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Do Cowboy Boots Make You Walk Funny? Reasons and Solutions

Do Cowboy Boots Make You Walk Funny? Reasons and Solutions

It’s hard to say cowboy boots are an ideal type of boots for everyone! Even when I always said: every real man needs to have a pair of cowboy boots! But if you are a newbie, you will encounter many problems with cowboy boots.

One of the big problems that many people meet while wearing cowboy boots for the first time is they can’t “walk normally”, or even quite funny.

Well, yeah right, they can make you walk funny, but maybe the cause is from you, not your cowboy boots.

If you are really having trouble while walking in cowboy boots, how to solve this problem?

My article will answer all of these questions for you!

Do Cowboy Boots Make You Walk Funny?

Most long-time cowboy boots lovers know one thing for sure, that cowboy boots do not make you walk funny, on the contrary, they help you walk confidently and like true men!

So, if you really walk funny in your cowboy boots, the trouble may come from you, not them.

It can be explained for a few reasons, which can be mentioned as:

  • Slippery leather outsoles
  • Cowboy boots don’t fit or hold up well
  • You’re walking in cowboy boots the wrong way
  • Cowboy boots have too high heels
  • Cowboy boots have curled-up toes that make you feel weird
  • Cowboy boots are not broken in
  • The soles are worn out

And there could be many more reasons!

women wear cowboy boots walk in the wooden floor

Slippery leather outsoles make you can’t walk naturally

Slippery outsoles cowboy boots will be the main trouble for you if you are new to the cowboy boot world.

The reason cowboy boot soles are smooth and slippery is to help them slip into the saddle’s stirrup easily while riding a horse. Or for some cowboy dancers, slippery smooth soles make them easy to spin or kick for line dancing.

In the past, cowboy boots with leather soles were easy to find, breathable, durable and had affordable price, so bootmakers like to use this material to make a good pair of boots.

Until now, one thing you can’t deny is that cowboy boots with leather soles have a better look than rubber soles, they are more elegant and sophisticated. So, many people nowadays wear them with a suit for office work.

Those are the highlights of cowboy boots’ leather soles. Besides that, leather soles are also the main cause of the funny moves for those who are not familiar with them. You will need a lot of effort to balance when using this type of smooth soles.

So, how to deal with smooth sole cowboy boots?

men wear smooth soles cowboy boots

Here is your reference (I have attached the link to another article that may solve your problem):

  • Make them non-slip by using protective soles, non-slip adhesive pads, traction spray, etc.
  • Break in your leather soles to make them have more traction
  • Change the way you walk – heel to toe – that will make you more balanced and confident

The break-in method is the most simple and common way to make your cowboy boots less slippery. Every die-hard fan of cowboy boots knows that.

After going out of the store, wear them, and rub the leather soles surface on the concrete to make them have more traction, that’s it!

Cowboy boots don’t fit or hold up well

Choosing the wrong size of cowboy boots is the second cause leading to funny walks! Even if they are loose or tight, they can affect your gait while walking.

Cowboy boots that don’t fit or hold up well will make your walk so weird, don’t make this mistake!

Cowboy boots don’t have lace, so you cannot adjust if they are loose or tight. For that reason, you will need these below rules:

  • The instep (or vamp) of cowboy boots needs to fit your feet snugly, not loose or tight
  • You need the tip of cowboy boots away from your toes from 3/4” to 1 1/2”.
  • You will need enough room at the ball of your feet
  • You will need slight heel slippage, 1/4″-3/8″ is fine.

Want more? Here is your best guide for choosing cowboy boots!

If you already have a pair of cowboy boots but it’s too tight, here is your guide to stretch them! But if it is too loose, here is your guide to make them fit tighter!

men tighten his cowboy boots with a leather lace

You’re walking in cowboy boots the wrong way

Don’t put the ball of your foot on the ground first! Put your heel first, then the toe on the ground, this is the best way to walk.

Traditional cowboy boots often have high heels, it’s a great feature to make you walk like a supermodel. They make you taller, more confident and more attractive.

Don’t walk like when you are wearing flops or sneakers, it’s cowboy boots and it’s different! Cowboy boots will make your style great for sure.

 Cowboy boots have too high heels

Sounds like I just confused you with the above information when I said you would walk confidently with high-heeled cowboy boots.

Yes, but it’s not true for too high heels.

Cowboy boots are very diverse in heel style, tall and short, wide and narrow shape, etc. You know that if you wear cowboy boots with too high and narrow heels, it’s difficult to walk.

Women wear skinny jeans with a pair of high heel cowboy boots

It’s not surprising, because high and narrow heels help cowboy boots stay in place in the saddle stirrup. The nook in the middle outsoles will hook in the stirrup tight.

But it’s not the heel for walking at all! If you want to wear cowboy boots for walking, you should wear cowboy boots with not too high heels, less than 2 inches will be just fine.

Many cowboy boots nowadays not only have riding heel style but also walking heel style. The walking heel style has a height of less than 1.5 inches and has a flat, wide surface – this is the standard choice for your taste.

You still can choose the riding heel style, but it should not be taller than 2 inches to avoid funny walking.

Cowboy boots with curl-up toes make you feel weird

In fact, you will rarely find a boot with a curl-up toe like cowboy boots. So, you can feel weird, shy and think they make you look so funny.

That’s true, with some styles of Mexican cowboy boots, the toe can curl up more than necessary!

pointed toes curl upwards

However, American cowboy boots are often not curled up or not too much, so depending on the type of cowboy boots, choose the one you think it’s okay.

Personally, I think cowboy boots with a little curve at the toe are good, and I like them. It makes me feel, hmmm… swagger, not too much, but I feel more confident.

So, don’t be shy, it’s not that bad!

Cowboy boots are not broken in

No doubt! Cowboy boots are made from 100% leather, can be quite stiff at the beginning and make you walking uncomfortable, you need to break in them.

There are many ways to break in your cowboy boots faster, like spraying water, using a leather conditioner, and steaming to make them soften. You can refer to it here!

Not all cowboy boots can make you comfortable at the beginning, give them time!

The soles have worn out

Even if it has leather or rubber soles, they still can be worn out over time.

For rubber soles, it can take 5 to 6 years for them to wear out. While leather soles tend to wear out after only 2 years of use.

Completely worn-out soles can affect your gait in cowboy boots, let’s replace them! Find a good cobbler, and he’ll know how to handle it.

However, before deciding to resole your boots, you may need to refer to a few useful things here.

the sole of cowboy bootworn out

Cowboy boots are too old

“Old boots have souls!” – I love this quote, but sometimes, you need to let them go!

Old cowboy boots with too many creases cannot hold up well, or they will affect your gait while walking.

Unlike the case with the soles, this time you cannot replace them, they are too old for any remedy.

Be strong! Say goodbye to them, and buy new ones.

Before you leave

many people wear cowboy boots for dancing

I think this is enough! It’s all you need to know. Cowboy boots do not make you walk funny! Maybe they don’t fit well, maybe you’re not used to wearing cowboy boots, or maybe you haven’t picked the right ones, etc.

Get used to them, be patient, and then after 1 month, 2 months, 3 months,… you’ll have the best walking gait with your cowboy boots!

Good luck!