buy boots a size bigger or smaller?

If your foot size measurement is between two sizes (or after measuring the size of your feet, you terribly realize that your two feet are not the same size), keep in mind that always choose the larger size.

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What can I do if my boots are too big?

Case 1: When your cowboy boots are wide at the heel

Heel cushions, heel grips for narrow heels and loose boots.

This product is quite good because it helps increase the area of ​​the heel’s contact with the shoe, while still providing a sense of comfort.

This product can be used with most types of boots. It should be in the closet for people who get narrow heels. A pad may help prevent the shoe from slipping off your heels.

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Case 2: The tip of your boots is too long and wide

You can insert some objects into the tip of the shoe such as toilet paper, soft cloth, paper scraps…

Note that you should stuff soft things to avoid damaging the tip of the boot, or causing some negative effects on your toes.

The downside is that using it all day long will cause itchiness in your foot.

Read more: Dan Post Boots Sizing

Case 3: With wide boots at the instep and ball of the foot

Method 1:

Use a ball of footpads. This is a versatile pad, and can be used in most areas where your cowboy boots are wide.

As a result, this will increase the contact surface between feet and boots, and you can wear boots more snugly and not loosely anymore.

In addition, many manufacturers have developed this product, besides some above-mentioned effects, the pads also help reduce leg pain if you use boots throughout the day.

Method 2:

Use thicker socks or multiple layers of socks to make your feet “wider”, perhaps the simplest way.

However, the downside is that you may feel uncomfortable in the hot weather.

Method 3:

Use an insole

To help your feet fit the shoe, using a shoe insole is also a great way. Moreover, the market now offers many soft shoe insoles for long day travel.

Another function is that the insoles have the ability to dehumidify, massage the feet and make you feel comfortable wearing all day long.

However, the disadvantage is that it cannot be added in other wide areas in boots such as “ball of foot pads”.

If you’ve tried many methods but find no way to cure your boots. Then you should take it to a professional shoe repair shop, they will have a solution for you. (In the worst case, the best solution is to… sell it)

Should my toes touch the end of my boots?

No, of course not. It will cause sore toes.

They should be away from your longest toe from 3/4” to 1 1/2”.

It takes a long time for the boot skin to stretch because the leather boots are designed very firm, especially the tip of the boots.

The bottom line

In short, before buying a pair of boots, you should pay attention to:

Your foot size

Size chart of the brand of boots you want to buy

The top of the foot (instep)

The ball of your foot area

Heel boots (Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots )

Toe Shape

3/8” to 1/2”: As you walk, the heel of the boots must be 3/8 to half an inch off the ground, to test the flexibility of the instep.

3/4” to 1 1/2”: Distance from your toes to the tip of the boot.

And here is the most important thing: “You should choose cowboy boots that you feel comfortable from the very first time you wear. Because leather is very sturdy, less stretching after using”

See more about caring for boots at: How To Care For Ariat Workhog Boots (Detailed instructions)

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