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Why Do Some Cowboy Boots Have Holes At The Top?

Why Do Some Cowboy Boots Have Holes At The Top?

There are quite a few questions surrounding the construction of cowboy boots. This is not difficult to understand, because compared to other types of footwear, cowboy boots have a very unique construction.

A common question is “what are the holes in the top of cowboy boots?” Well, this is an interesting question, because not all cowboy boots in the old days featured those holes. They have only appeared and become popular recently.

Today’s article will tell you what they are used for. It’s very simple!

Key takeaways

  • Most cowboy boots today have holes in the top, allowing the wearer to put on the boots easily.
  • Cowboy boots are tall and stiff so they are difficult to put on, the holes in the top support that.
  • The holes in the top of cowboy boots are called “pull holes”. They also function like pull straps, just slip your fingers into the holes and pull the boots up.

What Are The Holes At The Top Of Cowboy Boots For?

There is a nightmare while using cowboy boots, it’s the difficulty of putting them on.

Especially those who have back pain or are pregnant, they do not want to bend down too long every time they put on cowboy boots.

The main reason comes from the construction of the boots. Unlike other footwear, cowboy boots are more than 11 inches tall.

For flip-flops, you just need to slip your feet in no time even when standing. For cowboy boots, you need to bend down, hold and pull them up to slide into your feet.

A girl strugging put on cowboy boots

If cowboy boots are loose, you can put your feet on easily. However, cowboy boots fit pretty tight in most cases, especially at the ankle, heel, and instep. And you can’t loosen the laces either because cowboy boots don’t have them.

Therefore, to be able to pull the cowboy boots on, you need to use a strong force.

That’s not easy when you can’t hold the top of the boots easily. As the smooth leather is slippery, which considerably takes away your traction.

Not to mention, if cowboy boots fit tight in the calf (especially in the top), you’ll have a hard time tucking your fingers in to pull them up.

cowboy boots fit tight at the calf

That’s why the holes near the top of cowboy boots were born. They make it easier for you to pull the boots up and slide the boots into your feet.

What you need to do is thread your fingers through the hole in the top of the boots, hook them up and pull the boots up. That way, your full force will be utilized and cowboy boots will slide into your feet quickly.

This will ensure those with back pain or pregnancy don’t have to spend too much time bending down to put on their boots.

In general, the holes in the top of cowboy boots are like the pull straps in sneakers, running shoes, or Chelsea boots, they help people put on cowboy boots more effectively. You can call these holes “pull holes”.

In fact, in addition to the holes, many cowboy boots also have pull straps on the sides. The difference between pull holes and pull straps can only lie in aesthetic terms. In the eyes of many people, pull holes are more beautiful than pull straps.

pull traps vs pull holes on cowboy boots

Some of the things I’ve learned after years of wearing cowboy boots is that pull holes are actually better than pull straps. They are more durable and neater, won’t break over time like the pull traps, and give me a little more space and fresh air in the calf.

Before you leave

In general, the holes in the top of cowboy boots don’t really have any strange uses, they simply make it easier for wearers to put on cowboy boots.

However, compared to the pull straps you usually see, pull holes are more durable and should be the first choice.

That’s all you should know!