How to Care for Cowboy Boots – Detailed Instructions

Autumn and winter fashion styles are always the crown of the boots. People adorn themselves with boots for many occasions such as going to work, picnics, outdoor activities or meeting friends.

However, in the humid and cold autumn-winter season, wearing boots all day long may gradually get them damaged and your boots will no longer look aesthetic.

As you may know, each type of boots has different preservation methods to remain their durability and state-of-new.

Now, keep on reading and we will show you how to take care of your beloved boots.

How to care for cowboy boots?

There are many methods to take care of cowboy boots. We will divide it into two main types of cowboy boots: leather cowboy boots and suede cowboy boots.

The way to take care of suede cowboy boots is entirely different than take care of leather cowboy boots.

Compared to leather cowboy boots, it takes more time to take care of suede cowboy boots.

How to care for leather cowboy boots

The leather is the most popular material for making boots, thus it needs meticulous caring methods to remain fresh and beautiful.

Methods of preservation

Method 1:

Store boots in the box. By this way, your boots can avoid the negative effects from bad weather, temperature or humidity. Thus, your boots will be kept in good condition.

Method 2:

Polish it with olive oil. This will help your boots always be shiny and look like new. (However, do not abuse olive oil as much as it may discolor your leather boots.)

There are many specialized products to polish cowboy boots, protect them from dirt and keep them soft, see more here.

Method 3:

Use a special brush, leather cleaner and conditioner. Remember not to overdo the regular cleaning because this might affect the color and quality of the leather boots.

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How to clean leather cowboy boots

Step 1:

If your boots have shoelaces, remove them from the boots to make the cleaning easier.

Use a soft cloth to gently rub the boots to dust off. For brown or beige boots, do the cleaning carefully because the dust might be invisible on these colors.

Step 2:

Use a damp cloth and a special soap to clean the boots.

Note: require to use a damp cloth (not wet) and the right type of soap to clean. The boots could be damaged if you don’t use the right soap.

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Step 3:

Use a leather cleaner to clean the boots (usually cream or liquid). This helps clean off the dirt that remains on your boots.

Step 4:

Use a dry cloth to wipe your boots again. Don’t rinse with water because the special solution has soaked into the skin of the boots.

Also, for the boots that are scratched or flaking, you can use olive oil to rub them in a circular pattern, which will greatly improve the look of your boots.

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How to care for suede cowboy boots

It’s also a leather boots, but suede boots are more complicated to clean. The reason is that these boots are more likely to stick to dust, scratches are more easily recognized, and if not used carefully, they will get old faster.

As a result, the boots need more cleaning stages and cleaning equipment.

You may not know: suede boots are made from the underside of animal skin so they are softer and more flexible. However, it is not as durable as the outer skin.

Methods of preservation

Method 1:

Suede boots should be stored in a ventilated zone, unlike normal leather boots that can be stored in plastic containers, suede boots need to be “Breathe”, so store them in a cotton cloth bag.

Canvas bags will have more air than plastic bags, which will not affect the quality of suede boots.

Method 2:

Special brushes need to be used to clean suede boots, they help prevent the suede boots from being scratched and keep it soft.

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Method 3:

Don’t let your boots get wet because this will ruin your boots. Then remember to use a waterproof spray to preserve suede boots. Before going out, let’s spray a thin layer over the boots.

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Note: The best thing to do is not to wear suede boots on rainy days 😉

Suede boots should be kept away from high temperatures when the boots are wet, as this will deform the boots.

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How to clean suede cowboy boots

Suede boots easily get damp or absorbent in rain:

This can destroy your boots quickly, as this is the biggest weakness of suede boots

To solve this problem :

For rain-soaked boots

Step 1:

Wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe again with a dry cloth

Step 2:

Use boot conditioner, then put the absorbent paper into the suede boots (note only stuffed inside the boots, if you use absorbent paper to wipe boots, words or pictures on paper might print on your boots)

If you follow these instructions, there are two benefits: the paper will soak up the remaining water and your boots won’t deform (always stay in shape)

For damp boots

Step 1:

Use lime powder to get into your suede boots before bedtime

Step 2:

Go to sleep

The next morning your boots will be dry and comfortable

For stiff suede boots

These boots might create heel pain if being worn for a long time. Also, it will bring an uncomfortable feeling if you wear it at work all day.

To solve this problem :

Method 1:

Mix a small amount of fresh milk and lemon juice, blot into cloth to moisten it, then rub on suede boots

Method 2:

Use potatoes, peel and rub on your suede boots

After 2 ways above, using boot conditioner again can overcome the situation of stiff suede boots

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How to care for over knee cowboy boots

Also made of leather and suede, but these boots have a special upper body than other boots. Then you not only have to know how to clean the boots but also need to know to keep these boots always nice and new.

Methods of preservation

Method 1:

These boots need to be “moisturized” with a special preservative solution, as these boots can cause discomfort due to the hard leather material of tight boots around your feet.

Method 2:

You can put water bottles, newspaper, … in the boots to keep the boots in shape, always let it stand upright and don’t put it in the closet to avoid creating ugly wrinkles.

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How to clean over knee cowboy boots

Refer to the above methods for cleaning leather boots and suede boots.

The same method of cleaning boots but … takes more time.

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Method 2: You can put water bottles, newspaper, … in the boots to keep the boots in shape, always let it stand upright and don’t put it in the closet to avoid creating ugly wrinkles.

How to care for ugg boots

On cold winter days, there is nothing better than a pair of ugg boots, but do you know how to take care of the lining of these boots?
It’s also a big deal!!

Methods of preservation

Method 1:

Similar to suede boots, you need to store this boot in a cool place – the most important thing is to keep the boots dry.

Method 2:

Use special brushes for ugg boots to keep the inner lining of the boots always soft and warm, avoiding peeling.

How to clean ugg boots

Step 1:

Use baking powder to deodorize before cleaning boots, then sprinkle baking powder inside the boots and leave overnight

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Step 2:

Use a damp cloth and soap solution to clean the inside of the boots, wipe thoroughly in the dirty areas as much as the tip of the boots.

If the stain is still stubborn, use a dedicated cleaning brush and add soap solution to remove it.

Step 3:

Use a damp cloth to wipe the soap off the boots, then dry the boots in cool, dry places.

If you want your ugg boots to be soft and dry, you can use a hairdryer to dry them.

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