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Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots for Wide Feet in 2024

Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots for Wide Feet in 2024

Cowboy boots are a symbol of epic struggle and a witness of American history.

Today, cowboy boots not only appear on farms and ranchs, but they have also evolved and become American fashion icons.

There are many types of cowboy boots in the world. Besides traditional cowboy boots, there are riding boots, stockman boots, buckaroo boots, roper boots, etc.

Different boots have their own beauty and usage. However, all cowboy boots have one thing in common: they are born to serve “normal feet”.

So what about people with wide feet?

Cowboy boot brands mainly produce boots for normal feet. Therefore, if you have wide feet, you will have a lot of trouble when buying cowboy boots.

Since we released the article “Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots for Wide Feet in 2020” – Although I feel that article is not our good article – it got a lot of hits, about more than 230 visits a week.

Another article that also received a lot of attention is about methods to stretch cowboy boots. At the moment I write this article, there are more than 220 visits a week.

Unfortunately, that’s a talking number!

That number tells all of us that many girls out there have wide feet, and they struggle with their wide feet every day.

Especially for cowboy boots – the expensive and high-end footwear. Cowboy boots have no lace, you cannot loosen them when they are tight.

Well, what cowgirl boots are suitable for wide feet? Such a tough question!

Don’t worry too much, we are here to tell you all about cowboy boots that are suitable for women with wide feet.

Shall we?

What are the most comfortable cowgirl boots for wide feet?

One thing’s for sure, choosing footwear that fits your wide feet is a nightmare.

Your feet can be wider than others’ feet at the middle of the sole, the ball, or the toe.

So it’s impossible to find cowboy boots that fit all foot types (except for super-wide boots).

We will break it down on a case-by-case basis.

Wide feet

Normal feet

  • Your feet are wide and big at the toe

In fact, there is a type of cowboy boots that are suitable for outdoor work. It has a wide insole and more room at the toe box. Yes, as you can guess, it’s western work boots.

Western work boots have construction that offers very high comfort for the wearer while working outdoors.

If you have hammer toes and this causes your feet to be wider, the wide toe box of western work boots is a good choice for you.

  • Your feet are wide at the ball of the feet

Cowboy boots come in many different toe shapes, including pointed toe, snip toe, round toe, square toe, and wide square toe.

The round toe, square toe, and wide square toe often provide more room for feet (at the ball and toe) than the pointed toe or snip toe.

Therefore, if you have bunions or calluses that make your feet bigger, (wide) square toe or round toe cowboy boots may be the better choice for you.

cowboy boots with round toe for women

Cowboy boots with a snip toe and pointed toe have a structure tapered from the middle of the sole to the toe. This structure won’t provide enough room for wide feet.

Cowboy boots have stockman style or roper style that often come with a wide square toe, square toe, and round toe.

  • Your feet are wide in the midsole

Many people have wide feet in the midsole when they are born.

It can also appear because you have flat feet (no arches) – This is a common symptom in many people.

In addition, many people have wide feet because of the effects of age, pregnancy, and swelling. That can cause the entire foot to be wider.

To choose cowboy boots for those people, one small tip is to go up ½ the size of your cowboy boots.

What does it mean? You will measure foot length and take that number to choose the size of cowboy boots based on the size chart.

If your feet fit the cowboy boots that have size 7, don’t choose them! Choose the boots that have size 7.5.

In fact, many cowboy boot brands nowadays have launched boots with wide sizes.

For instance, the length of my feet shows me that they fit size 8 of Ariat cowboy boots. As I have wide feet, I will go for cowboy boots with size “8 wide”.

The Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots for Wide Feet in 2024

The example above is just for illustration, and it’s not entirely accurate.

For instance, if you go up 1/2 size cowboy boots, your cowboy boots can be loose at the instep.

The instep is the crucial part that decides whether cowboy boots fit your feet well.

Not to mention everyone’s preferences are different, you can’t just follow rigid standards to choose cowboy boots for your wide feet. That might not be accurate all the time!

So, how to choose the most comfortable cowgirl boots for wide feet online with minimal risk?

The best solution is to read through all the reviews of the people who bought cowboy boots before you!

After choosing the boots you like on an e-commerce site, search  “wide feet” on the Q & A box, then read the experience of many people with wide feet who used these boots before you.

Trust me, those reviews are very helpful! That way, you will find plenty of cowboy boots with good looks but still fit wide feet.

Still too complicated for you? No worries, we are here to help you.

We found the most comfortable cowgirl boots for wide feet below!

We did some research following the above method and picked the best-fit cowboy boots for your wide feet as shown below.

1. The Jessie from Tecovas

woman wears jeans with The Jessie from Tecovas

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Well, I have to admit that I love the Tecovas cowboy boots. Crafted from exotic materials with exquisite craftsmanship, Tecovas is one of America’s most loved cowboy boot brands.

Tecovas boots have deep and rich colors, meticulousness in every stitch, and boredom certainly does not exist in their products.

The Jessie is one such boot, made from full-quill ostrich leather, the boots have the perfect softness to ensure your wide feet don’t feel cramped. The bumpy vamp combined with the hand-corded details graces the cowgirl shaft with an unmistakable unique look.

A woman wears The Jessie cowboy boots with jeans

Especially, they get what you are looking forward to, they are rated by many buyers as being suitable for their wide feet. With perfect wide width! The width and ostrich material support your wide feet well, without feeling stuffy or rigid.

Notably, one of the other things I like about this boot is its arch support and no break-in period. You will experience great comfort right out of the box.

This is certainly the product you are looking for!


Do cowboy boots make your feet look big?

The truth is, cowboy boots can make your feet look big, but not all for sure.

Whether cowboy boots make your feet look big or not depends on the toe shape of the boots.

Cowboy boots have different toe shapes, including traditional pointed toes, snip toes, round toes, square toes and wide square toes.

Overall, cowboy boots with pointed toes, snip toes, and round toes often don’t make your feet look bigger. Because they have the construction that is tapered from the middle of the vamp to the end (tip).

Therefore, don’t worry too much that cowboy boots will make your feet look bigger.

But when it comes to cowboy boots with square toes or wide square toes, they can make your feet look bigger for sure as their structure is not tapered to the end.

Many cowboy boots produced for outdoor work often have very wide toe boxes (toe shapes can be a square toe, wide square toe or round toe).

I know the comparison of the pointed toe and square toes will lead to many controversies. But I think what I said below is fair.

When it comes to pointed toes, round toes and snip toes, they can have a better style, history, and appearance (personal opinion).

On the other hand, cowboy boots with square toes or wide square toes provide extra room for feet, especially wide feet. Therefore, they always make the wearer feel more comfortable.

That is the reason why many cowboy boots used for outdoor work have square toes or wide square toes.

For me, I choose snip-toe or round-toe cowboy boots for a night out and square-toe ones for hard work.

Anyway, cowboy boots for farm work really don’t need to focus on the look. I just need protection, comfort and durability from them.

Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?

Clearly, what you need to consider when buying cowboy boots or shoes is their brand.

Your boot size and shoe size will be the same size if they are the same brand and vice versa.

If the boots and shoes you want to buy are from different brands, you must consider the size chart of each different brand.

Every brand has its own size charts, so be careful. These size charts are not much different, but enough to upset you (if you get the wrong size of boots).

For example, I bought Very Volatile cowboy boots and they fit me. When I buy shoes from this brand, I can choose the same size as my cowboy boots.

If I wanted to buy Ariat cowboy boots, but I used the Very Volatile size chart, it seems I made a huge mistake.

We have instructions for choosing cowboy boots and list the size chart of each brand here!

A girl wears a pair of cowboy boots

Should I go half a size up or down?

You should read the reviews from those who have bought cowboy boots that you intend to buy (If buying online)

Depending on the different cowboy boots, experienced customers will tell you to go half a size up or down.

If no one else bought it before, you should contact the seller, or just buy according to the size of your foot.

Don’t worry, fashion brands all have return and exchange policies if your boots don’t fit you.

 A woman holding a pair of cowboy boots

Last words

Choosing cowboy boots for wide feet is definitely not easy. To avoid mistakes, you need to know the proper method.

That is to pay attention to the size (size up or down), the type, the structure, and the user reviews of boots. These things are the most important when buying cowboy boots for wide feet.

Good look!