Top 10 Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet in 2020

Western cowboy boots are a symbol of epic struggle and a witness to the American history.

Today, cowboy boots no longer appear in civil wars or world wars, they have evolved and become American fashion icons.

There are many types of cowboy boots, in addition to traditional cowboy boots, there are riding boots, stockman, workhog boots, roper …

Different boots have their own beauty and usages. In general, these boots have one thing in common that all of them are born to serve “normal feet”.

So what about people with wide feet? What is wide feet? Can wide feet wear all cowgirl boots?

And the most important: What is the difference between flat feet and wide feet?

In fact, a lot of people might get confuse flat feet with wide feet.

Join us to find out! – Top 10 Most Comfortable Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet

What are wide feet?

People often confuse flat feet with wide feet. It is easy to understand because people with flat feet are still very likely to have wide feet.

You can see other articles about flat feet here.

To put it simply, wide feet means that the size of the feet is wider than the normal foot size.

Wide feet
Normal feet

How do you know if you have wide feet?

The answer is that cowboy boots manufacturers have standards for different foot width sizes.

Well, if your feet are not in the size of those standards, it seems like you’re the one with oversized feet.

Does the wide foot hurt anything?

Fortunately, aside from the difficulty of choosing shoes, the wide feet do not affect your health unlike the effect of flat feet.

What are flat feet?

A flat foot means that the area of ​​the sole of your foot is more in contact with the ground than a normal foot.

Normally, people’s feet have arches, but flat feet are almost flat sole and no arches.

Flat feet
Normal feet

How do you know if you have flat feet?

This is very simple, you just need to stand on a flat floor and observe your reflection on the mirror, if you do not see the hollow part in the center of the soles of the feet, then you have a flat foot.

The ground contact area of ​​the sole of the flat foot is larger than that of a regular foot. So people with flat feet often have pretty wide feet too – the weight placed on the flat feet is unevenly distributed compared to the regular feet.

Does the flat feet hurt anything?

People with flat feet are not as lucky as those with wide feet. Because of the influence of a flat foot, the weight of the body put on a flat foot will not be the same as a regular foot (or feet that are wide but still arched).

That may cause your body to become unstable and imbalance a bit, in the long run will cause immeasurable harm. For example, once your feet get hurt, it might affect your hips, back …

Again, we have a very thorough discussion of flat feet and how to support flat feet in this article.

What is the difference between flat feet and wide feet?

After the two comparisons above, we were able to distinguish between flat and wide feet.

Regarding the difference, it is the effect of foot type on your health.

As the topic of this article covers, if you have a wide foot then there is nothing to worry about the impact of it on your health at all.

The only thing common about wide feet and flat feet is that: both types of feet can be wide feet and hard to find cowboy boots suitable for your feet.

Don’t worry, swipe down and see cowboy boots recommended for people with wide feet.

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Top 10 Best Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet

Top 10 Best Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet
Photo by MFer Photography / Flickr

People with wide feet often have a larger forefoot than normal feet. This is also the biggest weakness of the wide foot. It makes you very uncomfortable in the forefoot and the ball of the foot when wearing cowboy boots.

We will select cowboy boots based on the innovative features that cowboy boots manufacturers have developed over the years.

That is:

Cowboy boots should have a round, square toe and wide square toe, so there will be enough room for your forefoot to be comfortable and flexible.

Cowboy boots should have a wide and flat sole with soft cushion and breathable lining. That will ensure comfort for the ball of the feet.

According to the above criteria, we will show you some cowgirl boots such as the work boots, riding boots, stockman, roper, …

These cowgirl boots are extremely comfortable and extremely easy to use.

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1/ Ariat Women’s Delilah

The first product for those with wide feet is the Ariat Women’s Delilah cowboy boots.

Delilah has a simple yet sophisticated design and pattern. In addition, the top and sides of the boots have turquoise piping along. This is a significant highlight for this boot.

Besides, the work boots such as Delilah boots also reach the absolute point in the eyes of people with wide feet. They are specially designed with wide and flat soles. Their toes are usually round or square.

These designs are great for wide feet. They have room for your feet to feel as comfortable and flexible as possible.

What we like:

  • Leather foot and upper
  • Mesh lining
  • Smooth cushion sole
  • Perfect for work and riding

What we don’t like:

  • The outsole wears out quickly

2/ Laredo Men’s Lodi

Another line of cowboy boots, Stockman, is also extremely suitable for people with wide feet.

However, Stockman has an impressive and cool appearance than the Work boots lineup.

Stockman has a wild, distressed style for those who prefer walking to sitting. It is very durable and long-lasting.

Laredo Men’s Lodi is the most representative of the Stockman product line. Lodi boots have authentic western designs at affordable prices.

The shaft of the boots has a bright white color. Lodi carries both the western beauty and the elegance of its unique color.

Besides the advantages of a sole that is suitable for wide feet, the toe of Lodi boot is broad square for comfort. You will not have to worry about your toe being constrained when wearing these boots.

What we like:

  • Rubber sole
  • Stockman heel
  • Cushion insole
  • Double stitched welt
  • 100% Leather
  • Fit: As expected

What we don’t like:

  • Inside sole wears out if wearing everyday

3/ Ariat Women’s Round Up Stockman

Another stockman cowboy boots from the Ariat brand.

The leather color of this boot is simple and easy to coordinate. Its textures stand out on a wood-colored leather background. Those things give Ariat Stockman the breath of America in cowboy boots – independence and freedom.

Like the way cowboy boots represent America’s spirit, Ariat Stockman boots are the symbol of wild and untamed spirits.

What we like:

  • Leather lining
  • Full – grain upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Fast breaking in

What we don’t like:

  • Difficult to put on

4/ Durango Lady Rebel

Durango Lady Rebel is so cute with Dark Brown/Pink theme. It has distressed full-grain leather . The shaft gets gorgeous butterfly-shaped patterns on front and back. Noticeably, there are dual tabs with a pink ribbon symbolized breast cancer awareness. The rubber sole looks stable and pretty. It offers a removable cushion footbed for your foot ventilation. Order one for Breast Cancer donation!

What we like:

  • Tempered steel shank
  • Cushion Flex insole
  • Full-grain leather
  • Rocky Brands company/Durango will donate 2.00 for each pair of cowboy boots sold to the Stefanie Spielman Patient Assistance Fund up to 35,000.

What we don’t like:

  • It is great for dancing rather than working

5/ Roper Ladies Kennedy

Great for Western look! Roper Ladies Kenney comes with a royal outlook at the first sight no matter what color they get. We love the glitter underlay on the shaft and the faux leather upper. Also, its square toe will get your foot comfortable all day long. The cushion of this boot will relax your foot. The boot has a durable man-made outsole with rubber heel cap. For your choice, this boot brings 3 colors: Tan –  Cognac – Brown.

What we like:

  • Features metallic inlays and tonal stitching
  • Smooth lining
  • Cushioned textile footbed
  • Durable outsole – rubber heel cap.

What we don’t like:

  • The bottom might be slippery a bit

6/ ARIAT Women’s Fatbaby Collection

Add this Ariat boot for your collection! You cannot miss this Fatbaby boot for your wardrobe. This baby will give you ladies a classic cowgirl look. The craftsman proves their skills through this wonderful boot. The arch area slightly raises to completely protect your foot (prevent plantar fasciitis). The cushion flexes your feet and supports them well. For this type of boot, there are a variety of designs for your choice.

What we like:

  • The 4LR technology for comfort and stability
  • Perfect for riding
  • Classic Cowgirl style
  • Comfortable cushion

What we don’t like:

  • Need time to breakin, lots of choices.

7/ Country Love Boots W1001-1002

Country Love Boot owns a traditional western outlook. The design is very classic for your traditional style. The boot gets thick leather, it is quite strong to protect your feet. For the bottom, the rubber sole grips any surfaces. Its heel makes your step quiet and smooth. It offers 2 basic colors for your choice: brown and black. Above all, it gets an affordable price for an expensive look.

What we like:

  • A round toe shape for comfort
  • Durable outsole
  • Smooth lining, cushioned insole
  • Traditional western design

What we don’t like:

  • It does not grip well on the surface, not suitable for snow or slick weather

8/ Dan Post Women’s Cc Bluebird

Bluebird cowboy boots come with hidden vintage motifs on an impressive turquoise leather background. The sanded leather and wild textures give this boot a worn look

In addition, BlueBird has heel, lining, sole and leather upper are all handmade. The stitching line of the boots is delicate and strong. This boot absolutely gives you a gorgeous beauty.

What we like:

  • Leather sole
  • Cushion comfort technology
  • No need to break-in
  • Great for riding or just around town
  • Smooth lining

What we don’t like:

  • Easy to get dirty when it rains

9/ Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection

Justin’s Gypsy collection has a wide range of designs to choose from, striking colors, stylish perforations. This boot gets delicate and meticulous hand stitching, patterns embossed on dark skin, especially turquoise piping on dark brown leather.

Besides, all the products of this collection have wide soles. If you’re a Justin brand lover and have wide feet, this is a great collection for you.

What we like:

  • Clever color choices
  • Suitable for both wide feet and wide calves
  • Diversity of design and color
  • Suitable for horse riding, out on the town, on the ground…

What we don’t like:

  • Take about a week to break them in

10/ Rocket Dog Women’s Sheriff Saloon Western Boot

A very cute pair of boots from the brand specializing in Ankle Boots & Booties. Sheriff Saloon will bring a new breeze for you in your cowboy boots collection.

The leather distressed boot brings the cowgirl’s liberal style. Its high heels create curves for the feminine and energetic vibe.

What we like:

  • Textile lining
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightly cushioned fabric insole
  • Match well with skirts, skinny jeans, dresses …
  • They are very, very comfortable for a heeled boot

What we like:

  • For people with small calves, wearing it may be a bit weird

Top 5 Best Cowgirl Boots Brands For Wide Feet

1/ Ariat

Ariat always shows that they care for customers’ feet.

As for the proof, the brand has developed many technologies to produce users’ foot support insoles, making it possible to wear Ariat boots throughout the day.

The technology of this brand is so effective that Ariat cowboy boots are the ones most athletic athletes trust and use.

Ariat has many sponsorship deals for major sports events, which is enough to say the quality and class of this brand.

Since you buy cowboy boots for the first time and you have a wide foot, Ariat is a reliable brand and number 1 choice for you.

It is very easy to choose a pair of Ariat brand boots. This brand offers many different types of cowboy boots such as western boots, work boots, riding boots, fatbaby …

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2/ Durango

Another brand that is also very famous for its customer-friendly boots is Durango

While Durango does not have the same variety of products as Ariat, the main products of the Durango brand are highly appreciated, such as cowboy boots and western boots.

Durango boots have a very unique style, quite similar to harness boots.

Of course, the feature worth mentioning here is that Durango cowboy boots have excellent features on the sole and tip of the boots.

The sole of the boot is definitely wide and flat, and the toe is usually a square or broad square toe.

The design of the Durango cowboy boots is very solid and lasts for a long time. The price is also affordable to customers.

3/ eRoper

One brand that people with both wide feet and big calves should love is the brand name eRoper – with the main and only product being Roper boots.

For those who don’t know, Roper cowboy boots are characterized by a low shaft, short heel and toe shape, usually round or square toe, very wide and flat base – completely user friendly.

Not only born to cater for people with wide feet and wide calves. Roper boots are also made for those who like to wear cowboy boots in the summer. Because of the low shaft, your feet still get comfort when wearing boots in the summer.

However, do not confuse the Ankle Boots & Booties with the Roper cowboy boots.

Ankle Boots & Booties may have a rather narrow sole, high heels and pointed toe. While Roper boots have many differences with Ankle Boots & Booties, Roper boots have wide flat soles, low to standard heels and square or round toe.

4/ Laredo

Laredo cowboy boots brand is famous for Western cowboy boots, but what we mention here is: We love their Stockman product line.

Not a key product of Laredo, but Laredo’s Stock man is very beautiful and suitable for flat feet

They are very durable, beautiful and are appreciated on Amazon ecommerce site.

However, if you like the western boots of this brand, then choose carefully. It is best to consider those product reviews from those who have purchased it.

5/ Dan Post

You may not know, the Dan Post and Laredo brands belong to a single parent company, which is McRae Industries Brands.

For that reason, both brands have similar styles that they are very popular with western cowboy boots.

So what are their differences?

Laredo is very popular with women because they offer diverse colors and feminine styles. Meanwhile, Dan Post is popular for men, Dan Post cowboy boots have a cooler, darker and more masculine color.

And the reason Dan Post appears on this topic is because they also have nice and easy-to-use Stockman cowboy boots for people with wide feet.

The common thing between Dan Post and Laredo is that the heels of cowboy boots made by these two brands are mostly low to standard heels, just a few boots have high heels.

Bonus: Handmade brands

Crafted cowboy boots are often very expensive, so you need to pay attention when buying if you have a “special” foot.

Typically manual cowboy boots usually do not produce much at the same time, because the price and the production of handmade cowboy boots are more expensive and more time-consuming than industrial cowboy boots.

When you need to buy expensive handmade cowboy boots, contact the shop first, tell them about your foot characteristics for the best solution.

The famous brands of handmade cowboy boots with high price are J.B. Hill Boot Company, Lucchese, Anderson Bean, Tony Lama …

And the more affordable brands of handmade boots include Corral, Dingo, Soto …

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Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?

Clearly, what you need to consider when buying cowboy boots or shoes is their brand.

Your boot size and shoe size will be the same size if they are the same brand, and vice versa.

If the boots and shoes you want to buy are from different brands, you must consider the size chart of each different brand.

Every brand has their own size charts, so be careful. These size charts are not much different, but enough to upset you (if you get the wrong size of boots).

Image by Echo Valley Ranch / Flickr

For example, I bought Very Volatile cowboy boots and they fit me. When I buy shoes from this brand, I can choose the same size as my cowboy boots.

If I wanted to buy Ariat cowboy boots, but I used the Very Volatile size chart, it seems I made a huge mistake.

We have instructions for choosing cowboy boots and list the size chart of each brand here

Should I go half a size up or down?

That you should be based on the reviews from those who have bought cowboy boots that you intend to buy (If buying online)

Depending on the different cowboy boots, experienced customers will tell you to go half a size up or down.

If no one else bought it before, you should contact the seller, or just buy according to the size of your foot.

Don’t worry, fashion brands all have return and exchange policies if your boots don’t fit you.

Image by Molly Germaine / Flickr

Do cowboy boots make your feet look big?

When you want those cowboy boots to fit your foot, the most important part is the instep.

When putting on cowboy boots, make sure the instep of the boots is not narrow, not wide but must fit snugly. This will ensure that your heel does not slip off the cowboy boots.

However, you should choose boots that have enough room inside for the ball of the feet and the toes part. That your feet get comfortable all day.

When there is enough room inside, the midfoot and forefoot sections will not exert too much force on the cowboy boot’s vamp and toe box.

Then, you don’t need to worry about deforming or enlarging your cowboy boots. Your feet won’t look big when you wear cowboy boots.

If you buy improperly sized cowboy boots and your wide feet destroy its shape, then you should blame yourself.

When you choose the right size, don’t worry, cowboy boots manufacturers have enough sophistication and aesthetics to produce cowboy boots that when you wear it your feet will look fashionable and fit.

Are cowboy boots bad for your knees?

The answer is depending on the heel height of your cowboy boots.

It’s undeniable that they have inherent disadvantages, not just cowboy boots, but all high heels shoes.

To make it clear, the heels of cowboy boots or shoes increase by 1 inch and your knee will be subject to 23% more compression pressure.

Nowadays, cowboy boots have been developed by manufacturers, they still cannot avoid these drawbacks, especially the fashionable cowboy boots

Fashionable cowboy boots can have a high heel height up to 3″ or 3.5″. If you wear high heel cowboy boots like this all day, there is no doubt that your knees will get adverse effects.

What about cowboy boots with lower heels? According to our experience, with cowboy boots with a heel height of 2.5″ or less, you can wear it all day long and still be comfortable.

Honestly, we still value cowboy boots with high heels – rather than shoes with high heels.

The reason is …

Photo by Limarie Cabrera / Flickr

Cowboy boots with wider, flatter, more comfortable soles are designed for serving cowboys or cowgirls to work all day on the western green pastures of the United States.

Therefore, it is better to use a high heel cowboy boot than a high heel office shoe.

Not to mention, cowboy boots are also proven to be good for your back and improve your gait … So just use cowboy boots for the right purpose the manufacturer recommends or they will hurt your knee. For instance, it would be ridiculous for using fashionable cowboy boots with high heels of 3″ or 3.5″ to work on the farm.

There are some common tips you might know for not hurting your knees and feet:

  • Fashion cowboy boots should only be used for a few hours such as hanging out with friends, dating, shopping …
  • You should wear boots with lower heels from 2″ or less when working all day or picnic, camping …

Are square toe cowboy boots still in style?

Certainly, the square toe is still very stylish.

In terms of age, cowboy boots with square toe are much younger than pointed toe

Only appeared about two decades ago, square toe cowboy boots have been one of the most successful evolutions of this boot. And has created a big fan base around the world

Square-toe cowboy boots bring stylish looks for men and charming looks for women. They also overcome many weaknesses compared to traditional cowboy boots.

(Read more: Cowboy Boots Square Toe vs Pointed Toe )

It can be said that square toe cowboy boots are easy to use, unique, fancy. These boots are surely popular for a very long time. They are very suitable for die-hard fans and those who want to “taste” what cowboy boots are.

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