How to Dye Cowboy Boots Black | The 3 Simple Steps

Cowboy boots that are used for many years without proper storage are likely to fade and become ugly. You definitely don’t want to wear such cowboy boots for going downtown or flirting.

There are two ways to solve this problem, by distorting cowboy boots to make them look wild or dye them black.

We already have an article on how to distress cowboy boots, today From The Guest Room will show you how to dye cowboy boots black!

Let’s start reviving your cowboy boots!

How to dye cowboy boots black

We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to dye black cowboy boots made from leather and suede.

In this article, we will show how to dye cowboy boots black, but you can apply this method to other colors.

How to dye LEATHER cowboy boots black

FIRST: Make sure your leather cowboy boots are clean

Yes, before dyeing your cowboy boots to black, you must clean your cowboy boots first, here are some basic steps for cleaning:

Step 1: Moisten cowboy boots with a water spray bottle (warm water is recommended). Then use a damp cloth to clean the stains. Wipe carefully at the welt and stitches.

Step 2: Use a special brush and leather cleaner to clean cowboy boots. These 2 items will repel any stubborn stains on cowboy boots.

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Note: You should use a specialized brush to clean cowboy boots. Do not use toothbrushes or other non-specialized brushes, these things can be harmful to cowboy boots.

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Step 3: Dry cowboy boots, use a dry towel to clean the cleaning solution on cowboy boots.

Step 4: Use conditioner to maintain and soften cowboy boots leather.

Tip: You can use a hair dryer to make the conditioner quickly permeate into cowboy boots

After this stage, leave the cowboy boots overnight before the dyeing process!

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SECOND: Start dyeing leather cowboy boots into black

First, you need to prepare:

  • Soft cloth: In case you need to clean something
  • Thin rubber gloves (waterproof): To protect your hands from dyeing chemicals
  • Old leather brush
  • Foam brush: Use to apply the dye
  • Small plastic container
  • Wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool
  • Leather dye kit: Of course, to dye
  • Color dye self-shine kit: to make shiny black leather cowboy boots

Conveniently, you can buy Color Dye Self-Shine Kit and Leather Dye Kit, which includes: preparer solution, dye, sponge, brush, cotton dauber, color dye self-shine.

4 Oz. Kelly Cobbler Leather Dye Black By Fiebing
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Step 1: Prepare

Use: Rubber gloves, old leather brush, preparer solution

Put on gloves and apply a small amount of “preparer” to the old leather brush and rub well over the surface of the leather cowboy boots.

Preparer: this product is often included in the Color Dye Self-Shine Kit, which supports the dyeing process.

Rub well and evenly onto the welt, texture as well as stitches of cowboy boots.

Step 2: Begin the dyeing process

Use: rubber gloves, small plastic container, leather dye kit, foam brush, wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool

Pour the leather dye into a small plastic container

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  • Will not peel, crack or rub-off when fully dry while remaining flexible. Dries uniformly and mixes easily to create interesting middle tones.
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Note: You should go over the instructions before using, each leather dye of each brand will have different instructions, so be careful!

Then use a foam brush to dip inside the small plastic container that already contains the leather dye.

After you have dipped the foam brush completely into the dye, use it to rub the surface of the leather cowboy boots.

Rub thoroughly and apply black dye to every corner, thread, welt… of cowboy boots.

You should leave cowboy boots horizontally to perform a dye sweep to avoid uneven dye.

You should use 2 types of foam brush: big and small. Big foam brush to scrub shaft parts, vamp, … And a small foam brush to scrub stitches, welt, patterns, nooks …

After dyeing evenly and carefully the outside surface of the leather cowboy boots, let’s dye the pull tabs and the upper portion of the cowboy boots with wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool. (Inside the top of cowboy boots will be partly made of leather, you should dye that part as well)

The wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool can get into the narrow, hard-to-dye corners of cowboy boots.

Tip: If in the first time of dyeing, the boots have not completely turned black, you should wait for the cowboy boots to dry and then continue adding another dye coat for the boots.

Then leave the cowboy boots in a dry place for 24 hours.

Step 3: Create shiny black for leather cowboy boots

Use: rubber gloves, soft cloth, color dye self-shine, sponge, small foam brush

After letting the cowboy boots dry for 1 day. Use the dry cloth to wipe the surface of the leather cowboy boots. Wipe thoroughly to remove any residue left by the dye solution.

After that, apply a thin layer of self shine dye from the Color Dye Self-Shine Kit to the sponge, and then rub it onto the surface of the cowboy boots. Use the small foam brush to wipe the corners, welt and seams of cowboy boots.

This is an important stage to make your leather cowboy boots shiny black.

Then let it dry for a day.

Use a dry towel to clean the boots again to make sure the surface of the cowboy boots is smooth, without any residue from the dye.

Tips: You can use a hair dryer to make cowboy boots dry quickly

THIRD: Preserve and take care of leather cowboy boots

During the first period of time when the cowboy boots are dyed, limit cowboy boots to contact with water, use conditioner products and specialized waxes to maintain and polish cowboy boots.

Put cowboy boots in dry places, use boot shapers to keep them in shape. And so you’ve got a new cowboy boot that doesn’t cost much.

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How to dye SUEDE cowboy boots black?

Unlike leather cowboy boots, suede cowboy boots are easier to dye, because suede is permeable to dyeing chemicals.

However, keep in mind to use a special dye for suede.

FIRST: Clean your suede cowboy boots

Step 1: Use a special brush to clean suede, scrub thoroughly to remove stains from suede cowboy boots.

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  • Nylon bristles used for a lighter gentler cleaning on light scuff marks for thin fine suede/nubuck
  • Arched half circle brush allows for easier cleaning on rounded corners
  • Thin protruding brush is meant for cleaning on harder to reach crevices and grooves

Step 2: After using a special brush to remove stains, use a special eraser to clean the suede. Rub it on the surface of the suede cowboy boots, remove any stubborn stains left.

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Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the suede cowboy boots are free of stains.

Step 3: Apply suede conditioner for comprehensive protection and maintenance of your suede cowboy boots.

Because suede is very hydrophobic, when cleaning your suede cowboy boots, keep them away from water as much as possible.

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SECOND: Start dyeing suede cowboy boots into black

You need to prepare the same equipment we have introduced above including:

  • Soft cloth: In case you need to clean something
  • Thin waterproof rubber gloves: To protect your hands from dyeing chemicals
  • Foam brush: Use to apply the dye
  • Small plastic container
  • Wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool
  • Suede dye: Of course, to dye
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Step 1: Pour the suede dye into the small plastic container, then dip the foam brush to take a certain amount of the suede dye, then wipe the surface of the suede cowboy boots.

Carefully dye the welt, seams, and small nooks and crannies of suede cowboy boots.

If the dyes are smeared to the sole of cowboy boots, take a soft cloth and wipe them off.

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Step 2: Use wool daubers ball brush leather dye tool dip in suede dye and wipe on small areas that foam brush cannot reach, such as pull tabs, welt …

Step 3: Let the suede cowboy boots dry the dye. Then observe the irregular dye areas. If there is an uneven dye area, repeat step 1 and 2 at that position.

Leave cowboy boots in a dry place for 24 hours.

Step 4: After 24 hours, use a special brush to scrub cowboy boots again. This ensures no residue of dye remains on the cowboy boots.

Use a special brush to scrub until the suede cowboy boots are clean, or make sure the suede is as soft as it was.

Voilà, that’s it! Pretty much simpler than dyeing leather cowboy boots!

THIRD: Preserve and take care of suede cowboy boots

Use suede conditioner to protect suede cowboy boots and help their color last longer. Limit them to contact with water, suede cowboy boots are more easily damaged than leather cowboy boots.

Store suede cowboy boots in a cool and dry place. Unlike leather, suede needs to breathe.

Before you leave

We have provided you the most detailed guide on how to dye cowboy boots. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you.

Suede cowboy boots are easy to dye because they are so permeable, while leather cowboy boots are much more complex, we have to use more tools to help them absorb color and shine.

Anyway, spend a little time and money, your cowboy boots will get a new look without spending too much money compared to buying a new cowboy boot.

Good luck!

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