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Do Cowboy Boots Give You Blisters?

Do Cowboy Boots Give You Blisters?

Usually, it’s not just cowboy boots, any type of footwear can blister you. So don’t blame your cowboy boots.

Of course, they can cause you blisters, but not in all cases. And you can totally fix it in most cases.

Today we’re going to talk about this problem: whether cowboy boots cause blisters, and how to prevent them.

Can cowboy boots cause blisters on your feet?

Usually, when cowboy boots are new, is when you are most likely to encounter blisters. The reason is very simple, new cowboy boots are still stiff and have not been broken in.

In addition, if cowboy boots are too tight or too loose, they can cause blisters. Each problem will have different ways to solve.

woman legs wearing roper boots

However, do not misunderstand that any cowboy boots can cause blisters for you. In fact, many people still find cowboy boots completely comfortable with no blisters.

I myself own more than 12 pairs of boots in the house, and 11 pairs out of them have never given me a single blister during use. In fact, cowboy boots are footwear that is highly appreciated for their comfort and protection.

The blister problem can appear in any type of footwear, not just cowboy boots. In most cases, cowboy boots will not give you blisters if you choose good-fitting boots.

Blistering only happens when your foot is constantly rubbing against a hard surface, so as long as your cowboy boots fit well, most of the time nothing will happen.

Here are some of the main causes of blisters:

New cowboy boots, not broken in

Most cowboy boots are made from 100% leather. Therefore, they are quite stiff at first and can lead to blisters.

It’s understandable that moving in stiff boots can cause blisters in the heel and toe area. But it will disappear when the boots have completely broken in. They become softer and mold your feet well with no heel slip or any discomfort.

glossy toe box of new cowboy boots

If your cowboy boots have not been broken in yet, you should wear them more with a pair of thick socks to break in them. Thick socks will limit blisters a lot, especially today there are many socks reinforced at the heel and toe for your choice.

Or another option is to apply lotion to the areas where you feel hot in your boots. That will greatly reduce friction and limit blisters until cowboy boots are really broken in.

I have a pretty detailed article on how to break in cowboy boots here! You should check it out!

Cowboy boots have the size or fit issues

The truth is that cowboy boots that are too loose or too tight can cause blisters.

Cowboy boots are so tight that the leather of the boots constantly rubs against your feet, how can it not form blisters?

A boot that you think fits well means that the top of your foot should fit snugly. But for people with narrow heels, they can experience loose heels in cowboy boots, which makes the heel slip too large and leads to blisters.

a girl is wearing a new pair of cowboy boots

Actually, there is always a little heel slip in cowboy boots, but only 1/4 to 3/8 inch. If you exceed that number, there is a high chance you will get blisters.

Therefore, what you need to do is stretch your cowboy boots if they are too tight, and make them fit tighter if they are too loose.

There are many ways to stretch cowboy boots, the two most effective methods are using a boot stretcher or boot stretch spray. Or steaming them can also make cowboy boots softer and easier to stretch.

Meanwhile, if the heel of cowboy boots is too loose, you can either use a pair with thick socks or use a leather heel insert to make your heel snugger in the boots.

In case your boots are new but they are still in the return period, please don’t do anything but exchange them with a bootmaker, this is the safest way.

Overall, I have a very thorough article on how to prevent blisters here! You should check it out!

Bad-fit cowboy boots are quite common in the world of cowboy boots, because they have no laces, so they cannot loosen or tighten to your liking. So when choosing cowboy boots, be careful about their fit!


In most cases, cowboy boots won’t give you blisters if they fit well. So it’s not right to judge that all the cowboy boots can bring you blisters.

New cowboy boots may give you a little hurt, a little tight or uncomfortable feeling at first. This is totally normal.

If the boot hasn’t been completely broken in yet, you may experience some burning in your foot, possibly in the heel or in the toe. This is the most likely thing to happen, what you should do is wear a pair of thick socks with your boots more often to break in them. The burning feeling will disappear soon.

Boots that don’t fit well are also a common cause of blisters. If they are too tight, they will rub against your skin, leading to burning. But if they are too loose (especially on the heel), heel slippage can also lead to blisters.

In general, you can choose to send back cowboy boots if they are in the return period. Otherwise, you still have many ways to stretch your boots or make them fit tighter like the methods I outlined above.

Good luck!