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How to Resole Cowboy Boots? | The 6 Basic Steps

Cowboy boots have always been a reliable companion for cowboys for more than… 10 years.

However, cowboy boots with good durability does not mean that they have no breakdown during use. And where cowboy boots are most easily broken is the sole.

The sole of cowboy boots are made from 2 materials: leather and rubber. These two types of soles are the most popular because they offer great comfort.

With cowboy boots, you will have to resole once every 2 years for leather outsole and every 4 or 5 years for rubber outsole.

It’s about time you should resole cowboy boots, but how to resole cowboy boots? Is it complicated and can you do it at home?

Below is a tutorial on how to resole cowboy boots! And all other things you need to know about resoling cowboy boots!

Let’s start!

Cowboy Boots 1

How much does it cost to resole a pair of cowboy boots?

There are currently many cowboy boot repair shops that can resole cowboy boots, and the price usually ranges from $75 to $140 depending on where you resole cowboy boots, your cowboy boots have leather/rubber outsoles, you want to replace half sole or whole sole.

If you want to repair the double stitch welt, you will need to pay extra cost.

Honestly, you should resole cowboy boots at professional repair shops or bring them to a cobbler. Because it is much more complicated to resole cowboy boots than to clean, dye or stretch them.

However, before thinking of resoling your cowboy boots, here are a few things you should know!

Should you replace half or whole sole?

Half sole and whole sole

Usually, your half sole wears out faster than the heel because they are continuously exposed to the ground. As a result, some will choose to cut the sole in half and replace them, while the heel will remain intact.

However, you cannot replace half sole 2 times in a row, why?

Because the position where the sole is cut in half will be peeled quickly. The second resole you must replace the whole sole, not half sole.

You do not have to replace the whole sole all the time (c’mon, don’t waste your money). Remember that after replacing half sole, you must replace the whole sole.

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How to resole cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots have the excellent durability that few other boots have in the world. However, the sole of cowboy boots is the most exposed part to the ground where it takes a lot of abuse, so they are not as durable as other parts.

One of the most notable signs for resoling is when the sole appears holes, heels wear down and show nails. At that time you definitely need this article.

Here are ways to resole cowboy boots:

Method 1: Resole cowboy boots at home

Step 1: You need to prepare a cowboy boot repair kit, this is a must. Because resole cowboy boots take a lot of effort so we need the support of specialized tools.

Besides, prepare new soles and new heel bases.

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Step 2: Break down the cowboy boots

Use pliers to pop off the heel cap and use metal spatula / scraper to pop off heel base.

Snip the whole nails at the heel of the cowboy boots

Use a thin knife to cut off the entire old sole. (Use knives and pliers)

Use pliers to pull the whole old sole out of cowboy boots

Now you have to make sure all the nails on the outsole of the cowboy boots have been removed.

Step 3: Sanding cowboy boots outsole and prepare new soles

Sanding the surface of the sole of the cowboy boot.

Prepare a new outsole, the new outsole must be bigger than the old cowboy boots outsole.

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Remove the entire stitch from the sole of the cowboy boot to leave room for the new stitches.

 Sanding cowboy boots outsole

Step 4: Attach the new sole to the cowboy boot

Get new cork filler and use a special glue to glue the sole to cowboy boots

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Then attach the sole to the cowboy boots, make sure you stick them firmly.

Cut off the excess of the new sole. This is quite a difficult stage because the new sole is quite hard.

You can use sandpaper to rub until the new sole of the cowboy boots fits.

Use the special sewing  thread to stitch the new sole firmly into the cowboy boots. This is a difficult stage, let’s use a sewing machine!

Then use the nails to nail the concave part in the middle of the sole of the cowboy boot.

Step 5: Attach heel base to new cowboy boots sole

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Use nails to nail the new heel base firmly to the new cowboy boots sole.

Sanding the whole heel base and attaching the heel cap to it.

Then sanding around the whole new sole so they fit the cowboy boots.

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Step 6: Dye new soles and clean cowboy boots

Now use your favorite new color to dye your entire new sole and buffed to polish the bottom. Then clean cowboy boots, that’s it.

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Some big notes when resole cowboy boots at home:

  • You should use a professional boot repair kit, which is important because using available items in your home might damage cowboy boots.
  • When replacing the sole, you should use a sole that is wider than the old sole of the boot, after attaching the new sole, then cut off the excess. This ensures that the cowboy boots won’t be narrower after resoling.
  • You should use a machine to sew the new sole of cowboy boots, which ensure the sole does not peel off during use.
  • You should use nails to nail the heel base tightly to the sole
  • Do not change the half sole 2 times consecutively or the haft sole will peel off. After replacing the half sole, replace the whole sole next time
  • Sanding the surface before applying a new sole or heel base is a good idea

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Method 2: Find a cobbler guy

Method 2 is a lot simpler than Method 1, but keep in mind one thing: Look for a good cobbler.

Now, there are many professional shops to resole cowboy boots, but we recommend looking for reputable places.

Nushoe, for instance, is where a lot of customers of Ariat, Laredo… trust to resole their cowboy boots. Just send cowboy boots to them and wait…

We also recommend finding a good cobbler to resole cowboy boots instead of doing it yourself. Unless you know what you’re doing and you’ve resole dozens of different cowboy boots.

If you’re a newbie, don’t try to resole cowboy boots.

Why do we insist on finding a good cobbler?

Because if you find a bad cobbler there will be two situations.

Worst case: Your cowboy boots will be damaged, , lose shape and the next resoling will come very quickly. So annoying!!!

Better case: You will have to break in cowboy boots AGAIN.

Believe us, the cowboy boots’ break-in process is not fun, and you don’t go through that time again.

Tecovas boots restoration - Recraft - Snellville Shoe Repair

Can all boots be resoled?

No, not all boots can be resole.

Before deciding to resole your boots, you should call the cobbler or boot company of your boots and describe your cowboy boots for advice.

For example, there are many Ariat cowboy boots on Amazon that they describe as resole and non-resole, you should be concerned about that.

Cowboy boots are usually very very durable and can last more than 12 years. So resoling them is inevitable.

However, if you use cowboy boots with rubber soles and don’t really wear them too much, then you don’t really need to resole them.

Most leather sole cowboy boots are resole-able, but this is not the case with rubber sole cowboy boots.

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How many times can you resole boots?

Boots can be resole from 3 to 5 times depending on many factors.

You can consult advice from cobblers or manufacturers to find out if your cowboy boots can be resole or not, and how many times resole can be.

On average, cowboy boots can last more than 10 years. During 10 years, you will have to resole about 5 times without problems (If you use cowboy boots regularly and care for them properly).

How long does it take to get boots resoled?

If you use boots continuously, then you should resole boots once every 2 years for leather sole and once every 4 or 5 years if rubber sole.

When the sole of the boots appears holes or the heel of the boots appear nails – it means that the sole of the boots is very worn and needs replacing.

Do not use boots that have sole worn too much, which will affect your comfort and balance when using.

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Before you leave

Before you go, we again emphasize that you should be careful when resole cowboy boots, it’s not that simple.

If you own dozens (or hundreds) of cowboy boots and know what you are doing, be free! But if you are a newbie, research and consider it carefully when resoling yourself.

Unlike dyeing, cleaning, taking care of, shrinking or stretching, resole cowboy boots are more complicated and require more energy and time .

Choose specialized repair tools, don’t just grab available stuff in your house, you will probably  regret doing that.

Again, good luck!

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  1. If you go out there and ask for a quotation on the cost to get boots resoled, you will get different price quotations because it will depend on several factors. Generally, you will have to shell out as low as $15 to as much as $150 to resole your work boots. Full-sole resoling service: $50 – $150 and half-sole resoling service: $30 – $70


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