How To Waterproof Cowboy Boots? | 5 most Effective Products and Methods

When the rainy season comes, it’s an anxiety for those who love and collect cowboy boots.

Regardless of whether your cowboy boots are made of leather or suede, your cowboy boots are waterproof or not, you need to take good care of those cowboy boots well in the rainy season.

Water is the number one enemy of cowboy boots made from leather and suede so you should prepare yourself the best methods to protect cowboy boots from the attack of water.

No more words, let’s get started on how to waterproof cowboy boots!

How To Waterproof Cowboy Boots?

There are many ways to help cowboy boots against water. Here, we’re going to show you methods to protect cowboy boots before the rain and how to deal with sudden rains.

In general, the basic steps to protect cowboy boots in the rainy season are: clean cowboy boots, apply products that help waterproof cowboy boots, wait for the product to absorb into cowboy boots and dry.

Along with that, we will show you some methods to handle wet cowboy boots. From there, extend the life, keep the original color for cowboy boots.

Method 1: Use mink oil

Sof Sole Mink Oil for Conditioning and Waterproofing Leather, 3.5-Ounce
  • Mink oil for Waterproofing, conditioning, and preserving leather goods
  • Ideal for leather boots, shoes, purses, jackets, hats, baseball gloves, saddles and harnesses
  • The oil creates a WaterProof barrier against the elements and helps to protect leather by preventing...

Mink oil is one of the most frequently used products for leather cowboy boots.

Mink oil works to keep the cowboy boots leather shiny, keep cowboy boots soft, extend the life of cowboy boots.

The most special feature of mink oil is that it can help waterproof cowboy boots. Along with that, affordable price is also a big plus.

Things you need to do:

Step 1: Clean cowboy boots with specialized tools

Step 2: Apply mink oil to the entire surface of cowboy boots, pay attention to apply mink oil to welts, seams, etc.

Step 3: Wait for the mink oil to absorb into cowboy boots, you can use a hair dryer to speed up this process.

Now that your cowboy boots are waterproof and they are protected from dirt, feel free to go out.

Method 2: Use leather/suede conditioner

In addition to mink oil, you can use conditioner to protect your cowboy boots from water.

If you own suede cowboy boots, there are many conditioner on the market to waterproof your suede boots.

With 3 steps like using mink oil, you can protect your cowboy boots even if they are leather or suede.

Step 1: Clean your cowboy boots

Step 2: Apply conditioner to cowboy boots

Step 3: Wait for leather / suede conditioner absorb into cowboy boots.

You can use a hair dryer to help conditioner quickly absorb into cowboy boots.

Three simple steps and your cowboy boots are protected from water

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Saphir Medaille d'Or Suede Renovator - Black
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Method 3: Use Waterproof Spray

Another specialized product that you can use is waterproof spray.

It’s also a suede or leather product, and it’s definitely something your cowboy boots are looking for.

If you are about to leave from the company office and suddenly a nasty rain comes suddenly, take a waterproof spray and spray a thin layer on the surface of cowboy boots. That’s it!

Waterproof spray is a product that you can use immediately when it rains. This product is very convenient to put it in your backpack every rainy season.

KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water Repellent for Hunting, Hiking and Outdoor Boots | Spray Bottle | 10.5 Oz
  • KIWI Boot Waterproofer provides tough silicone protection for work and outdoor boots
  • Waterproof spray for boots
  • Spray has unique formula that bonds to leather and fabrics

Method 4: Rain Boot Shoe Cover

Rain Boot Shoe Cover may not make your cowboy boots waterproof, but it can protect your cowboy boots from sudden rain just like a waterproof spray.

In the rainy season, you should bring a “raincoat” for your cowboy boots to keep them away from water, dirt and grime.

VTOSEN Black Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Cover with Reflector, Reusable & Foldable Rain Shoe Covers Outdoor Sports Rain Boot Galoshes Overshoes for Men Women(1 Pair) (Black-XL(12.6inch))
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Method 5: Use wax

Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing (7 Oz Net Wt/ 8 Oz overall Wt)
  • Made from Bee's Wax, not Grease, Oil or some other Animal Product.
  • Dries to a Solid Wax that Stays Put on the Surface so it Lasts Longer.
  • Lubricates and Conditions Leather Without Softening

In addition to polishing leather cowboy boots, there are many types of wax that also help waterproof boots.

After every step of cleaning the cowboy boots, you should use a special wax to polish cowboy boots, this brings a lot of benefits such as shine cowboy boots, restore cowboy boot color, keep them new and waterproof.

Some ways to handle when cowboy boots get wet

  • Use a dry cloth, dry towel to wipe off the water from the cowboy boots
  • Use a hair dryer to dry cowboy boots
  • Dry cowboy boots with natural wind
  • Use household powder and put it inside cowboy boots to absorb moisture

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What is the best waterproofing for leather boots?

There are many products that help waterproof cowboy boots such as waterproof spray, wax, oil, conditioner.

Besides the products introduced above, we will introduce you to 5 more leather waterproofing products used and appreciated by many people.

1/ Fiebing’s Mink Oil

Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil Paste, 6 oz. - Soften, Preserves and Waterproofs Leather and Vinyl
  • Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil Leather Preserver is great for use on leather and vinyl items such as...
  • Golden Mink Oil softens, preserves, and waterproofs smooth leather and vinyl for outdoor use.
  • Helps prevent water, salt and perspiration stains.

Besides Sof Sole mink oil is too famous, we also have Fiebing mink oil for you.

With the effect of waterproofing,softening and shining leather, this is an item you cannot miss for rainy season.

2/ Bickmore Leather Conditioner

Bickmore Leather Conditioner, Scratch Repair Bick LP 8oz - Heavy Duty LP Leather Preservative | Leather Protector, Softener and Restorer Balm for Dry, Cracked, and Scratched Leather | Made in USA
  • PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR LEATHER: Bick LP is specially formulated to rejuvenate and preserve...
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH PROTECTION: Apply Bick LP to protect against water, excessive heat, caustic...
  • PRESERVES NATURAL OILS: Heavy use causes leather to lose its natural oils. Bick LP helps replenish...

Bickmore has been famous for leather care products, and especially for leather cowboy boots. If you’ve trusted Bickmore’s cleaner and wax polish products, you can rely on their conditioner.

Bickmore conditioner maintains your cowboy boots, increases longevity, repels dirt and protects your boots from water effectively.

3/ Nikwax Waterproofing Wax

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather , 4 oz
  • Restores water-repellency and reduces water absorption of smooth leather
  • Works immediately after treating and will not soften leather
  • Sponge-on applicator included

Aside from oil, conditioner and sprays, people who frequent picnics, camping or climbing often use wax because they’re easy to use.

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax works very quickly but does not soften the leather. It is very suitable for western work boots – those boots must be hard and durable to protect your feet while working.

4/ Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Liquid

JobSite Premium Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Liquid - 8 oz - 1 Bottle
  • Softens, preserves and waterproofs your favorite vinyl or leather boots, shoes and all smooth...
  • Special premium mink oil liquid formula helps repel oil and salt stains
  • Active cleaners and conditioners include a poweful blend of mink oil, silicone, lanolin and pure...

When using traditional mink oil, it takes a lot of time to waterproof cowboy boots. Hence, JOB SITE has launched Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Liquid, this product is less time-consuming and more flexible for waterproofing cowboy boots.

Just spray a little on the fabric and rub on the surface of cowboy boots, wait for the liquid to penetrate inside the cowboy boots, and you have your cowboy boots fully protected.

5/ Rust-Oleum 280886 NeverWet 11

Rust-Oleum, Clear 280886 Shield H2O Boot and Shoe Spray, 11 oz
  • Repels and protects from damage caused by water
  • Crystal clear, silicone-free formula will not change appearance or feel of items
  • Easy single step trigger spray application

With the “Never Wet” affirmation and more than thousands of good quality reviews, Rust-Oleum 280886 is an Amazon’s Choice product that you must think of before every rainy and snowy season.

This is a completely reliable product because no silicon will not change the appearance or feel of cowboy boots.

Should I waterproof my cowboy boots?

You should waterproof cowboy boots in the rainy season or snowy season.

Although cowboy boots are durable, they are originally made from leather (or suede), so they can still be damaged by “prolonged contact” with water.

You should know methods like using waterproof spray, mink oil, conditioner to help waterproof cowboy boots, prepare armor for cowboy boots before the rainy season (or snow).

If you do not have a lot of time at home with waterproof boots, then you should have a Rain Boot Shoe Cover to protect your boots if it rains suddenly.

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Does water ruin cowboy boots?

The water will ruin cowboy boots if cowboy boots are exposed to water for too long or after contact with water without proper care.

Most cowboy boots are made of leather or suede, so it is dangerous to expose them to water too much. Contact with water will make cowboy boots discolored, reduce life expectancy, easily get damaged …

To prepare for rainy or snowy seasons, you should learn how to protect cowboy boots before rain and take care of cowboy boots after rain. If not, cowboy boots will “catch a cold”.

Do Ariat boots need waterproofing?

Depending on which Ariat cowboy boots you own: waterproof or non-waterproof.

Ariat cowboy boots have many types, their cowboy boots like western work boots, Ariat workhog boots, Ariat ramble may have been waterproof from the beginning.

You should read the manufacturer’s detailed description of their cowboy boots (here is Ariat). If the cowboy boots are already waterproof, there is no need to use methods to help the cowboy boots waterproof.

Otherwise, if cowboy boots are not waterproof, you should prepare methods to protect cowboy boots from water and care for them in case they get wet.

Will Snow ruin cowboy boots?

Snow will ruin cowboy boots if cowboy boots are exposed to snow for long and they aren’t taken care of properly.

Don’t underestimate the snow, they may damage your cowboy boots more slowly than water, but it still destroys your boots anyhow.

You can use methods to waterproof cowboy boots and keep them against snowfall.

Use methods such as mink oil, waterproof spray, wax or conditioner to protect cowboy boots from snow.

Take care of cowboy boots properly after wearing them while walking through the snowy white fields. Cowboy boots are very durable, but only if you really protect them well.

Before you leave

Cowboy boot lovers are quite anxious during the rainy or snowy seasons, so you need to know the above methods to handle properly.

These methods are very easy and cost less time and money, try to spend 5 minutes a day to protect cowboy boots so you can use them for a very very long time.

Remember to protect your cowboy boots from their big enemy: water

Hope you succeed, good luck!

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