Is it OK to wear cowboy boots in the snow?

Cowboy boots are familiar footwear in the spring, summer and autumn, but what about snow seasons?

Can you wear cowboy boots in the snow? Does snow have a bad effect on cowboy boots?

Don’t worry, FromTheGuestRoom is here. Today, we’re going to explain your question: Is it OK to wear cowboy boots in the snow?

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Is it OK to wear cowboy boots in the snow?

You can wear cowboy boots during the snow season, but… you need to be aware!

Cowboy boots were first invented in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They were born to serve farmers on their farms.

For that reason, cowboy boots should have a very solid and safe design to resist external forces such as heavy sun, rain, snowfall and poisonous animals (snakes, scorpions).

Most cowboy boots are made from cowhide with high shaft design so they are very durable and affordable.

However, leather is very sensitive to water, the quality of boots will deteriorate if exposed to water, or snow!

But the good news is that you can protect cowboy boots leather from the destruction of snow and water with conditioner, mink oil, wax polish… These products can protect cowboy boots against water and snow very well.

However, this method is only effective for leather upper. For leather soles, it’s a different story. At this point, the problem will appear. Water can completely penetrate into leather soles.

This is quite harmful to leather soles, so we recommend you choose rubber or synthetic cowboy boots when you buy cowboy boots in the rainy or snowy season.

For your reference, here’s cowboy boots with soles made from rubber

Cowboy boots with leather soles are comfortable and lightweight, but it requires you many efforts to protect them in the rainy season and winter.

You can still use cowboy boots with leather soles during the snowy season. Keep in mind to dry them as soon as you get home.

If you only have one pair of boots, a hair dryer is enough to dry your cowboy boots. If you have multiple boots, a boot dryer is a wise choice for your convenience.

For cowboy boots in the snow season, you should buy cowboy boots with rubber or synthetic soles.

These two types of soles also give you a better balance in the snow season than the leather soles because they have slip resistance and better grip.

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Can you wear leather boots in the snow?

In fact, boots are accessories that are used a lot in the fall and winter.

You can wear leather boots during the snowy season, but make sure you protect them with specialized products.

Conditioner, wax polish and mink oil are three products that are very popular for leather boot lovers, they are used to soften boots, restore colors, increase the life of boots, and especially waterproof cowboy boots.

There are 3 simple steps to protect your cowboy boot skin with conditioner, wax polish or mink oil:

  1. Clean your cowboy boots
  2. Apply skin protection products to the surface of cowboy boots
  3. Wait for them to penetrate.

You can use a hair dryer and dry the skin around the leather boots to speed up the penetration process.

That’s it, after using specialized products to protect leather boots, feel free to go outside in the snow with your cowboy boots!

However, after returning home, make sure that you keep your boots dry with a boot dryer or a hair dryer.

The 5 best leather waterproofing products to protect cowboy boots from snow

We get you 5 leather waterproofing products to support your cowboy boots during the snow season.

Basic usage method:

Step 1: Clean cowboy boots

First, spray a thin layer of warm water over the entire cowboy boots, then rub them thoroughly with a towel.

Make sure you scrub the corners of your cowboy boots, especially their seams and welts.

Next, spray leather cleaner on the cowboy boots surface, then use a special brush to scrub the cowboy boots.

Carefully clean the threads and welt, these are areas prone to get wet and dirty.

Then use a dry towel to wipe the cowboy boots.

Step 2: Apply conditioner and polish

This is an important step to protect cowboy boots against water and snow, choose a conditioner that is resistant to water.

If your current conditioner can’t make leather water resistant, you should use an additional wax polish to do that.

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1/ Sof Sole Mink Oil

Mink oil protects cowboy boots against water and snow very well. It is easy to use and cheap.

Sof Sole Mink Oil is one of the best selling products on Amazon. With many positive reviews, Sof Sole won’t let you down.

2/ Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector

Sno Seal - 7 oz 2 pack
  • Two Pack of Sno-Seal 7oz (200 gram) Jars
  • Made from Bee's Wax, not Grease, Oil or some other Animal Product
  • Dries to a Solid Wax that Stays Put on the Surface so it Lasts Longer.
  • Lubricates and Conditions Leather Without Softening
  • Maintains Flexibility in Freezing Temperatures

After mink oil, Beeswax is a trusted product to protect your cowboy boots from the destruction of snow.

Having the effect of forming a barrier of water, snow and dirt, Beeswax is a solid wall against the onslaught of dirt, water, and snow.

3/ Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner

Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil Beeswax Formula (8oz)
  • Leather conditioner cream with real beeswax and plant oils designed to melt when spread on by hand
  • Heavy Duty LP waterproofs and resists acids, petroleum, salt, and chemicals on leather work boots
  • Condition, restore dried and sun faded leather furniture and leather auto interiors
  • Complete leather care proven to resist scuffing, stitch tear, and cracking
  • Heavy Duty Leather Preservative is Made in the USA

Obenauf is also a very famous brand for leather protection products.

Besides waterproofing the leather, they also keep the colors of cowboy boots longer and extend the boot life.

In addition to cowboy boots, you can also use this product for anything made from leather such as sofas, car seats,….

4/ KIWI Boot Waterproofer

KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water Repellent for Hunting, Hiking and Outdoor Boots | Spray Bottle | 10.5 Oz
  • KIWI Boot Waterproofer provides tough silicone protection for work and outdoor boots
  • Waterproof spray for boots
  • Spray has unique formula that bonds to leather and fabrics
  • Creates an extremely tough water barrier, while still allowing materials to breathe
  • Protect your pride, whatever the weather

If you have a pair of western work boots but they are non-waterproof, we recommend using this Kiwi’s Boot Waterproofer.

This waterproofer provides tough silicone that protects your boots very well from snow.

With a tough water barrier, Kiwi’s Boot Waterproofer will be a great goalkeeper to protect the goal – your beloved boots.

5/ Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent

Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 5.5oz- Leather Protector and Suede Protector Waterproofing Spray Guard for Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Jackets & More
  • SUPERIOR WATERPROOF TREATMENT- Bickmore’s Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent has been specially formulated to add a protective layer to your valued goods helping guard against water and stains while minimizing rub off and scuffing.
  • WORKS ON LEATHER, SUEDE, FABRIC, FELT, NUBUCK AND MORE- Protecting against dirt, water & stains on all colors of hats, coats, footwear, tack, jackets, shells, gloves, furniture, luggage, car upholstery, boat seats and more
  • BREATHABLE: Gard-More provides a strong invisible layer of protection, while still allowing the material to breathe, keeping leather and other materials flexible and looking their best.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Bickmore is proud to make all Bickmore Gard-More Aerosol in the United States of America.

Besides Kiwi, Obenauf, it would be a regret if you don’t know this Bickmore product. This is a very famous item for leather support.

In addition to protecting cowboy boots, Bickmore Gard-More can protect suede cowboy boots from snow attack.


In short, you can use cowboy boots in the snow season, as long as you protect them before use or take care of them after use.

Just remember 2 rules:

Use conditioner (or wax polish) to make leather waterproof before going out in the snow.

Keep the cowboy boots dry after you get home.

And enjoy yourself with cowboy boots!

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