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What Are Cowboy Boots Used For? | More Than You Think

What Are Cowboy Boots Used For? | More Than You Think

Cowboy boots in the 18th and 19th centuries were often used for horseback riding. However, over time, horseback riding was no longer their only priority.

Today, cowboy boots appear in many different places, and those locations are often unrelated.

Farm, office, catwalk, street, bar, wedding… All these places may appear as cowboy boots.

However, cowboy boots on a farm are often different from ones for working or ones for attending weddings. That’s why you need to distinguish and know how to choose the types of cowboy boots!

Today, we’ll tell you where you can use cowboy boots, what cowboy boots are used for, and what kind of cowboy boots you should use!

What Are Cowboy Boots Used For?

Cowboy boots were used for horseback riding, and that is why they were born.

So from the very beginning, cowboy boots are constructed to aid in riding with pointed toes, leather outsoles (which are quite slippery) along with high heels.

However, today’s cowboy boots have evolved, they can have rubber soles to increase grip for walkers, the square toe for more room for toes, insoles with good arch support, heels and other features.

Because of the advantages that the new structures bring, cowboy boots have become more popular and are often used for walking, jogging, working, etc.

Besides, there are also many developments in the structure, materials and appearance of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are not only made from cowhide, but also exotic skin (ostrich skin, caiman, lizard, stingray, etc.).

Each different material will give cowboy boots different looks for different uses.

And we will explain more specifically to you!

1. Cowboy boots for horseback riding

This is the original reason for the appearance of cowboy boots.

Horse-riding cowboy boots typically feature a pointed toe and slippery outsole structure, which allows the cowboy’s feet to smoothly slide in and out of the saddle’s stirrup.

Meanwhile, the high heel (more than 2 inches) acts as a hook so that cowboy boots can stay still on the stirrup without slipping forward.

Today, many people still prefer these traditional cowboy boots, because, in fact, the leather sole looks more elegant and refined than the rubber sole or synthetic sole.

The high heels also give the wearer a more swaggered look, along with a proud click-cluck sound.

Cowboy boots for horseback riding

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However, traditional cowboy boots can be a great help for horseback riding but are not a great choice for casual use (walking, jogging).

Since they have quite slippery outsoles, high heels will affect your balance. The pointed toes are also quite narrow and lack room which makes your feet uncomfortable.

If you are a newbie, then be mentally prepared for that.

2. Cowboy boots for walking

The myth that cowboy boots should only be used for horseback riding makes many people hesitate when buying them for casual use like walking.

In fact, cowboy boots these days have “evolved” a lot. The structural changes in cowboy boots make them the best choice for walking, namely:

Square toe: cowboy boots with square toes will have more room for your toes, making the wearer more flexible and comfortable.

Rubber / synthetic sole: The sole of modern cowboy boots is made from rubber or synthetic materials with higher strength and better grip to walk without losing balance.

The insole has better support: While traditional cowboy boots do not really have good support for your feet at the arch and heel, today’s cowboy boots do.

Those are the three main reasons why you absolutely can use cowboy boots for walking.

Cowboy boots for walking

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You can find plenty of roper style and stockman style cowboy boots that can help you walk very well.

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3. Cowboy boots for construction sites

You don’t get it wrong, cowboy boots can be used at construction sites that are full of dangers. But, there is only one type of cowboy boots that is eligible for this condition: cowboy work boots (western work boots).

Cowboy work boots can be said to be a hybrid of cowboy boots and work boots, so they can protect you very well with safety toe (composite or steel toe), anti-puncture, non-slip outsole, sturdy structure, etc.

In addition, cowboy work boots also provide great support to the foot with their waterproof features, good arch support, etc.

Cowboy boots for construction sites

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With cowboy work boots, you can completely rest assured to work at the construction site without fear of objects falling on your feet or being damaged by scattered nails.

4. Cowboy boots for farm & ranch

Cowboy boots also often appear on sunny and windy farms.

A good pair of cowboy boots are usually made of full-grain leather. That’s why they are very durable and supple but still soft enough and breathable.

Besides, cowboy boots are 11 inches to 14 inches in height and water-resistant (some boots are waterproof).

These factors help cowboy boots protect your feet from adverse effects of weather, temperature, environment, terrain, etc. Along with that, they offer a very high level of comfort.

For these reasons, cowboy boots are the most preferred choice for farming and ranching.

Cowboy boots for farm & ranch

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We recommend using modern cowboy boots, as they often provide greater comfort with more protection. They will be your perfect companion all day long.

5. Cowboy boots for offices

From endless meadows to modern buildings, cowboy boots can be found anywhere. Simply because cowboy boots are the fashion product from the endless creativity of boot makers.

Cowboy boots have many different designs and looks, you can completely wear caiman cowboy boots with a business suit to go to work, why not?

In addition to the wild style, many cowboy boots with elegant and modern looks are such a great choice for the workplace.

I like to use lizard boots with leather soles to go with my office suit, what about you?

Cowboy boots for offices

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6. Cowboy boots for riding a motorcycle

This will continue to be a controversial topic for those who like traditional cowboy boots. Many say that the outsole of traditional cowboy boots is too slippery and your feet will slip off the pegs.

Yes, but that’s the story of traditional cowboy boots, modern cowboy boots with non-slip outsoles can give you good security and your feet can stick on the pegs easily.

Cowboy boots for riding motorcycle

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Besides, cowboy boots with a sturdy structure, water-resistant (or waterproof) feature, high-quality materials, etc. Cowboy boots can provide both great protection and comfort while riding a motor.

7. Cowboy boots for wedding

Many people wonder if cowboy boots can be used in sacred weddings. Perhaps they think that cowboy boots only appear on a ranch or on horseback, and these boots only have a wild and dusty appearance.

But they are totally wrong, it seems that they probably haven’t seen caiman, lizard or ostrich cowboy boots in their life. These cowboy boots are not inferior to any dress boots in your house!

Cowboy boots not only have a wild look, but there are also many pairs of boots that have a luxurious, noble, and seductive look.

Cowboy boots for wedding

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And of course, cowboy boots can be present at the wedding at Buckingham Palace.

8. Cowboy boots for line dancing

It would be an omission without mentioning line dancing, you can’t perform skillful dances without a pair of cowboy boots.

The reason cowboy boots are an integral part of line dancing is that they can hold up well with high shafts. Besides, leather soles help you make spinning or kicking smoother.

In order to do line dancing, your cowboy boots also need a required feature which is smooth soles.

Yes, cowboy boots’ outsoles have to be slippery for you to be able to perform line dance perfectly.

Cowboy boots for line dancing

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9. Cowboy boots on catwalks

Cowboy boots are not only outstanding in function, but also in fashion. Therefore, there is no shortage of catwalks with their presence.

A variety of cowboy boots have appeared on international fashion catwalks, they show off their beauty with beads, fringes, outstanding shafts with artistic stitching, etc.

Cowboy boots on catwalks

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Overall, due to the diversity in design, appearance and structure, cowboy boots have become a contemporary fashion icon and are popular all over the world.

10. Cowboy boots for everyday wear

Sometimes, you just want to wear cowboy boots for no reason. Simply wear them every day, go down the street, hang out with friends, flirt with your neighbor (if you’re single), go to a pub, etc.

The truth is you don’t have to wear cowboy boots for a specific reason.

Cowboy boots for everyday wear

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You can wear cowboy boots just because you love them, love the history and culture they represent and enjoy the delicate stitching on their shafts and vamp. That is enough!

11. Cowboy boots are part of the collection

There are people with dozens (even hundreds) of cowboy boots in their homes but don’t wear them all.

Simply because they enjoy the process of collecting them, the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is a typical cowboy boot collector.

Don’t you see the beauty of cowboy boots? It spreads from the style and structure to every detail seam, heels, shaft, vamp, etc. All put together become a masterpiece.

If you do not have any collection of your own, what do you think of a cowboy boot collection?

12. Old cowboy boots for crazy ideas

The old cowboy boots that seem to be unusable can become great decorations or powerful tools for your purpose.

Many people use old cowboy boots to make flower pots, bird’s nests, water bottle carriers, fashion bags, etc.

Pick your ideas! You will have your unique decorations and items to show your friends!

Looking for more DIY projects? Then we have the most creative and crazy ideas for you here!


Today’s cowboy boots can be used for a wide variety of jobs, not just horse riding.

You can find a pair of cowboy boots for farming, one for riding motorcycles, one to bring to the office, and one for a wedding ceremony.

What is important is your imagination, don’t limit them.

Modern cowboy boots have many advantages, utilize them to satisfy your cowboy boot passion!

Good luck!