How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots – Tried and Succeeded

One of the common situations when you put on a new cowboy boot is the “Heel Slippage” problem when you move.

This will cause discomfort, lessen your confidence in walking and affect your gait.

Have you encountered this situation with one of the shoes you wear? Do you know how to fix this?

From The Guest Room will give you some tips to improve this situation.

Let’s check it out – What causes heel slippage in cowboy boots and how to overcome it?

What is heel slippage?

Heel slippage is the phenomenon that your heel slips off a cowboy boot.

Heel slippage usually occurs:

  • In newly purchased cowboy boots
  • Cowboy boots are too wide on the heel or instep
  • Tip of the boot is too long for the foot

This will adversely affect gait, comfort and flexibility when wearing cowboy boots.

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots ?

1. The heel of a cowboy boot doesn’t fit your heel

Cowboy boots have a design unlike other boots or shoes, usually they don’t have shoelaces.

So if you have a heel of cowboy boots that doesn’t fit your heel, you can’t tie your shoelaces to solve this problem.

We have 2 solutions to this problem:

Method 1: Use heel grips, heel pads, heel cushions…

This product will create a cushion at the point of contact between your heel and the heel of the cowboy boot. The wide part in the heel of the cowboy boot will be covered by heel grips.

Besides, the advantage of this method is that you can use heel cushion products for people with heel pain.

When you use the Heel Pads Cushion products, they will support your heel pain relief, support the treatment of heel pain, heal dry cracked heels, tendon heel inflammation …

With this method, you kill two birds with one stone, right?

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Method 2: Use thick socks

There is also a very easy and common method, which is to use a pair with thick socks.

This method will also work very well, a thick pair of socks will help your heels fit into the heels of cowboy boots and do not slip out.

Just like method 1, thick socks will increase the area of your heel contact with the heel of cowboy boots.

2. The tip of cowboy boots is too longer than your feet

This happens very often. People with short feet often choose cowboy boots with pointed toes and long insoles. That helps them conceal their short feet subtly.

However, the downside is that if you choose cowboy boots with too long insoles, you will encounter heel slippage.

We have 3 methods to solve this problem:

Method 1: Use soft objects inserted into the cowboy boots toe box

You can use soft objects such as a cloth, toilet paper … to insert into the tip of cowboy boots.

This will help your feet fit better with the boots, and won’t slip your heels off cowboy boots.

Remember that only soft objects should be used. If you use hard objects, your toes will be damaged and cowboy boots will be damaged, too.

Method 2: Use heel grips, heel cushion, heel pads…

In fact, in this case you should consider carefully when using heel grips.

Because it can make the heels of cowboy boots so tight that your heels feel constrained.

Still, when it works, it can shorten the distance from your toes to the tip of a cowboy boot. Thus the instep of your foot will snugly fit with cowboy boots. There will be no heel slippage anymore.

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3/ Cowboy boots are loose at the instep

When choosing cowboy boots, it’s important to pay attention to the instep.

You must not leave room on the instep of cowboy boots, nor can you choose cowboy boots with too tight instep. That you have to choose cowboy boots with instep fit snugly – that’s the secret for choosing cowboy boots.

However, when we buy cowboy boots on the internet, it is difficult to find the best fit boots. Ultimately, the wrong boot easily leads to heel slippage.

How to avoid this mistake (especially when cowboy boots don’t have shoelaces)?

Check out the methods below.

Method 1: Use Footbeds

If the instep of the cowboy boot is loose, then together we find a way to “lift” your foot up.

That’s when we need Footbeds.

Just like the heel support products we’ve listed above, in addition to helping lift your foot to fit the instep of a cowboy boot, footbeds are also good for your foot health.

They support the arch for people with flat feet, reduce heel pain, increase the comfort of the sole of boots and shoes …

There are many different types of footbeds for cowboy boots: from cowboy boots with pointed toe, round toe, square toe to broad square toe.

Ariat brand footbeds use the very famous ATS technology, which keeps your feet flexible all day long.

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Method 2: Use Ball of Foot Cushions

This is also a great way to “lift” your foot up.

You should identify the loose part of the instep clearly. Does that part belong to the forefoot or midfoot?

If you are loose on the forefoot, you should use Ball of Foot Cushions products – it will be very effective.

Like the foot support products above, Ball of Foot Cushions is also good for foot health. They support the ball of the feet to feel comfortable while wearing high-heeled cowboy boots all day long. And of course, in this case, get rid of heel slippage.

Method 3: Use thick sock

There is no need to talk too much about this method since this is a very basic step you are familiar with. Wearing socks is very convenient and effective to fit your foot snugly with the instep of a cowboy boot.

However, this method has one weakness: it will make your feet uncomfortable on hot summer days.

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Some other methods to avoid heel slippage when wearing cowboy boots

Method 1: Use Non-Slip Socks

A very unique and interesting idea is to use non-slip socks (yoga practitioners often use).

You will be very surprised by trying this way, your feet will cling firmly to the sole of cowboy boots like glue. No more worry about heel slippage.

Besides, this type of socks is also thinner. It isn’t as hot as wearing thick socks, so you can wear it in the summer.

Method 2: Choose the correct boot size

Perhaps this method is a bit redundant. Since you click on this article, it looks like you’ve got a problem with your cowboy boots.

So I hope you don’t make the mistake of buying the next cowboy boots after reading this method.

When buying cowboy boots, we should pay attention to 5 parts of cowboy boots:

1/ Instep

As mentioned above, you need to choose a cowboy boot that the instep of your foot perfectly fits into the cowboy boot.

Do not leave room at the instep or let it get too tight there.

2/ Heel

You should determine which cowboy boots you want to buy next, since different types of cowboy boots have different heel heights

Cowboy boots with high heels are usually riding boots, fashion boots ..

Cowboy boots with standard heel are usually walking boots, western boots, work boots etc.

Cowboy boots with low heels are usually Roper boots, stockman…

And the most important thing when choosing a cowboy boot is, when you put on the boot, you have to hear the “Pop” sound that your heel and cowboy boot make. It was the sound of perfect fit!

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3/ Toe shape of cowboy boots

There are 3 basic types of toe shape: pointed toe, round toe and square toe. (Actually, there are also many new improved toe shapes of cowboy boots)

For normal feet, you can own cowboy boots with all the different boots you want. What if you have “special” feet such as flat feet, wide feet…?

We explain the characteristics as well as the advantages and disadvantages for each type of toe shape here.

Besides, when choosing cowboy boots, you should not let your toes touch the tip of cowboy boots, the distance from the longest toe to the tip of boots is 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ is reasonable.

4/ Sole

  • Outsole

You should choose boots with outsole made from leather or rubber

These cowboy boots sole materials will make your feet as flexible, stable, comfortable and balanced as possible.

  • Insole

People with special feet (flat and wide feet) should pay attention to the insole of cowboy boots.

If you have special feet as mentioned above. Then you should choose boots with flat and wide soles.

Cowboy boots such as work boots, Roper boots, Stockman seem like a good choice for you.

A tip for you to try the flexibility and comfort of the sole of cowboy boots: Put on a pair of cowboy boots, keep your forefoot on the ground, lift the heel of the cowboy boot to a height above 3/8″ to 1/2″ above the ground. If you do that easily, congratulations on getting a pair of boots with a very flexible and comfortable sole.

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Photo of fauxto_digit / Flickr

5/ Size of your feet and your boots

You should know your foot size and the size chart of the cowboy boots brand you are about to buy.

For shoes and boots with a brand, you can use the same size chart of that brand.

But two boots from two distinct brands, you have to see the size chart for each brand.

We have great guides on how to choose cowboy boots and tips for choosing a suitable cowboy boot here.

Is it better for heels to be tight or loose?

They should fit in the first place.

There are many heel symptoms such as heel pain, blistered heel for people wearing high heels or boots with heels 3″ or higher. This is often caused by the tight heel or the tight boot.

Boots or shoes with loose heels will cause heel slippage. That will affect your gait and comfort.

Fortunately, blisters or heel slippage are rare in cowboy boots because of their unique feature. That is the shaft of cowboy boots much higher than that of other shoes or boots.

So for cowboy boots, it’s easier to choose, heels can be a bit tight or a bit loose, but it’s best to fit snugly.

In fact, when choosing cowboy boots, heels and instep are very important, they are the key positions to keep your feet neatly from slipping off the boots, do not let the heel too loose or too tight, it’s not good.

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The bottom line

If you’ve tried all of the above methods but they don’t work, it seems you should take your boots to a professional shoe and boot repair shop, maybe they’ll have a way to fix them.

Besides, you should also prepare for the worst situation – sell your boots to buy a new pair.

Actually, 1/4″-3/8″ of slippage is normal at the beginning!

Heel slippage happens in new cowboy boots. It will disappear after a week wearing them (as the boots are broken in). You might not need to add much padding or your boots will be wrong size.

We hope you can overcome the heel slippage applying the above ways because we have tried and succeeded with these methods.

Do not let Heel Slippage affect your gait. The most important thing when wearing cowboy boots is the confidence and swagger of a true wild cowboy.

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  1. As someone who has sold thousands of pairs of cowboy boots ( the way to deal with to much heel slip is to snug the instep with a half length insole or long heel pad.

    This is based on everything else fitting correctly

    Ideally go to a leather worker and have them first cut you a pair from 4-5 ounce gauge leather – make sure they skive the edges so there are no lumps or high spots

    The half insole should be slightly wider than the built in insole at the arch area

    If that doesn’t quite do it have them use a thicker gauge leather until you find the right thickness

    • Thanks for your comments Ron.
      This is a great way to overcome heel slippage!
      Hope you can contribute more ideas on other topics.


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