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Looking at the history of the 1800s, cowboy boots are an indispensable item for western American farmers because they are affordable and convenient to work.

Like all natural things, cowboy boots become more and more beautiful, stylish and sophisticated.

In the 17th century, cowboys owned two pairs of boots, one for work and one for traveling in town. Hence, they have become a new fashion style due to their individuality for women and arrogance for men.

Anyhow, buying a pair of cowboy boots may sound simple, but getting a comfortable and fit one is not that easy. In fact, it is obvious that the biggest difference between cowboy boots is the heel.

Have you ever wondered “Which cowboy boots style suits me the best?”. If you haven’t found the one for your style, keep reading to explore with us.

Here are “3 Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots” for you.

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Different Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots

Cowboy heels style 1 : High heel

This type of heel usually has a height of 2 inches or more, can be straight heel or heel inclined to the ground at 60 degrees.

Great for riding, wide and flat bottomed boots suitable for outdoor activities, but rarely used for work because high heels can be uncomfortable for long wearing.

Riding Heel

The “Riding Heel” style has a 2 inch high heel and the back heel forms an angle of 60 degrees more from the ground.

The nook of the heel is designed to be wider than other cowboy boots.

This high-heeled cowboy boot has a wide and flat bottom.

What we like

The nook of the heel is designed for riding easily (The high heels stop the foot from moving too forward during the stirrup, offering more stability and control – (read more “Why do cowboy boots have heels?)

These high-heeled cowboy boots are suitable for outdoor activities, picnics or walking and for those who drive regularly …

Besides, thanks to high-heeled cowboy boots, you look swagger like a real cowboy.

Or at least they can give you “a little” height…

What we don’t like

It is difficult to find a beautiful “Riding Heel” cowboy boots for women.

It is not recommended for those who are in the office where the floor is often slippery.

Product highlights


Stylish and comfortable

These cowboy boots are very light

The leather is soft and supple. It feels like a soft leather Isotoner glove for your feet (A buyer on Amazon commented)

When walking, it makes you feel comfortable like put on a Nike sneaker than a leather boot


The seam of cowboy boots is a bit rough

Due to the soft leather, it might easily get scratched

Fashion Heel

“Fashion heel” cowboy boots offer higher heels that are 2 inches or taller. Like “riding heel” heels, the back of the heel also forms an angle of more than 60 degrees to the ground.

The soles of these boots are usually made of rubber, making it look taller than other shoes, but the toes of these boots are usually triangular and only suitable for women.

What we like

The boots are often sleek, sophisticated.

The rubber sole gives a soft and comfortable feeling for the wearer.

The wearer looks tall and elegant wearing them.

Easily match these boots with other outfits.

Great pair of boots for working or hanging out.

What we don’t like

The bottom of the boots is usually quite narrow so sometimes you may feel uncomfortable

The soles of boots are sometimes quite high, causing discomfort and difficulty when walking

Product highlights


Soft and lightweight leather makes it comfortable to wear all day long

Remain new after a long time using and still spotless even when walking in the rain

Delicate and elegant color for working or hanging out

No pain or blister when wearing these boots for hours


The boots is a bit narrow, which may cause some people feel uncomfortable

The sole is quite high, so be careful when entering slippery places

Cowboy heels style 2 : Standard heel 

Cowboy boots with standard heel height are the most popular boots.

Standard high heels have wide flat soles for comfort, about 1 1/2 inch or 1 3/8 inch high. Most of the back heels is at an angle of 70 to 90 degrees above the ground, which remain balance for walking.

Moreover, it is convenient for cowboys to work at the ranch or go around town to… flirt with beautiful girls.


These cowboy boots are specially designed for those who wear it all day long. For this reason, they come with a wide flat bottom for comfort and with 1 1/2 inch high heel, sometimes made of rubber gives certain softness to massage your feet.

What we like

Widely used for anyone 

Many diverse designs, suitable for many different purposes

Comfortable for using all day long

What we don’t like

You may get confused when choosing among a lot of beautiful boots

Product highlights 1:


Firm leather

Wide and flat bottom

Comfortable wearing all day long

Masculine colors, true cowboy quality


The boots are rarely scratched, but if they are, they will be quite noticeable

Product highlights 2:


Soft leather texture, creates a sense of comfort

Different colors to choose from

Reasonable price for a pair of beautifully designed boots

Special sized boots fit for “the Hobbit”


The toes may be tight for some people

Cowboy heels style 3 : Low heel 

The low heels of these cowboy boots are approximately 1 inch high, with the back heels upright or slightly slanted and they usually have a flat and wide bottom.

This type of boots is often used in outdoor activities because of its easy-to-run design and high mobility.


Roper shoes are a type of cowboy shoes with a long history, originated from England by Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley and used by British soldiers in wars.

With heels about 1 inch high, vertical to the ground, this shoe has a flat bottom, creating balance and absolute stability when walking.

Widely used by both men and women for outdoor sports activities, office work …

This is the most popular classic low heel boot in the world.

What we like

Widely used for many different purposes.

Boots with high mobility, no foot pain when doing outdoor sports.

The wide flat bottom provides a comfortable and balanced feeling.

Many of these boots are elegant for the job.

What we don’t like

For short people who want to improve their height, this kind of boots may not be enough …

Product highlights:


There are sizes for people with narrow feet

This type of boots is suitable for those who work outdoors without getting dirty or scratched

Leather withstand moist, major heat

Suitable for driving, traveling, camping …


The leather is quite stiff


These heels are typically 1 3/8 inch in height, are designed upright or at an angle of 70 degrees slanted to the ground, these boots are usually formal designs.

Designed for both men and women, high fashion and suitable for those who like to stand out in the crowd.

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What we like

Trendy style, creative designs

Cool for parties, bars, clubs …

Preferred by both men and women

What we don’t like

Same as Roper type…

 Product highlights:


Nice pair of boots for a reasonable price

The boots have a sharp color, easy to attract attention

This boots goes really well with black jeans or skirts


The synthetic shaft of the shoe is not really outstanding

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