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Why are cowboy boots so tall?

Looking back at the history from the late 18th century to the early 19th century, farmers in the western United States needed sturdy and durable boots to work on farms.

To solve that problem, cowboy boots were born. They give the full protection for the feet and calves of users, so cowboy boots have a very high shaft compared to other types of boots.

With this high shaft, cowboy boots protect cowboys’ legs from the adverse effects of external forces: sun, snow, sand, dirt, mud, snow…

And especially to avoid the attacks of many dangerous and poisonous animals such as snakes or scorpions.

Besides, the leather of traditional cowboy boots is very thick, especially leather around the calf, to keep cowboys warm through the winter.

What are tall cowboy boots called?

The highest cowboy boots are Buckaroo boots, these cowboy boots have shaft height from 14″ up to 16″. This is a very popular cowboy boots used in sports events and rodeo by the equestrian athletes.

Cowboy boots with a shaft height to about mid calf are usually western work boots, roper boots.

And the type of boots with shaft height from 11″ to 14″ usually make up the majority, including traditional cowboy boots (riding boots), western boots, stockman, …

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How tall should cowboy boots be?

Personally, I like the traditional values of cowboy boots, that’s why the boots with a shaft height of about 11″ to 13″ are always my favorites.

However, depending on your purpose when buying cowboy boots.

If you are an office worker and want to wear cowboy boots with suits, then Roper boots with shaft height to mid calf are a good choice.

If you prefer to wear boots for horse riding, then using Buckaroo boots with a height of 14″ to 16″ will protect you completely. Or you do heavy work or outdoor work, then western work boots with shaft height to mid calf is a good choice.

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What are short cowboy boots called?

There are many short cowboy boots with very low shafts, and only a little higher than the ankle (or sometimes without a shaft). These short cowboy boots are usually for women. They have just recently appeared.

Short cowboy boots that are just taller than the ankle are often called ankle cowboy boots, and those without a shaft are called western booties.

What are the holes in cowboy boots for?

We call the holes in the top of the cowboy boots is Pull Holes

For cowboy boots with a shaft height of 11″ to 14″, it’s not easy to put on boots, especially leather around the calf that is a bit tight or snugly fit your calves.

That’s why pull holes were born, just insert your finger inside the hole, then pull up the boots, now it will be much easier to wear cowboy boots.

Pull holes often appear in high-heeled cowboy boots from 13″ to 16″ (buckaroo) and they are located on the top of the shaft. Many people also call them windows.

If cowboy boots don’t have pull holes, they usually have pull straps (aka pull tabs or bootstraps) with the same usage.

However, if equestrian athletes use high-shaft cowboy boots and leather around the calf fit their calves snugly, the pull holes will make them flexible and easier to pull cowboy boots up when riding compared to pull straps (aka pull tabs or bootstraps).

What is the vamp on a cowboy boot?

The Vamp is the part of a cowboy boot that covers your entire foot, starting at the lowest position from the welt (welt is stitched connecting between outsole and cowboy boot vamp) that covers the whole foot and ending at the highest position near the ankle.

Or more simply, many people call it FOOT instead of vamp.

If you search for Ariat cowboy boots and notice their product description, the word “full-grain leather foot and upper” means that the vamp (foot) is made from a single large piece of leather (not from many small pieces of leather).

What are the loops on cowboy boots for?

The loops on cowboy boots are Pull Straps, or Pull Tabs, or Bootstraps.

They work just like pull holes. For your convenience, pull straps (or Pull Tabs, Bootstraps) were created for you to easily insert your fingers into and pull up the boots.

Pull straps (aka Pull Tabs or Bootstraps) are usually made of leather and attached to the top of cowboy boots.

What does the stitching on cowboy boots mean?

When you look at the description of the Ariat boots, you can see: Four-row stitch pattern.

These are talking about stitching. Stitchings are the seams of cowboy boots, and they often appear on the shaft or vamp.

Stitch patterns are often very beautiful and attractive as inlay, they are one of the main reasons that catch the attention of cowboy boots lovers.

Unlike inlaid boots, the stitching looks simple but stitching has an element of movement. Beautiful stitch patterns will be extremely important for a cowboy boot, which will keep your eyes traveling throughout every charming pattern and curve.

Some stitching patterns have appeared a long time ago, but recently a lot of beautiful and delicate stitch patterns have been created by many cowboy boots manufacturers.

Typically, every cowboy boots manufacturer will have their own stitching style, it means the same as a signature that only that manufacturer can have (or use). That kind of stitching is like an affirmation of their own identity.

Normally, the more a row stitch pattern is, the more expensive it is because pattern stitches need a lot of effort, the meticulousness and sophistication of the manufacturer.

There are many different types of stitch patterns, such as flowers, wingtips … As below cowboy boots have a twelve-row stitch pattern.

What is toe bug stitching?

A toe bug is a stitch pattern right on top of your cowboy boot vamp. When you put on a cowboy boot and hide the shaft under your jeans, just look down, and what catches your eye are the vamp motifs. That’s toe bug stitching.

Usually most toe bug stitching will be shaped as wingtips, medallion, or vintage motifs…

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