The 15 Best Cowboy Boots for Riding Horses in 2021

It’s summertime! You are preparing for riding horses in the great Texas savannas.

You have done the preparation and are ready for this exciting outing. But there is something stuck in your mind: cowboy boots.

You don’t know what cowboy boots are good for horse riding…

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to recommend 15 best cowboy boots for riding horses.

Shall we begin now?

What are the best cowboy boots for riding horses?

Cowboy boots are very helpful for balance and stability on horseback. A good pair of cowboy boots also provide you great flexibility when riding.

In addition, proper cowboy boots will make you comfortable riding and enable you to command the horse. With spurs of cowboy boots, you can communicate better with strange horses.


Toe shape

A cowboy boot suitable for horse riding requires pointed toe, snip toe or round toe.

These 3 toe shapes help your feet slide into the stirrup easily.

To climb on horseback, your feet need to slide into the stirrup, hold on the stirrup and climb onto the horse. Therefore, the design of cowboy boots needs to facilitate this process.

You can also use cowboy boots with square toe or broad square toe, but you might find it a bit difficult to slide into the stirrup.


The heel of a cowboy boot should be 1.5 inches or more, preferably 2 inches or more.

The reason is that once cowboy boots have slipped into the stirrups, their heels will help the cowboy boots secure and hook into the stirrups.

This is quite important, when the cowboy boots attach tightly to the stirrups, they will help you balance well on the horse.

Besides, the nook of the heel’s nook should also be wide enough to allow the stirrup to lie neatly in it.


If you’re riding a horse regularly, cowboy boot shafts are important too. The shaft will help protect your feet better.

If you regularly roam the steppe, the high shaft from 11 inches to 14 inches will keep your feet from the hot sun, cold rain, and poisonous animals.


Cowboy boot soles for riding should be made of leather, rubber or synthetic, as long as they provide the essential comfort on the saddle.

However, we appreciate rubble roles for their slip resistance, flexibility and durability.


Cowboy boots with spurs allow you to contact and communicate with the horse easily.

A spur may not be necessary if you consider cowboy boots to be an aesthetic accessory

But if you wear cowboy boots for horseback riding, the spur is one of the must-have accessories for your boots.

Don’t worry, spurs doesn’t hurt the horse as you might think.

However, if you want to be like a real cowboy, you should add spurs to the cowboy boots.

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15 Best Cowboy Boots for Riding Horses

Now we come to 15 awesome cowboy boots for true cowgirls and true cowboys.

Choose the best, coolest boots to help you tame fastidious horses!

1/ ARIAT Women’s Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Handcrafted from top to bottomNot too comfortable for people with flat feet or high arches
4LR technology, Synthetic sole, air mesh lining
Six-row stitch pattern
Comfortable right out of the box

Let’s begin with a pair of cowgirl boots that is full of wild and distressed colors.

A pair of Ariat standard cowboy boots offer you flexibility to climb on horseback. You can add spurs on these Ariat boots easily.

These boots get all features of good riding boots: high heels, high shaft, although the toe shaft is square toe but not too wide.

2/ Ariat Men’s Sport Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Synthetic soleA bit difficult to get on and off
4LRTM four-layer footbedFairly stiff, need to break in
Beautiful & Comfortable
Used by many athletes

Ariat Men’s Sport Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot gives you complete safety on horseback. What’s more, the  4LRTM four-layer footbed technology offers incredible comfort.

The design features pull holes for easy on / off with the wide heel’s nook for easily hooking cowboy boots into the stirrups. These boots are made from 100% leather for a smooth and comfortable feeling.

Also, the high boots will catch your eyes with their masculine look.

3/ Canyon Trails Women’s Classic

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Classic design and easy to outfitLittle tight if you have wide calf
Rubber outsole, durable
Cushioned footbed, good price
Fit: True to size

Canyon Trails’s best-selling cowboy boots will give you the classic look of wild west American.

It has a perfect design for riding horses: pointed toe, the wide nook of the heel, high heel and high shaft.

In addition to the standard design for riding a horse, the feminine, chic and sleek look of the boots make them shine in a wonderful way that many other shoes or boots have longed for.

4/ Soto Boots Mens Classic Round Toe Cowboy Boots H7001

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole, leather lining, genuine leather throughout
Elegant western stitching, stylish and striking
Perfect for special occasions
Comfortable right out the box

Soto cowboy boots for men are quite different from ones for women.

Soto cowgirl boots are very colorful and classic. On the other hand, these cowboy boots have simple colors but get a sophisticated look and still retain a classic style.

The H7001 boots have round toe, simple but eye-catching colors, along with a streamlined design for riding a horse easily and flexibly.

5/ Ariat Women’s Magnolia Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Full grain leather constructionA bit tight around the top of foot
Long lasting and flexible
Striking motif, beautiful light chocolate brown
Fit: True to size

Sunflower motifs are quite new and rare on cowboy boots. But Ariat Women’s Magnolia Western Cowboy Boot owns that strange pattern.

The sunflower pattern in cowboy boots isn’t bright yellow, obviously, but it is classic and wild dark brown. This strange and unique look will definitely capture the hearts of many girls.

Magnolia’s design will also give you a comfortable, safe riding feeling with high heels. The sole is designed to hook firmly to the stirrup, creating a good balance while riding.

6/ Laredo Men’s London Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Full-Grain LeatherNeed to break in
Affordable prices, comfort insole
Sturdy, stylish, fit wide feet
Durable, fit good

Simple but bold gentleman style – Laredo Men’s London Western Boot gives you an elegant look than any dress boots.

With a traditional stylish western look at an affordable price, Laredo cowboy boots always bring a complete Western American experience for wearers.

7/ Roper Women’s Dusty Riding Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, padded insoleSlick bottoms
Distressed detail, Snip toe
Comfortable,  affordable price
Durable rubber sole

In addition to the traditional cowboy boots, you can refresh your wardrobe with short cowboy boots.

Here’s the Roper Women’s Dusty Riding Boot.

It is easy to put on. The dusty look will give you a novelty in style.

The short cowboy boots provide flexibility and comfort to ride a horse.

8/ Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full grain leather uppers, leather liningNarrow for wide foot
Flexibility and cushioning
Subtle details
Comfortable right out of the box

The Ariat Men’s Heritage is a symbol of Ariat success.

The beauty of these boots is a great charm in a simple and neat design.

Not only suitable for riding horses, but you can take them to the office, hang out, or flirt with girls. Girls can’t resist these charming boots as well as your distressed style.

9/ Roper Women’s Amelia Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Padded insole, Rubber soleYou should consider when choosing a size
Fit perfectly and look adorable on
Look good with jeans and dress
Good for riding, dance all night

Showing your liberal style with the Roper Women’s Amelia Western Boot is the best way to conquer guys.

The Roper brand is very famous for its short cowboy boots. These boots are feminine, liberal and wild beauty.

Wear a pair of short cowboy boots and wander with a horse on the vast steppe – this is really an experience that you should try at least once in your life.

10/ Ariat Men’s Legend Phoenix Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, leather is soft and suppleNeed break in period
Stylish and comfortable
Soft leather,
Looks good with boot cut Jeans, regular straight leg jeans

Ariat Men’s Legend Phoenix often appears in the Rodeo and is spreadly used by athletes. If professional athletes trust this Ariat boot, then why don’t you?.

With a durable and strong design, it ensures your balance and stability on the saddle.

You just cannot go wrong with these boots.

11/ Ariat Women’s Legend Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, rubber soleNeed breaking in
Fit good even wide calf
Comfortable right out of the box
The color is perfect

Girls don’t envy men their Legend Phoenix cowboy boots. We grab you another pair of Ariat: Ariat Women’s Legend Western Cowboy Boot. You ladies may be overwhelmed with the amazing outlook of these boots.

These boots are sharp and own sophisticated patterns with Russet Rebel skin color to bring you unforgettable charm.

12/ Durango Dream Catcher Women’s Teal Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather, Rubber soleThe leather are little sturdy
Sock lining cushion innersole, soft mesh lining
Eye catching distressed brown
Fit perfectly even large calves

Durango has always been a brand of cowboy boots with high comfort and cool looks.

The Durango Dream Catcher Women’s Teal Western Boot is such a boot, with a design and motif that can captivate any girl.

This boot features distressed brown and tan color with the standard design for riding (high heels, the nook of the heel wide, high shaft, pull straps). These boots are great to go with a pair of skinny jeans to wander in the meadow with your horse.

13/ ARIAT Women’s Heritage Roughstock Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Full-grain leather foot and upperNeed a few days to break in
Cushioning insoles, air mesh lining
Comfortable even high arches or flat feet
Gorgeous color

Combined western style and current footwear style, the ARIAT Women’s Heritage Roughstock is a cowboy boot for girls who love Western style but without looking country.

A luxurious look, sharp and feminine motifs with sexy curves, Heritage Roughstock is the perfect choice for you.

You’ll fall in love immediately!

14/ Ariat Women’s Desert Holly Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Goodyear leather weltNot for wide feet ( and maybe wide calf)
Comfortable, stylish, and great for ridingHard to get them off
Gorgeous stitching, beautiful motifs
Perfect to go with dress, skinny jeans, short

Ariat Women’s Desert Holly Western Cowboy Boot is for girls with narrow calves. It can highlight your slim, long legs.

These boots have an upper stitch pattern inspired by Western textures.

They own a standard riding boots design, allowing you to easily slip into the stirrups and balance on the saddle.

Not only is it suitable for horseback riding, this is also a great pair of boots for a line dancing evening, a party or a wedding.

15/ Soto Boots Women Cheyenne Leather Snipped Toe Cowgirl Boots M50041

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole, leather lining, handcrafted from genuine leatherNeed break in period
Handmade snipped toe
Comfort and durability
Great to go with boot cut western jeans, skinny jeans

The Soto brand is a brand that adores traditional values of western boots.

The lively evidence are their handcrafted cowboy boots that are great for horseback riding and line dancing.

Soto Boots Women Cheyenne is a prime example of the above. The design of the leather sole, snip toe, high heels, the wide heel’s nook – all these features are standards for riding boots.

Besides, Soto cowboy boots are affordable with a classic style that many people love.


Comfort and safety are two crucial things when choosing cowboy boots for horse riding..

Cowboy boots should be comfortable when you’re riding a horse, so make sure they are already broken in.

Cowboy boots should not be too loose or too tight, but they should fit snugly at the instep.

And again, cowboy boots should have high heels, the wide heel’s nook, and the toe shapes such as pointed toe, snip toe or round toe.


What kind of boots should I wear for horse riding?

They do not have to be cowboy boots, but they must be comfortable, safe and neat.

Riding boots need to be flexible that you can get on and off horseback easily and quickly.

Besides, they are comfortable during the horseback ride so you can contact and steer the horse (normally boots have to add spurs)

Riding boots should be able to easily slide in and hook into the stirrups, they thereby create a good balance and keep you safe on horseback.

Why are cowboy boots great for horse riding? Because they have no shoelaces, which don’t get in the way of riding. You should also keep this thing in mind when choosing other types of shoes or boots for horseback riding.

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Which cowboy boots are the best for horse riding?

Traditional cowboy boots are the standard boots for horse riding.

They were born to assist farmers on horseback, so their designs are perfect for you.

Traditional cowboy boots are made from cowhide, which is a very versatile, durable and sturdy material. Besides, their heels are usually about 2 inches high and they have a wide heel’s nook. These allow cowboy boots to hook firmly onto the stirrups to keep you balance on the saddle.

Besides, the traditional cowboy boots have pointed toes, easy to slip into the stirrups.

Cowboy boots don’t have laces, you won’t be afraid of the laces getting entangled with the stirrups.

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