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When Should You Not Wear Cowboy Boots?

When Should You Not Wear Cowboy Boots?

One of the biggest highlights of modern cowboy boots is that they vary in construction, style, and function. That’s why it’s hard to figure out when you shouldn’t wear cowboy boots these days.

However, based on my long experience, there are still many cases when you should note that cowboy boots should not be worn.

Today’s article will shed some light on that. Let’s check it out!

When Are Cowboy Boots Not A Good Choice?

The diversity in the structure of cowboy boots brings a lot of merits, but from there, many weaknesses also appear.

For example, cowboy boots have 2 types of soles, one is rubber and the other is leather. For rubber soles, there is nothing to discuss, but leather soles do due to their slipperiness.

Because of the slippery leather sole, users should refrain from walking on slippery surfaces on rainy or snowy days. You will have a hard time balancing on it when moving.

Rain and snow are also two types of weather that you need to avoid when wearing cowboy boots. Since cowboy boots are made of 100% leather, if the leather gets wet for a long time, your boots will gradually deteriorate.

wear leather soled cowboy boots in the rain

The above part is about the weather conditions to avoid using cowboy boots. Now, let’s consider your use and style.

In fact, while cowboy boots are extremely suitable for many different types of outdoor work, they are never the ideal choice for sports activities.

Cowboy boots provide good protection and comfort, making them perfect for outdoor work. However, their structure is cumbersome and quite heavy, and sports such as running, cycling, or… diving, are not where you should wear cowboy boots (although you could).

For runners or hikers, the weight of the footwear is very important for their performance. A shoe that weighs just a little bit more than a running shoe or hiking boot will actually become a huge barrier for athletes for the long haul. And you wouldn’t want to wear a pair of 4lbs cowboy boots for a run or a hike.

don't use cowboy boots for cycling, running or diving

In addition to sports problems, the variety of styles and uses of cowboy boots can confuse you as a newbie.

In detail, you need to distinguish which cowboy boots are for fashion, which ones are for casual wear, and which ones are for working.

Cowboy boots for fashion often have a soft, sharp look and are quite “fragile”. These boots are only really suitable for a night out, going with suits to a wedding; or matching with dress pants to the office.

man wears dress pants with The Marshall from Tecovas

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Meanwhile, cowboy boots for casual wear have a more classic beauty. They are easier to go with different outfits and you can also use them for light work such as gardening or driving.

As for the types of cowboy boots for outdoor work, they are characterized by roomy toe boxes, which look very sturdy and a bit rugged.

Some cowboy boots for construction sites are even reinforced with steel at the base or toe to ensure high safety.

Are Steel Toe Cowboy Boots Good

In general, just grasp the ideas I told you above and use your senses and eyes to distinguish these cowboy boots.

The important thing here is that you need to use the right type of cowboy boots for your purpose.

Using 2-inch heel cowboy boots for fashion to work on the ranch will definitely ruin your cowboy boots.

And wearing rugged cowboy boots for work to attend a wedding is really not the right thing to do.

Never use cowboy boots that have a style or function that is contrary to your intended use. That’s the basics!

Stylish: When you’re male, and you’re wearing skinny jeans, shorts, or flamboyant clothing. Big Mistakes!!!

In fact, leaving the shaft of cowboy boots exposed has never been a good style for men.

Exposing the shaft can create a rather showy style that often goes against the classic, gentlemanly, and elegant style that men often follow when wearing cowboy boots.

If you want to learn more, we have a detailed explanation here.

In addition, it’s important to choose an outfit that matches your cowboy boots.

For example, bootcut jeans, straight-leg jeans, or khaki pants are good choices to wear with most cowboy boots because the colors are easy to match and classic.

Meanwhile, an expensive and luxurious suit is better suited to caiman belly boots than a pair of cowboy boots with an overly distressed surface.

The coordination between your clothing and cowboy boots is key to a successful style. So, while you’re still not sure what to wear with cowboy boots, read through our articles before deciding!

A man wears jeans with cowboy boots under the sun


In summary, you should not use cowboy boots in the rain or snow because that will make your cowboy boots wet and damage the leather.

Besides, if cowboy boots have leather soles, they will also be very slippery on rain or snow-covered roads.

Cowboy boots should also not be used in sports such as running, climbing, or …diving. These types of sports require the support of special footwear. Meanwhile, cowboy boots are heavy and have a rather bulky construction.

The contrast in style and use of cowboy boots with your intended use is also something you should avoid. Don’t wear fashionable cowboy boots for ranch and vice versa.

That’s all you need to keep in mind!