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Do Cowboy Boots Provide Good Ankle and Arch Support?

Do Cowboy Boots Provide Good Ankle and Arch Support?

Cowboy boots have remained a strong symbol of all-time All-American footwear. The world has become so familiar with the impressive images of the Western American cowboy boots who wear brim-wide hats, wide-legged jeans, side guns, and riding horses.

Traditional cowboy boots possess a special shape that is not confused with any other type of boots.

These differences come from the boot collar with deep cuts to create an impressive V-shape, the cowboy heel, and the extremely pointed to round toe.

Over the centuries, this design was created for the wearer’s equestrian purposes. This sole with an inclined heel helps to minimize the risk of slipping the feet off the stirrup while riding.

But it is a long old story already. In this present era, modern cowboy boots are more than just a lifestyle or fashion for riding a horse.

Modern cowboy boots have been continuously improved and become more user-friendly and multi-purpose as work boots.

This improvement largely focuses on changing the outsole design (heel, toe, and tread patterns) to accommodate movements on different terrains rather than sitting on the saddle.

This resulted in significant positive changes in providing better support for arch and heel to users than trad cowboy boots.

Let’s come closer to find out if cowboy boots have good ankle support and arch support and how much support they provide.

Do cowboy boots have good arch support?

Arch support depends largely on the shape of the outsole and how much cushion the midsole has.

But first, we should understand our foot arch and how the arch of the boot is designed to provide this support.

Scientists have broken down the human arch of the foot into 3 types: normal arch, flat arch (or a low arch), and high arch.

And this thing directly affects how much the arch support of the boots contributes to your comfort and foot health while wearing.

Normal arches

People with normal arches are perfect, which means you are adequate to wear 99% footwear with naturally proper arch support straight out of the box.

You’re also usually among the most likely to rarely get Achilles tendon while wearing boots on a daily basis.

However, if you wear traditional cowboy boots to walk, run or climb, your arch will still get hurt.

Trad cowboy boots feature high-and-stiff heels and super flat outsoles that have zero shock-absorbent tread patterns. This is a really big deal when you have to walk and run all day long.

Besides, since traditional cowboy boots originated in Western and Central South America with a very hot and dry climate all the time, the thick cushion midsole seems to be minimized to reduce feelings of heat and sweat inside. Therefore, they often lack proper arch support.

But modern Western cowboy boots are better-advanced versions to improve this feature significantly.

They feature lower squared-off heels and additional shock-absorbent tread patterns to withstand and reduce external impacts not only on the arch but also on the entire foot.

Modern cowboy boots are made for all seasons, therefore, they provide a greater amount of cushion in the midsole to fight against iliotibial band syndrome due to arch pains.

woman wears The Paige boots from Tecovas

The Paige | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Low arches

Those who have low arches have to deal with a few serious and difficult problems.

They often suffer from overpronation and under pronation that easily lead to tired feet, foot pains, and swelling more than normal-arched people when wearing boots every day.

Trad cowboy boots with high-and-stiff cowboy heels lift the arch part too high and firm which will be very painful for low-arched people.

They also have slightly angled and narrow heel cups that reduce the stability of the foot while walking. This will make the arch pain symptoms of low-arched people worse somehow.

But now you can trust modern cowboy boots. They feature lower squared-off heels with a lower and supportive arch that helps stabilize your moves effectively. As a result, it prevents overpronation for the low arch.

Some types of cowboy boots that feature low heels, wide soles and good support for the foot include stockman boots, western work boots, roper boots, rambler boots, etc.

Besides, a great shock-absorbent tread pattern and outsole increase the level of impact resistance, making your arch and feet less suffer from shocks while running/walking on boots.

Keep in mind that not all modern cowboy boots are provided with a lower arch part for flat feet. Therefore, it is essential to try the boots directly at the store before making a buying decision.

High arches

Having a high arch is a real sacrifice as it leads to pains not only in arches but in various parts of the body as well.

This is due to the higher stress that high arches often put on midfoot bones and metatarsals constantly.

The high-and-stiff cowboy heel from trad cowboy boots or the low squared-off heel from modern cowboy boots are all not good for high arches.

The only recommended cure is inserting some kinds of specialized insoles for high arches in your boots.

This device is given with high enough arch height, the foot’s natural cushioning, and a proper pad under the heel bone that exceptionally helps correct this biomechanical irregularity.

As a result, your moves are stabilized due to the impacts/stress on your feet being softened greatly when walking, running, or jumping.

In summary, the right answer to the question at the headline is Yes, modern cowboy boots do provide good arch support for normal arches and low arches.

For high arches, we recommend inserting proper insoles for more comprehensive support.

A blue form insole

Image copyright FORM Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Do cowboy boots provide ankle support?

The ankle is the intersection point between the lower leg and the foot including the main bones.

It plays a major role in effectively performing many actions and movements such as running, walking, jumping or climbing.

Weak ankles can cause a lot of arch and foot problems. Looking for a good ankle support feature in a boot is the reason why you need that kind of footwear.

Unlike an arch support, which is largely dependent on foot shape, the effectiveness of the ankle support of the boot to the feet is highly dependent on the design of the footwear and how it fits your feet comfortably.

Usually, ankle supportability will be governed by three factors: heel (heel cup) design, fit, and heel cushion (as well as the entire foot cushion).

And Yes, you can trust modern cowboy boots on this feature for a variety of following reasons below.

a man wears alligator cowboy boots

Heel/heel cup designs

We all know, the higher the heel of a cowboy boot, the more tired and painful the feet are.

Especially if the heels are high but there is no arch support added, it is really a nightmare at the end of the day.

For traditional cowboy boots with heels more than 2 inches high and tapering downwards, ankle support is almost negligible.

Because the boot’s intended use is for horseback riding and extremely limited foot movement on land, this is completely understandable.

However, if you choose cowboy boots for the purpose of working and moving a lot on the ground, modern cowboy boots may not be as bad as you think.

Even this experience is quite comfortable and extremely stylish.

Modern cowboy boots have a lower heel cup, creating a larger contact area between the heel and the ground.

This significantly reduces the pressure on the ankles when moving while the arch still receives the proper support.

In addition, tread patterns with moderately deep grooves instead of flat ones provide better shock resistance when jumping or running on rough surfaces, as well as increasing slip resistance on uneven surfaces.

Tecovas The Bandera sole with grooves

The Bandera sole | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned


Most traditional cowboy boots have a relatively wide shaft. It doesn’t even fit the wearer’s legs somehow.

This is acceptable when riding a horse, but if you move on the ground for long periods of time, your ankles will feel very tired.

This is due to the ankles having to take more exercise and pressure to prevent the boots from slipping off while walking, causing pain and fatigue.

Another weakness of cowboy boots in general is the laceless design. This limits the ability to hold up the feet tight as well as adjusts to the best fit for the ankles.

However, some modern cowboy boots have overcome this significantly by redesigning the width of the shaft to be smaller so it can better embrace the legs.

Your task is to find the right boot size that fits your foot to a certain extent you feel most comfortable and productive.

Keep in mind that cowboy boots often run bigger than your usual experience. Besides, they don’t seem to allow as much adjustment as regular sneakers.

So, you should really pay attention to the boot size you pick.

Unlike military and tactical boots or hiking boots, cowboy boots do not really hug the ankle snugly, which makes them fall short of other boots in terms of ankle support.

Cowboy boots can protect your ankles from dirt, sand, ambient temperature, small snakes, and scorpions, but they don’t really provide great ankle support.

Cushioning (heel and arch)

Cushioning plays a really essential role in ankle support and foot support.

Imagine this is like when you put your butt in a hard wooden chair and in a thick, cushioned, and soft sofa. And, yes, for sure the sofa will feel a lot better as your bones are gently embraced.

When cowboy boots are properly cushioned in the heel and arch, it creates a great shock-absorbent liner that’s good enough to prevent sudden injuries to the foot and foot bones during jumping, running, or stepping on the rocks.

In general, modern cowboy boots provide greater cushioning than traditional cowboy boots, meaning better ankle and arch support.

woman wears jeans with The Jessie from Tecovas

The Jessie | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Wrapping it up

You will have a lot of footwear options out there, from low-cut to high-cut or from leather to textile.

But some say that if you wear cowboy boots for long periods, you may be addicted to this footwear. This comes from the sense of freedom and style that are given to the wearers.

Modern cowboy boots are also relatively effective at improving various foot protection features such as arch support and ankle support as mentioned above.

Therefore, this is always a choice that is becoming more and more popular in terms of both style and usability.