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Do you Tuck your Pants into Cowboy Boots?

There are many rules when wearing cowboy boots and some underlying rules that everybody may not know, especially newbies. For example, the principle of wearing cowboy boots is different for men and women.

Overall, acquiring these rules can help you have a perfect cowboy/cowgirl look. For starters, you may have a lot of concerns when purchasing a new pair of cowboy boots.

We have collected some common questions about wearing cowboy boots in this article.

Today, we will give you the complete answers!

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Do you tuck your pants into cowboy boots?

Tucking your pants into cowboy boots or not depends on whether you are male or female and the kind of pants you’re wearing.

When it comes to fashion, if you are a man, then never tuck your pants into cowboy boots (even if you’re wearing jeans or khaki). But if your job requires you to tuck your pants into cowboy boots, just do it.

In contrast, things are much simpler when you are a woman. You ladies totally can tuck your pants into cowboy boots if you wear skinny jeans or leggings. In case you wear bootcut jeans, let your jeans cover cowboy boots naturally.

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Can you wear cowboy boots with a suit?

You totally can match cowboy boots with your suit.

Cowboy boots are famous for their wild and distressed look. Besides, as you might know, there are tons of sophisticated and elegant cowboy boots. And these boots are the great companion to go with the suit.

Choosing a shoe to wear with the suit is not easy. A bad pair of shoes will completely ruin the entire outfit no matter how perfect your suit is.

You need to consider carefully even though many cowboy boots are suitable for the suit. The color of cowboy boots and suit should be ton sur ton (dark or brown boots are preferable).

Again, I want to emphasize that you can absolutely wear cowboy boots with the suit because this is a great combination.

As for my style, I like shiny black pair cowboy boots made from crocodile with j toe, medium round toe or snip toe to go with a suit. This is such a combination of sophistication and elegance.

Can Cowboy Boots Be Business Casual?

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Is it appropriate to wear Cowboy Boots to a Wedding?

It depends on the wedding you’re about to attend. If it is a barn wedding or western wedding, then why not?

What about other weddings?

This may be controversial, but cowboy boots are actually very versatile. As we mentioned above, you can wear a suit with cowboy boots, then why can’t you wear cowboy boots to the wedding? Anyway, cowboy boots also come great with dresses!

If you know how to match cowboy boots cleverly with other outfits, cowboy boots can take you from casual weddings or even to visit Buckingham Palace.

As we mentioned above, cowboy boots are evolving everyday. Not all cowboy boots get the distressed look, today’s boots also have a very sophisticated and elegant style.

A pair of Lucchese cowboy boots made of crocodile leather with glossy black and j toe can completely turn you into the focus of the party with its luxurious look.

Wearing cowboy boots to weddings sometimes is not a matter. What you should concern is: Do you know how to choose the right cowboy boots for the wedding?

What can I wear with cowboy boots to a wedding?

If you are a man, you can absolutely wear cowboy boots with bootcut jeans and a neat shirt for a simple wedding.

In addition to bootcut jeans, Khaki pants or straight leg jeans are not a bad choice.

Or you could wear cowboy boots with a suit for a wedding at an epic palace, why not?

If you are a woman, then cowboy boots with dresses are the perfect choice to go to the wedding. A pair of cowboy boots combined with a tea-length bridal dress, tea-length front dress or 1950s-style short dress can definitely help you shine at any weddings.

In general, for women, cowboy boots and dresses will give you a feminine, soft and fragile look. A bright and delicate dress can make you stand out at the wedding.

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