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How to Walk in Cowboy Boots? 7 Things You Should Remember!

How to Walk in Cowboy Boots? 7 Things You Should Remember!

I really like the quote from the brand Ariat: “Cowboy boots don’t define you, you define cowboy boots”. And that’s why we get you the article today: How to walk in cowboy boots?

Yes, cowboy boots will not give you a true cowboy if you do not own the “cowboy attitude”.

Western American cowboys are known for their confident, wild and arrogant looks but still have incredible elegance. Let’s adjust your gait a bit to walk in cowboy boots and achieve the true cowboy appearance.

And of course, those things are not natural, cowboy boots can not bring them to you, you have to practice.

No more words, let’s find out!

How to walk in cowboy boots? For cowboys

There are 7 things to make a true cowboy:

  1. The eyes
  2. Head and neck
  3. Shoulders, chest and back
  4. Hands
  5. Footsteps and walking speed
  6. Appearance and dressing style
  7. Walk from heel to toe

Knowing these 6 secrets, you will be a real cowboy with a cool and masculine appearance!

1. The eyes

A gentleman won’t have wandering or distracted eyes. Focus and look straight, just looking at the target and ignore anything irrelevant around you (even beautiful girls).

Use this concentration with a straight look to create a captivating look in the eyes.

In addition, men don’t avoid the eyes of other people. They are always confident and ready for any conversation!

When communicating with others, men show their attitude depending on the people they are talking to, it could be a slight nod, a smile or just a poker face.

2. Head and neck

When walking, men often stand upright. Don’t slouch, it is not good at all.

You do not bend your head to the ground, do not stare at the phone screen all the time, do not look up to the sky like finding a UFO nor do you sway your hips like what women do.

Again, look straight and ahead your way, you will get the noble and elegant appearance of a true cowboy.

3. Shoulders, chest and back

One great thing about cowboy boots is that it has been proven to be good for your knees, back and gait. And you should promote that.

The shoulders, chest and back are 3 very important parts when walking in cowboy boots.

Real cowboys stand up straight when walking and not towards the shoulders. Besides, the chest is not facing the ground. No confident and arrogant cowboy hunches his back.

a man is walking on street

Instead, when walking in cowboy boots, keep your back straight, shoulders wide, and chest out (just slightly).

At the same time, the upper part of your body is not as rigid and motionless as a log when moving, let your body swing slightly and naturally by your steps. Also, let the shoulders slightly undulate.

4. Hands

Cowboys do not flex their arms to show off their muscles. They also didn’t put both hands in their pockets as if they were cool boys or hiding something.

Do not swing your arms out too much, nor hold your arms tightly.

Instead, relax your hands and swing them slightly at your sides. If you put your hands in your pockets, you should leave your thumbs outside (bootcut jeans are the cowboy’s favorite pants).

5. Footsteps and walking speed

True men will take a decent stride, not long or short.

Every step of a man is steady and unwavering. They know how to control their movement to an adequate and reasonable level.

walking in cowboy boots

6. Shape and dressing style

Last but not least, these factors play an important role to have a masculine and cowboy-like gait.

If you have a toned, well-proportioned body along with a flair for fashion, there’s nothing to doubt here. You obviously the sexiest-cowboy-on-earth!

Come to the gym and do physical training. Also, take care of yourself and improve your fashion knowledge.

Anyone can own a masculine gait as long as they are persistent with their goal!

Following the instructions above, you will show your masculinity in every step.

Men walking in cowboy boots

7. Walk from heel to toe

A good tip when walking in cowboy boots is that you should walk from heel to toe. When you walk like that, you will create a relaxed, confident and attractive appearance.

I’m sure this is the most useful advice in this article. It’s easy to walk funny in cowboy boots because they have a very slippery bottom and high heels.

Heel-to-toe walking can make sure you don’t slip when wearing cowboy boots with smooth leather soles. Besides, they also produce gorgeous click-cluck sounds from the heels that create the unique and impressive style of cowboys.

How to walk in cowboy boots? For cowgirls

Today’s cowboy boots are not only for men, but they also become a popular accessory for women.

Women wear mini skirt with ankle cowboy boots (2)

To walk in cowboy boots properly, we have 3 golden rules for you ladies:

1. Practice walking gently and comfortably. When walking, keep the back straight, and the hips and thighs move smoothly and softly. With the shoulders back and the chest forward, you will have a natural and confident posture.

A woman wears short skirt with sweater and short cowboy boots for casual outings

Pro tip: Put a heavy book on your head and walk as if you are wearing a string, try not to let the book fall down.

2. Keep your shoulders and your buttocks balanced while walking, because if one of these parts is misaligned, your gait will lose grace.

A woman are walking in cowboy boots

3. Every time you bend down to pick up or do something, keep your back straight, just lower your hips and knees. This movement can both help you have a good posture and avoid back pain caused by sudden bowing.

4. Absolutely avoid the following postures:

  • Stand on one knee, and put all your weight on the other leg. This posture will distort the shoulders, back and buttocks. Correct posture when standing: Stand up straight, distribute even weight on your legs, and let your shoulders stretch and chest slightly forward.
  • Stoop to get something on the floor. This posture is not nice. Moreover, if you suddenly bend your back, you will be more likely to suffer pain or dislocations of the spine. Correct posture: Kneel down to lower the focus point.

How to walk comfortably in cowboy boots?

There are many factors affecting comfortable walking in cowboy boots such as the size of boots, the boots have been broken in, the color of cowboy boots must be beautiful …

Choose the right size

Many of the cowboy boots purchased online on Amazon have been returned for a common reason: Buying the wrong size.

You should consult carefully the reviews of those who bought before to avoid such mistakes or you can read how to choose the right cowboy boots here!

Buying the right size cowboy boots will make you more comfortable to walk in:

  • Too wide a heel leads to heel slippage and seriously affects your gait.
  • Too loose an instep doesn’t fit snugly on your feet, which will also affect your gait.

So when buying cowboy boots, pay attention to the heel and instep. The instep should fit snugly and the heel is a bit loose (heel slippage from 1/4 “-3/8” in the beginning is normal).

Loose fit jeans with white ankle cowboy boots

Break in Cowboy Boots

New cowboy boots need time to break in. After the break-in process, cowboy boots will give you a great and comfortable experience.

However, cowboy boots can be a bit hard at first, if you are impatient, you can use many methods to accelerate the break-in process.

For example, water spray, use a boot stretcher, lotion or boots stretch spray.

We have 2 thorough articles on how to break in cowboy boots or stretch cowboy boots at home.

You will walk comfortably in cowboy boots after cowboy boots have finished breaking in.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with black mini dress for street style.

Cowboy boots must be beautiful

Undeniably, you will be more confident and more comfortable walking in cowboy boots if your cowboy boots are beautiful.

It can’t be denied that we will be more confident if we wear a pair of nice cowboy boots / shoes on the road.

So, try to be careful when buying cowboy boots, choose the colors you like best so that you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them outside.

A woman wear zebra skirt with trench coat and cowboy boots

Before you leave

Hopefully, the above information is useful, it is important to become a true cowboy/cowgirl based on your personal style.

The above information is for reference only, please feel free to choose the style that best suits you.

You are the one who asserts your style, the one who defines cowboy boots, don’t forget that!