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How To Take Creases Out of Cowboy Boots?

How To Take Creases Out of Cowboy Boots?

A glossy and impeccable pair of cowboy boots is all you want for a perfect look.

But there is one thing you can’t avoid from the moment you put on your cowboy boots and start to use them regularly: creases.

But don’t fret. We’ll show you all the useful ways to remedy this situation. And get ready to see your impeccable cowboy boots again!

Are cowboy boots supposed to crease? Why?

Yes, any type of footwear will crease due to use, even cowboy boots.

This is understandable since when moving, you will deform footwear, making it softer and thus get creased.

The notable creases on cowboy boots are at the instep, the heel and the shaft.

Let’s explore the causes of creasing on cowboy boots:

1. Cowboy boots don’t fit snugly

Cowboy boots that are either tight or loose will result in many bad things.

If cowboy boots are tight, it is very uncomfortable to wear and bring many wrinkles on the surface.

If cowboy boots are loose, they can’t hold up around the calves, your feet won’t stay in place, making it hard to walk. It’s a big hindrance and results in creases on cowboy boots.

2. Quality of materials

Yes, the quality of the material that makes up cowboy boots can be a deciding factor. With high-quality materials, cowboy boots are hard to crease and also hold up quite well compared to cheap ones.

Quality leather has good elasticity, it would bend naturally and reshape very well.

Even though it still gets creased, you can un-crease it and regain its original state to a certain extent.

For the cheap materials, as you can expect, they are really “cheap”. Their form can be permanently wrinkled and it’s difficult to get rid of those creases.

Consequently, they quickly deteriorate, get cracks and peel off. And, come to trash!

dry rot cowboy boots appear with cracks and fade color

3. Walking/Breaking in process

As I said above, you cannot avoid creasing when you use cowboy boots. And it is also necessary to have these creases.

As cowboy boots need to form the shape of your feet, they need to become softer and more comfortable to wear, not stiff anymore.

The creases start to appear when you walk in cowboy boots and when they get through the break-in period to adapt your feet.

4. Cowboy boots are dirty

The accumulation of dirt will affect the quality of leather/suede cowboy boots. It results in scratching, creasing, and cracking cowboy boots.

In the wet weather, your cowboy boots might get muddy. And if you just leave them there, the chances that your cowboy boots get creased are undoubted.

dry mud covers cowboy boots

5. Cowboy boots get old

After a long time of abuse, cowboy boots will lose their ability to hold up well.

They rub many surfaces and bear your movements a lot. Their quality also gradually degrades with time.

For that reason, creases start to appear everywhere on the surface of cowboy boots.

6. Too dry/ wet cowboy boots

Cowboy boots getting wet or too dry still cause creases.

Water is the enemy of leather/ suede cowboy boots. Staying in wet conditions for too long will deteriorate their quality.

However, if the leather/suede dries out, it’s also not a good thing as these materials need to have adequate moisture. Cowboy boots that are too dry will easily lead to creases or cracks.

7. Cowboy boots are not stored properly

Cowboy boots come with a straight shaft, which is a unique feature of cowboy boots.

Creases on the shaft are mostly due to improper storing you don’t stuff anything inside them to keep their shape straight, and just throw them randomly in the corner of the house.

old cowboy boots lose their shape

Their shaft may slouch and won’t in their form, leading to so many creases on the surface.

8. Struggling in putting on and taking off

This is a common cause of creases, especially at the heel. Due to the long shaft, it’s a nightmare for both newbies and veteran fans to put on and take off cowboy boots.

a woman puts on cowboy boots

While you are trying to do that, your legs and your feet rub cowboy boots, creating many wrinkles on them.

9. How you walk in cowboy boots

If you place your toe first when walking, wrinkles will appear on the instep. This is not good for both your posture and the form of cowboy boots in the long term.

How to blow away these creases? We’ll show you now!

How to remove creases from cowboy boots?

First of all, the rule of thumb is to stuff your cowboy boots, keeping them straight and stretched so that you can remove their wrinkles easily.

To do that, you can use some handmade stuff such as crumbled papers, a ball of socks or cloth, or even a bottle to put on your cowboy boots, as long as they all fill and stretch your cowboy boots, especially the creased areas.

But as usual, a dedicated tool should serve its own purpose. A cedar tree, boot tree, or cedar boot shaper is highly recommended for its multiple functions.

Now, it’s time to learn how to get rid of the annoying creases of cowboy boots!

1. Use leather oil

Treating the creases right from the start will prevent them from turning into cracks. For that reason, here comes the leather oil.

Leather oil is very effective on tiny new wrinkles on leather cowboy boots.

How to use it? Here’s the process:

Step 1. Stuff your cowboy boots

Step 2. Use leather oil to drop on the creases of the leather

Step 3. Use your finger or a clean rag to gently rub the creases until the oil penetrates the leather and chases all the creases.

Step 4. Let your cowboy boots dry.

Step 5. Insert the boot trees to absorb moisture and keep the form of cowboy boots.

Note: As the name suggested, leather oil is only used for leather cowboy boots.

2. Use alcohol

The next choice for you is to use alcohol to treat these wrinkles. You need to prepare a small bowl, a spray bottle, a clean cloth and a conditioner.

And get it started!

Step 1. Stuff your cowboy boots

Step 2. Mix the alcohol and water with a ratio of 1:1. Then put the solution in a spray bottle.

Step 3. Spray the solution to the surface of cowboy boots where creasers stay.

Step 4. Use your finger or a cloth to rub the creases

Step 5. Leave cowboy boots dry. Then use the conditioner to treat your cowboy boots.


Alcohol can dry cowboy boots and make the wrinkles worse. Don’t apply it too much to them.

Also, conditioning cowboy boots is always recommended to retain moisture.

3. Use iron

What do you first think of removing the creases? That is to straighten cowboy boots.

What is the best tool to do that? Of course, an iron. This method requires a cover for your cowboy boots.

a woman is using an iron

You can prepare insulation tape or a rag to place on the leather.

Now, let’s start!

Step 1. Stuff your cowboy boots

Step 2. Place insulation tape or cloth on the leather surface where it has creases.

Step 3. Set the iron at 80°F and move it around the wrinkled area, remember not to stay in one place for too long or you will burn and destroy the leather.

Step 4. Once you stop, place the iron away, and let the cloth stay for a while until it cools down.

Step 5. Condition cowboy boots to gain the essential moisture for cowboy boots.


Don’t hover in one place for too long. Don’t do this frequently or you might dry cowboy boots.

This method can apply to leather cowboy boots, don’t apply it to suede cowboy boots. We have a solution for suede cowboy boots right below.

4. Use a clothes steamer

Similar to iron, you can use a clothes steamer to get rid of the wrinkles on suede and nubuck cowboy boots.

Hot steam can help stretch and straighten the crease on suede.

a clothes steamer

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Stuff your cowboy boots

Step 2. Place a dry cloth to cover the surface of the cowboy boots

Step 3. Use the steamer on that cloth, and run gently and continuously along the crease areas. Don’t hover just one place to avoid burning your boots.

Step 4. Let the boots cool down

Step 5. Insert the boot trees to absorb moisture and keep your cowboy boots dry

Note: Move the iron around the creases, don’t just stay in one place, you might dry out and burn your cowboy boots.

5. Use a heat gun/ hair dryer

If you don’t have a heat gun, just steal your wife’s hair dryer. A dryer helps stretch the leather, thereby removing creases.

a hair dryer

It’s pretty simple! Are you ready?

Step 1. Stuff your cowboy boots

Step 2. Turn on the heat gun/ hair dryer, it is best to set it at an adequate hot temperature and keep it 4-6 inches from the boots.

Step 3. Hover the heat gun/ hair dryer around the wrinkled areas.

Step 4. Use a cloth to massage the creases and remove them.

Step 5. Condition your cowboy boots to avoid drying them.

Note: Don’t leave the hair dryer in one place for more than 4 seconds or you may dry and darken cowboy boots.

6. Use conditioner

I’m sure that every cowboy boot fan would have at least one bottle of conditioner in their house, even though their cowboy boots are leather or suede (use a specialized suede conditioner).

condition leather cowboy boots with wax, brush and cloth

If cowboy boots are too dry, creases will indeed happen. A conditioner is all you need to moisturize your cowboy boots.

Remember to choose a dedicated product for the material of your boots (suede or leather). As for the process, it is pretty simple; you can see more here.

7. Use shoe polish

Another product to cure all the creases on cowboy boots is shoe polish. It also brings you a glossy look for your leather cowboy boots, which reduces the chances they get dirty and wrinkled again.

Note that this method can only be used for leather, don’t apply it to suede! Instead, you can use suede conditioner to treat the creases on suede.

Pick your favorite shoe polish, and get ready to polish your leather cowboy boots following our thorough guide here.

man is polishing a cowboy boot

8. Use dye

Another way to cure the creases is to dye your cowboy boots, as these creases tend to have a lighter color than their original state. This may be a tough task to find the right color to match your cowboy boots, you can choose a neutral color for them.

The good news about this dyeing method is that it is applicable for both suede and leather cowboy boots.

First of all, you should clean and condition cowboy boots, then dye them. Once the dye is dry, you can polish your cowboy boots if they are made of leather. For a more detailed guide, you can see more here.

If your cowboy boots have too many creases, it’s best to dye and restore them, this way you can bring them back to life again.


Some notes

The aim of removing wrinkles and creases is to stretch the leather and help it regain its original state.

To get the most effective remedy, tuck cowboy boots, fill them with paper, socks or boot trees, boot stretchers and do the un-creasing process.

The above methods will make your cowboy boots dry, especially the heat methods. Therefore, it is recommended to condition cowboy boots after that.

After you’ve done, place boot trees or leave those stuff above to get cowboy boots stretched and maintain straight form.

Remember to pick the right method for the material of cowboy boots (suede or leather).

After all, the best way to prevent creases on cowboy boots is to keep their shape in the first place.

How do I keep my cowboy boots from creasing

Since creasing is something inevitable when using cowboy boots. Let’s see how to prevent your cowboy boots from getting these wrinkles in the first place.

1. Pick the right size cowboy boots

This is a basic step that can prevent many troubles right from the start. To do that, you need to measure your foot size, and read carefully the cowboy boot sizes of brands.

Also, pay attention to the instep, ball of your foot and heel as these are 3 important positions to decide whether cowboy boots fit or not.

Also, I know that choosing the right size of cowboy boots is always a tough task, so we have researched and delivered you this article on choosing the size.

2. Choose the quality cowboy boots

You should do your feet a favor. You absolutely can rely on famous brands such as Ariat, Lucchese, Dan Post, Durango, Tecovas, Chisos, etc.

a woman wears dress with Chisos No 3 cowboy boots

Chisos No. 3 | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

The high-quality cowboy boots can withstand abuse well and come with the finest materials. They will have a good elasticity for walking and retain their shape.

3. Keep the shape of cowboy boots

The rule of protecting cowboy boots from creasing is to straighten them. And the best way to do that from the start is by keeping their form intact.

The original shape out-of-the-box initially comes in a glossy and no-wrinkle state at all.

The top solution is using some tools such as boot trees, boot racks or cedar boot shapers – these are must-have tools for cowboy boot lovers.

Tecovas Men's Boot Trees

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Aside from keeping the boot shape, boot trees and some cedar boot shapers also help absorb moisture very well.

4. Clean, condition and store cowboy boots properly

Cleaning, conditioning, and storing are always essential steps for preserving them. This aims at keeping cowboy boots clean and prolonging their lifespan.

Remember to clean your cowboy boots every time you take them off. And give a deep clean depending on the frequency of using them.

If your cowboy boots get muddy, it will take some effort to completely clean them, you can see how to get mud out of cowboy boots here.

The ideal time to condition your cowboy boots is every 1-3 months based on how often you should them. You can check out how to condition cowboy boots here.

Also, you should store cowboy boots in a dry and ventilated place to protect them well.

5. Keep cowboy boots dry but at the right moisture

Wet is the main cause of any damage to cowboy boots. You should deal with it as soon as possible.

Use paper to absorb moisture if you don’t have a dedicated tool like boot trees or boot dryers. How about other ways to dry your cowboy boots? Here’s our complete guide.

But please don’t dry out your cowboy boots, they need to have adequate moisture to maintain their quality.

You can use conditioner, mink oil, lotion, etc to ensure that. For more detailed information, you can see how to moisturize your cowboy boots here.

6. Change your walking style

The right walking gait is heel to toe. You should put your heels first, then see the miracle: your cowboy boots keep straight form.

This is a small action but enough to help you stop creasing cowboy boots in the beginning.

This method takes some time to adjust your posture, but it’s worth your effort after all!

walking in cowboy boots

7. Put on/take off cowboy boots smoothly

Donning and doffing cowboy boots is a direct cause of wrinkles, especially at the heel.

To put on/take off cowboy boots easily, you can use some tools such as shoe horns (choose a long one), boot jack.

Tecovas boot jack

Tecovas Boot Jack | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Or spray cowboy boots with boot stretch spray (or powder) to get on/pull off easily. Other recommended solutions are wearing socks or choosing cowboy boots with pull straps.

If you still wonder why your cowboy boots are so hard to put on, here’s a detailed explanation for you.

8. The sooner the better/ Better late than never

The sooner the better: It is always better to cure the creases as soon as possible.

Treating the new, light and small wrinkles will be easier and take less time than recovering the old creases on your cowboy boots. Remember to choose suitable methods for your cowboy boots (suede or leather).

Better late than never: However, if you are busy wearing cowboy boots regularly and forget to treat the creasing marks.

Once you realize there are so many wrinkles on cowboy boots, just fix them immediately.

Try to recover them with the methods above. Don’t let these creases become cracks and damage too much that you have to restore, or throw cowboy boots away.

In the worst case, if your cowboy boots have no way to cure, you can reuse them to make decorations for your home.

cowboy boots as a birdhouse


Don’t let some creases destroy your decent look. You can start by adjusting your walking style to heel-to-toe.

Then try your best to clean, condition and preserve your cowboy boots, keep their straight shape, treat them well and fix new creases as possible as you can.

Also, pick the right size of cowboy boots, and choose the quality ones for your feet. They deserve it! And don’t forget to find ways for donning and doffing smoothly.

Remember to choose suitable methods for treating creases on leather or suede. Then get ready to eliminate all the annoying creases of your cowboy boots!