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Is it OK to Wear Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

Is it OK to Wear Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

Today, many people are still afraid to wear cowboy boots to luxurious places, because they think cowboy boots are just for farm work and not gorgeous enough.

Wrong! It’s the old story of some old man. Today’s cowboy boots are not as they think anymore!

Why? I will tell you right below!

Bridesmaids wear lace dresses and cowboy boots at weddings

Key takeaways

  1. Versatility of Cowboy Boots: Contrary to the belief that cowboy boots are only suitable for farm work or casual settings, modern cowboy boots come in various styles suitable for formal occasions like weddings.
  2. Selecting the Right Style for Weddings: When choosing cowboy boots for weddings, it’s important to select styles that exude delicacy, sophistication, and luxury.
  3. Matching the Outfit and Occasion: The overall attire plays a significant role in pairing cowboy boots with wedding outfits.

Is it OK to Wear Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

Yes, you definitely can wear cowboy boots to a wedding. But not all, you need to know what types of cowboy boots can go with a wedding.

Many people still think cowboy boots only have a distressed and wild style, so they cannot go to luxury places like Buckingham Palace. This is a false notion!

Nowadays, cowboy boots come in many different looks and styles to serve many different purposes, not only for riding horses or farm work.

You will easily see cowboy boots in Western Country Wedding worn by the groom, bride, bridesmaid or groomsmen. These cowboy boots can have many styles from distress to elegance.

Some cowboy boots made from exotic leather such as caiman, lizard or regular leather such as cowhide (well-polished) still can be used to go to any wedding in the world, not only in the country wedding.

Some Brands (Ariat, Soto, Old Gringo) even produce cowboy boots that are exclusively for brides at weddings with bright tones and floral motifs.

Just make sure you don’t wear cowboy boots the wrong way, like a groom putting his pants in the cowboy boot shaft.

What Types of Cowboy Boots Are Suitable for Weddings?

Cowboy boots have many different styles, but:

Cowboy boots for the wedding should have a delicate, sophisticated, luxurious and polite look.

If you are a man (groom, groomsman, guest), some cowboy boots made from exotic leather such as caiman, lizard or regular leather such as well-polished cowhide leather can be a great choice to go with a suit or dress pants.

It will bring you a perfect gentlemen’s look and you can absolutely wear this combo everywhere!

Besides, I prefer wearing cowboy boots with leather soles. I love leather soles with a delicate and unique appearance!

Cowboy boots can come with 1.5-inch or 2-inch high heels for a more confident, arrogant and masculine look.

How about women? What types of cowboy boots are suitable for them to wear at weddings?

It depends on what you imagine! I firmly believe that!

Cowboy boots with a distressed style or a luxurious look may not be too important.

You can wear every style of cowboy boots to the wedding, just make sure they combine well with your outfit!

The most important thing is to create harmony for the overall outfit.

For instance: 

  • Classic-style cowboy boots with floral motifs and multi-color stitching can be a great choice with tea-length bridal dresses.
  • Distressed-style cowboy boots can perfectly go with 1950s-style short dresses
  • Goat leather cowboy boots with a chic look are a great companion for dresses on a wedding

However, from my view, I like to wear cowboy boots with high heels (2 inches or more), pointed toes or round toes.

These cowboy boot structures offer you a confident and girly style.

Likewise, leather-soled cowboy boots with slippery surfaces will help you easily perform skillful dance moves at weddings (especially western country weddings).

How to Wear Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

The outfit to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding plays a big role!

For men, well-polished cowboy boots should go with polite and elegant pants – they can be dress pants.

What do you think about caiman or lizard cowboy boots that go with a suit? I think it’s a great idea!

Both above styles will give you a gentlemanly and polite appearance without worrying about looking country.

But if you attend a country wedding, the style should not be too luxurious, I firmly believe it!

You can only get the most confidence when you “dress in the right way” in the “right place”.

For a country wedding, just wear cowboy boots with jeans and a polite shirt, it is a simple yet cool combo!

A woman wears cowboy boots in her wedding

The principle of wearing the right clothes in the right place also applies to women.

You can wear everything with cowboy boots from jeans and leggings to dresses and skirts. But the important thing is how you match your clothes and footwear to get harmony for the wedding style.

For example, at a country wedding, you only need a tea-length lace dress in a soft green tea color paired with a pair of cowhide cowboy boots, and that’s enough to show your gentle and lovely style.

But if you join a luxury wedding, you may need glitter cowboy boots with a bright-colored skirt. Then, wait to see how feminine and elegant you get!

What Not to Wear With Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

As I said above, cowboy boots can be great accessories to go with you to any wedding, but you need to know some rules.

This principle applies to men: don’t wear cowboy boots with short or skinny pants, or you will become a fashion disaster.

Besides, remember one more thing, never tuck your pants into cowboy boots!

If you want to know more, I have this exclusive post!

What Types of Cowboy Boots Should Not Be Worn at the Wedding?

Cowboy boots come in many different styles, and some types of cowboy boots should not appear at the wedding.

Typically, wearing cowboy work boots is not a good idea when you go to church, ceremony or palace.

The style, look and structure of cowboy work boots are too rugged and not suitable for these places at all.

The stage to show off their rough beauty is the construction site, farm or ranch, absolutely not a wedding place.

So, don’t make this mistake!

Before You Leave

Do you get your own answer now? Yes, you can wear cowboy boots to any wedding in the world.

Just make sure the overall outfit is harmonious and the style of cowboy boots is suitable for the place you go. This is the most important thing.

Good luck!