Why Do Cowboy Boots Have Heels?

Have you ever imagined wearing a nice outfit for your favorite cinema to see the popular “Lone Ranger” movie? A crucial component of this vibe is wearing a cowboy boot.

Cowboy boots have transitioned from being a function to a fashion.

Today, cowboy boots are more than a regular boot.

Do you know that cowboy boots have heels and for good reasons? Keep reading to discover why.

Why do cowboy boots have heels?

The heels on cowboy boots make them distinctive. After all, men rarely wear heels. But for cowboys, heels are essential.

Cowboys usually ride on horses that are young and unpredictable. The high heels stop the foot from moving too forward during the stirrup, offering more stability and control.

Heels turned out fashionable because they made people looked taller. Also, it’s been shown that the cowboy heel improves one’s gait/walk, better for your posture, back, etc. Not to mention it gives you that cowboy swagger.

Why do cowboy boots have slanted heels?

Why do cowboy boots have heels even though most cowboys are men?

The unique, slanted cowboy heel is primarily necessary for men and women who work with unpredictable horses.

Slanted heels do not allow the foot to slide forward in the stirrup. It also provides a high level of control in the saddle.

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How high are cowboy boot heels?

Cowboy boots with heels have a height of 1″ to 3.5 inches. For cowboy boots with low heels, usually their heels are only 1″ to 1.5″. A standard heel height is from 1.5″ to 2″. And high-heeled cowboy boots are usually 2″ or more.

You can find cowboy boots with low heels and standard heels in product lines such as Stockman, Western boots, Western Work Boots … High-heeled boots are usually Riding boots, Fashion boots, etc.

Cowboy boots maintain its heritage with a shaft of over 12 inches high, uniquely designed to help you manage the saddle, plus a toe box to keep your digits protected whenever a horse matches it.

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A Brief History

You’ve watched them in old western movies – however, there are stories behind these boots. Cowboy boots are more than an aesthetic option. Initially, the boots serve specific functional options for the olden day’s farmhands (presently called cowboys).

We can’t tell who created the first pair, but American cowboys know why. 

Back in history, farmhands needed excellent and affordable boots that can be worn when working.

The typical cowboy boots fitted that purpose, allowing men to comfortably ride, walk, and ride again with great comfort and equal support.

While they were strictly for work, some of the boots were for fancy occasions.

Today, Hollywood’s famous, flashy films changed the cowboy’s national image.

History of cowboy boots

Why Cowboy Boots?

For many men, it’s difficult to see what’s unique about a fancy cowboy boot. They are pretty expensive shoes, and only if you were brought up around people who wore them, they might sound like a costume piece than anything fashionable.

But a fashionable dresser can view the western boot as a holdout weapon of any outfit.

From afar, cowboy boots seem like a typical beautiful leather shoe. Getting closer, the uniqueness begins to show:

Unique toe shape

Cowboy boots don’t necessarily have to be wickedly thin (even though western fashion thinks that’s right), but it usually has a unique taper.

It was typically to ease the process of sliding in and sliding out of the stirrups while giving your feet a dynamic and active shape that fits nicely with the shoe toes.

More height

Short men wouldn’t but love cowboy boots, especially their high heels. Normally, the height of heels ranges from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. While tall men prefer a lower-slung heel style, short men enjoy another inch when they wear the full “cowboy boot heels.”

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Styles and Decoration

A plain cowboy boot is uncommon. There’s a style for every imaginable taste.

The part of the cowboy boot located below the trouser cuffs comes in different styles, ranging from colored stitching to leather cooking and light vegetable dyes. Are you a fan of memorable footwear? Cowboy boots are definitely your thing.

Also, cowboys heels come in different styles and functionality. It totally depends on what boot type you need or have.

Do you need one for regular day wear? To work on the land? Or perhaps, for fashion or to cruise the town, there’s always a heel suited to your need.


Once you step out of Texas and the west sides, you definitely may not find another guy wearing the cowboy boots. You’ll become unique. People will have something to identify you with.


Let’s be honest here: sometimes we want that cowboy feeling. Western boots originated from ancient American tradition, both fictional and historical. It’s great fun to partake in that.

What are cowboy boot heels made of?

Cowboy boots have a Cuban heel, high shaft, pointed to rounded toe, and no lacing.

Cowhide leather is traditionally used to make cowboy boots. They are mostly made from exotic skins, including snake, eel, elk, alligator, buffalo, ostrich, and lots more.

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