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How Do I Protect My Cowboy Boots In The Winter?

How Do I Protect My Cowboy Boots In The Winter?

Cowboy boots are definitely one of the best footwear during the cold seasons. They have tall and closed construction with 100% leather to fully protect and warm your feet.

Many people like to wear cowboy boots for the winter for the same reason. Although winter is not just about the cold, it also includes snow, and snow is from the water!

While cowboy boots are water resistant because that’s the nature of leather, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect them. If cowboy boots stay wet for a long time, they will quickly get into trouble.

Today’s article will guide you on how to protect cowboy boots in the winter.

Let’s check it out!

A man wears cowboy boots and are riding a horse under the snow

Key takeaways

  • Cowboy boots can be water- and snow-resistant, but not completely waterproof, you should use specialized leather protection products to protect them against water.
  • If your cowboy boots get wet, make sure you dry them inside and out when you get home.
  • In addition to the leather upper, don’t forget that the leather sole also needs to be dry. In fact, we do not recommend using leather soles for winter because they are slippery and damaged easily.
  • Cowboy boots should also be well taken care of in extreme weather conditions like winter. You need to keep them clean, dry, and stay in shape.
  • Make sure cowboy boots are clean and free from mud. Use a leather cleaner, damp cloth, and horsehair brush to do it.
  • Keep cowboy boots clean and dry on the inside to fight bacteria, mold, and odors. Boot trees will be the necessary tool!

What are the best ways to protect cowboy boots in the winter?

One of the things you need to remember is that in winter, the most important thing you need to do is protect your cowboy boots from snow.

While cowboy boots can keep your feet dry and warm, that doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by snow. You know that water can still penetrate the leather.

If cowboy boots get wet and left unattended for a long time, they will lose their quality markedly, you may find them wrinkled or unable to stand upright on their own.

A man wears cowboy boots in the snow

How to protect the upper of cowboy boots?

So the best thing you can do is apply a waterproof layer over your cowboy boots every time you want to go outside.

Currently, there are many specialized spray products to do this, and some conditioners for leather such as mink oil, and beeswax also have the same effect. They form a film that protects the cowboy boots from water seeping in, and possibly dirt, as well.

Besides, you also need to remember to dry your cowboy boots every time you get home. Because even if you have applied the above protective products, it is not possible to prevent 100% of water.

In the process of drying cowboy boots, you should remember to dry both the inside and the outside. Many people only dry the outside of the boot but forget the inside which leads to unfortunate consequences.

A pair of cowbot boots and a cowboy hat in the winter

Usually, if there are a lot of cowboy boots in the house, having a boot dryer ready is the best way to dry multiple boots inside and out quickly at once.

But if you don’t have a boot dryer, you can use a hair dryer with a moderate temperature to dry the boots outside. Or leave the boots in front of the fan.

However, when using household methods, you will need the help of boot trees. Put boot trees into the boot, they will absorb moisture and ensure the boot stays dry inside.

Or, you can crumple up the toilet paper and stuff it inside your cowboy boot, it will absorb moisture and keep the boot dry.

Keeping cowboy boots dry on the inside also means you protect them from sweat, bacteria, or fungus odors.

My wife often uses boot cuffs with cowboy boots, this keeps her warm, and also ensures that snow won’t get inside the boots.

We have quite a few methods for drying cowboy boots in this article, you should check them out!

Cowboy boots on the wooden floor

In addition to ensuring the boots are dry, you should keep them upright and stay in shape. Once cowboy boots get wet, they will wrinkle and break easily. These damages can stay with them for a lifetime.

This is also the reason why I recommend using boot dryers. They are quite similar to boot racks in that they keep cowboy boots straight and dry.

In short, make sure they stay upright (whether for snow use or not) using boot shapers, boot racks, boot stands, etc. This small action can keep their original beauty intact for longer.

Many cowboy boots are standing upright

You should also note that on snowy days, the roads are extremely wet and muddy. It is troublesome if water and mud cling to cowboy boots. And of course, it’s no good when cowboy boots are constantly getting dirty and wet.

Just like protecting cowboy boots from water, you should use products like shoe polish that are resistant to stains. Today, many shoe polishes are able to do just that.

Or, many products that help make cowboy boots waterproof can also prevent wet mud from sticking to the boots.

When you get home, you should make sure your boots are clean, 3 basic steps to clean the boots are to pre-clean them with a wet cloth, apply the leather cleaner to the horsehair brush, then rub it evenly on the surface of the boots.

Leather Care Kit includes Leather Cleaner and Conditioner with Cloth from Tecovas

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What you need to remember here is that for damp mud that is not too sticky, you can remove it with a hose as soon as you get home.

However, if it’s wet red, clay mud and it sticks too hard to your cowboy boots, you may need to wait until it’s dry to remove it. It will break easier.

This is also quite important advice. If you often work in the snow season, then choose cowboy work boots. These boots are safer, more comfortable, durable, and especially easier to care for.

Finally, when storing cowboy boots, leave them indoors in a warm and airy place. Don’t keep the old habit of leaving your boots on the porch.

4 pairs of cowboy boots in the house

How do I protect the sole of cowboy boots?

In addition to the upper, you should also remember to protect the sole of your cowboy boots, especially the leather sole.

We strongly discourage using leather soles for winter with lots of snow. Because leather soles are not really as good as rubber ones to keep you warm, they also have less traction.

In addition, if leather soles are left wet for a long time, they will peel off quickly.

But if it snows lightly outside and you still decide to wear leather sole boots, that’s fine, just make sure to dry and clean them as soon as you get home.

The sole doesn’t need heavy care like the upper of boots. You can use a damp cloth or hose to spray and clean it from dirt or mud. Then use a dry towel and wipe it, don’t forget it to keep it dry after all!

In addition, using a hair dryer is also a good method to dry the outsole of cowboy boots. Don’t forget to adjust the temperature just right!

If the leather outsole gets wet with mud, treat it like the upper part.

Since I’m an outdoor person, the soles of the boots often get stuck in mud, dirt, grass, and snow. So I usually use a boot scrubber to get rid of them quickly as soon as I get home.

Boot scrubber

One caveat is to you should ensure leather outsoles are broken in before using them for winter. That will help sure they provide enough traction for great balance.

Before you leave

Winter is really the time when cowboy boots are on the throne because they can both keep you warm and provide a great style.

However, the wet and nasty environment sometimes makes you spend more time taking care of your expensive cowboy boots.

Overall, make sure they’re dry and clean (inside out), and keep them in shape. Those are the key points.

It’s just a simple task for you, right?

A woman wears cowboy boots and are standing on the snow