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The 5 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit in 2024 (Update)

The 5 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit in 2024 (Update)

I grew up seeing my people wearing cowboy boots since my family used to move around Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma for a living.

It can be said that cowboy boots are definitely a cultural heritage, both from America and from my whole family.

My father in his wedding photo 40 years ago wore a pair of Lucchese accompanied by exquisite sharkskin vamps in dark brown with a set of classic-styled tuxedo and he looked extra fabulous.

Jeans and suits are breathtaking. I sense a true feeling that the greatest dress shoes don’t enhance your suit and your outfit any better than a pair of exotic cowboy boots.

However, if you don’t live around states where people wear cowboy boots on a daily basis, jeans with cowboy boots can make you look a little bit like a pretender who tries to be extra in style.

The good news is either suit or jeans are greatly acceptable for special occasions like weddings, celebrations, festivals or for fun Texas dances.

What about professional jobs? In Texas, it’s so interesting that lawyers are allowed to wear suits and cowboy boots in court. That’s just pretty amazing!

However, there are some strict things that constrain their cowboy boots to be acceptable in these places. For example, the boots should be strictly naturally polished and preferred black tones.

Overall, you would probably stand out from the crowd wearing this duo. But how to make it happen properly?

We’ve got your back. Check it out to see what are the best things about cowboy boots that match your suits.

Is it OK to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit?

I used to wear an Armani gray cashmere suit in my mahogany The Wyatt Tecovas cowboy boots to my ex’s wedding and it looked like I stood out even more than my ex-girlfriend’s groom.

The most unexpected thing was that I met my wife at my ex’s wedding. We got married a year later and now we have a beautiful daughter together.

It was a very fun story but it means cowboy boots with suits, especially exotic cowboy boots, are just great and make people change the way they see you.

People not only look at you and just say “Nice boots!”. They will probably claim that “you smell fantastic” kinda thing.

black version of The Austin cowboy boots from Tecovas

The Austin Boots | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Hey, I just remembered that our former president Bill Clinton seems to be a big fan of Western cowboy boots with suits too. He wore this duo at domestic and foreign diplomatic meetings and it was super prominent.

It’s a very popular photo of Bill meeting with the former Italian Prime Minister and former European Commission President back in 1999 and it went viral afterward.

People probably won’t notice much that he’s wearing cowboy boots or dress shoes at first.

But since Bill seems to have a habit of resting one foot on the other, this reveals his fabulous cowboy boot shafts, yes with either brilliant or exquisite exotic vamps.

Not only Bill, Hal Rubenstein – the Fashion Director of Instyle once said a very interesting sentence that the best thing that George W. Bush ever did well is wearing his well-cut suits with great cowboy boots.

He came up with the fact that George W. Bush owns a huge collection of cowboy boots and he never gets tired of wearing his suits with these boots.

Was that enough to convince you that it’s perfectly okay to wear cowboy boots with suits?!

What Kind of Boots do you Wear with a Suit?

If you have free reign to wear cowboy boots with business suits, just give it a shot!

Since cowboy boots are way too massive in choices and styles, you may need to consider which design to choose to suit your suits and the environment you’ll enter later.

There are a few rules to apply and here you go:

The toes should be tapered

The Cole grain caiman boots from Tecovas

The Cole from Tecovas | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Square-toe cowboy boots appear to be a phenomenon in the cowboy boots world recently but they almost never belong in the world of traditional cowboy boots.

However, the square style provides a top level of comfort for the wearer, especially if you have wide feet. They also offer a blend of classic and modern styles. However, square-toe cowboy boots have never been a good choice when it comes to pairing with suits.

Since you are looking for something elegant instead of dress shoes, you would probably want to opt for point toes, snip toes or at least traditional round-toe cowboy boots.

Either way, tapered toes make your feet look longer and slimmer, which makes your overall look more elegant and polite.

So is there anyone who wears square-toe cowboy boots with suits? Definitely yes.

But from my personal perspective, this boot style can degrade the courtesy and sophistication of your suits since most people wear square cowboy boots for working on a daily basis.

This makes these boots more casual and informal.

The heels should be elegant

The Dillon midnight caiman boots from Tecovas

The Dillon from Tecovas | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Interestingly, people can somehow decry your style with the cowboy boot heels you wear.

Since you are about to pick up elegant cowboy boot toes with your suits, the heels are encouraging to align with the whole idea of ​​dressing.

So what are the best choices of dress cowboy boot heels with suits?

The most highly recommended heel styles are lower with less slanted as possible. This means that dress cowboy boots should not include medium to super slanted heels such as walking heels, cowboy heels, slanted ropers or riding heels.

They may degrade the class and masculinity in your style. Besides, it’s also not good for your feet when standing all day long on slanted heels which put pretty much more pressure on your heels and arches.

I actually saw some high-profile people wearing 2-inch walking heels with their suits. Well, it’s fairly fine but you may look a bit extra in this style.

Overall, I recommend straight roper/ Stockman heels and straight flower heels. These features look quite a lot the same as dress shoe heels.

In some cases, slanted lower heels are fine too but make sure they don’t raise your height up to 2-3 inches.

Exotic leather is a privilege

The Austin walnut alligator boots from Tecovas

The Austin from Tecovas

This does not mean that Bovine leather or cowhide, or sheepskin cannot be worn with suits. In fact, goatskin or calfskin with a polished surface looks pretty impressive and cool when worn with suits.

The general rule of thumb when wearing Bovine leather cowboy boots with suits is that they should have a natural or light sheen instead of a rugged appearance.

However, exotic cowboy boots are a whole new level of class. Most exotic will be used to attach to the vamps of cowboy boots and the wearer can let people smell their money without having to say a word.

Since cowboy boots for suits are recommended to have a natural luster, some exotic leather lines cannot be polished such as ostrich, snake, python or lizard skin.

But that’s not the real big deal. The original beauty of these materials will still upgrade your level pretty significantly and are indeed trendsetting.

The colors of the boots

I highly recommend you stick with some basic and elegant tones like black, dark brown, dark gray or pecan is also fine.

The real reason behind this is that our suits often come in these colors too and this allows your style to be consistent in color from top to bottom.

My favorite colors for cowboy boots and suits are black all the way and a special highlight in this style is the appearance of special patterns on your exotic cowboy boot vamps. It’s way too much everlasting, radiant with tons of decency and courtesy.

The 5 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit

It sounds a little bit superficial if I just guide you with ideas on how to wear cowboy boots with suits without coming up with examples.

Here are the top five best examples of cowboy boots with suits.

1. The Marshall Tecovas cowboy boots

The marshall cowboy boots

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

One of my best cowboy boots brands – Tecovas, The Marshall is nothing better to pair with high-class suits.

Classic-shaped cowboy boots construction with refined round toes and more Roper heels is what attracts you at first sight in this Tecovas boots line.

These extravagant Nile crocodile vamps send off an aged bourbon with full of complexity vibes when it comes to pairing up with a great cashmere suit.

You can feel a smooth and stylish glossiness all over the boot shaft and vamps which touch up the higher level of courtesy and class. I love how the vamps and toes shape your feet, which seems to make a statement under your suit’s hems.

The Marshall Cowboy Boot

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Never underestimate a guy who wears full covered Nile crocodile cowboy boots because you probably won’t know what success he has achieved in his previous life. The boot shaft reaches about 12 inches around the mid calves.

However, I personally find that the boot shaft can be a bit cramped for those with muscular calves and chubby legs. You may want to upgrade your size by a half to feel comprehensive under these masterpieces.

It would definitely be the ultimate admiration when you sit the same way Bill Clinton sits and reveal your Tecovas The Marshall crocodile up to the middle of the boot shaft.

The boots come up with a consistent coffee ton from top to heels which is all about elegance and courtesy.

The toe of The Marshall cowboy boot

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Another great thing about this classy design is that the entire vamps, toes and boot shafts are made of crocodile belly leather.

This is one of the most expensive parts of crocodile skin in general because of its smooth, soft, flattened and refined surface with irregular grain patterns.

Only guys with good taste and refinement wear belly crocodile leather cowboy boots. Irregular textures of the material may not be to the taste of tough and rugged guys, but for the sake of sophistication and courtesy when wearing cowboy boots with suits, you’re perfectly on your way to getting what you want.

Not only the look but the experience of wearing The Marshall is also excellent. You can feel the quality leather lining underneath the crocodile covers, making your step function with maximum comfort and stability.

The leather soles are stacked with rubber end caps which distract the slipping from you.


  • Features exquisite belly Nile crocodile leather all over the toes, vamps and boot shaft
  • Well-constructed and classic style for the greatest elegance and sophistication
  • Featuring coffee colors from top to toe, round toes and 1 1/2 inches of heels
  • Maximum comfort with Bovine leather lining and rubber end caps


  • The boot shaft can be a little bit cramped for muscular calves.

2. Tecovas The Nolan cowboy boots

The Nolan black version from Tecovas

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

If the full-covered Nile crocodile The Marshall attracts you with the lavishness and uniformity of their exotic leather patterns from the top down to the heels, these Tecovas The Nolan cowboy boots will draw everyone’s attention at their Lizard vamps and iconic Tecovas boot shaft decorations.

You never look less prominent in these boots but with greater ruggedness and masculinity. What makes these boots an excellent partner for your suit is their classic styled construction.

This features a traditional round toe, 12 inches boot shaft and 1 1/2 inches Roper heel.

What I like about Tecovas brand is the ethics in the way they make their boots.

I’ve seen massive lizard cowboy boots that were assembled from multiple pieces of lizard leather and treated to look consistent in patterns and colors. It’s just not worth your spending to own a pair of real exotic cowboy boots.

But Tecovas makes it different. They optimize pretty much larger Varanus salvator hides (sort of lizard creatures) to sew the boot’s vamps.

This makes the patterns all over the vamps and toes absolutely and perfectly consistent. You almost won’t find any flaws and unnatural patterns on the vamps because they are really created by the hand of nature in the most natural and perfect way.

The Nolan with lizard leather from Tecovas

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Whether you wear it with casual suits or classy suits, these The Nolan boots bring up a sense of courtesy and class in your style.

What’s better when you wear your The Nolan boots with the lizard belts in the same tones whether bourbon or midnight colors? You are actually creating a great statement in your business style.

Personally, I love the unique and identified boot shaft decoration from Tecovas. It now floats to the surface instead of being stitched down into the material. It looks pretty much outstanding, prestigious and robust.

Every time you reveal your boot shaft under your suits, this would be tons of “I see how other women are drawn to you”.

The Nolan brown version from Tecovas

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

What’s good about Lizard cowboy boots? You almost don’t need to break them in and wait for the process to be done in a week.

This material is way thinner and softer than crocodile skin. This is because its structure does not contain calcium deposits, making them softened right out of the box.


  • Excellent classic cowboy boots construction with round toes, 1 1/2 heels and 12 inches boot shaft
  • Featuring lizard vamps and a bovine boot shaft with a great sense of masculinity and ruggedness
  • Larger Varanus salvator hides for consistent patterns on the vamps
  • Rubber end caps for stability and anti-slip
  • Choices of colors: classic midnight and classy bourbon
  • Breaking in pretty quickly


  • The round toes can be a little painful for wide feet.

3. Tecovas The Duke cowboy boots

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Looking for something more resting with suits during the summer, these Tecovas The Duke cowboy boots with around 10 inches boot shaft are all up for you – another exquisite exotic full-quill ostrich leather cowboy boot.

What’s good about this ostrich leather is that they don’t store large calcium deposits like what happened to alligator leather.

Instead, ostrich skin also contains a relatively thick layer of fat underneath the skin, making it less likely to crack, break, or dry out quickly. This makes Tecovas The Duke one of the most valuable cowboy boots you should go for.

The pores of the ostrich skin are evenly distributed and arranged, which brings up quite a fascinating and impressive appearance. People actually can’t take their eyes off your ostrich Tecovas boots.

The material is also very soft and this allows the boots to break in pretty much faster.

If you were planning to attend a beach wedding with hours of sitting nearby the beach venue, The Duke boots are nothing better for enhancing your style while refreshing your feet with no heat.

Man wear The Duke Boots

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

The 10 inches boot shaft is the perfect choice for muscular calves who look for comfortable cowboy boots with great suits.

What’s better about this maximum comfort construction is that they are easy to get on just like slippers. You step on with ease and hear the “pop” quickly. You are all set.

The combination of a smooth Bovine boot shaft and rugged and wrinkled, unique ostrich vamps are just breathtaking every time you reveal them under your suit pant’s hems.

This design is an idiosyncratic blend of the sophistication of The Marshall and the ruggedness of the Nolan boots above. You got them all in these The Duke.

From my personal’s perspective, the pecan tone is my favorite color. If you are about to pair up this color with a suit, opt for khaki suits or dark brown suits.

This duo is pretty consistent in their shades which create a significant sophistication and dignity in your style, whether to attend a wedding or a professional business meeting.

No wonder why The Duke has been one of the top-tier best sellers of Tecovas since its launch.


  • Constructed with full-quill ostrich vamps and bovine leather boot shaft with creative assembly
  • All-comfort 10 inches boot shaft, classic rounded toes, 1 1/2 inches heels with rubber end caps and square heels
  • Available in some color options
  • Comfortable in and out process
  • Exquisite and distinct real strict patterns with good ventilation
  • Breaking in pretty quickly


  • Some said the size runs smaller for your feet.

4. Chisos No.2

Chisos Cowboy Boots

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

The No. 2 boots are a testament to refined craftsmanship. The heritage cowhide leather is not only robust but also softens beautifully over time, enhancing its elegance.

This quality makes these boots perfect for formal occasions where a combination of resilience and style is key.

The square toe design is a modern take on classic cowboy boots, offering a stylish edge when paired with a suit. Additionally, the intricate stitching inspired by petroglyphs adds a unique, culturally rich aspect to the boots.

Chisos No.2

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

These boots stand out for their immediate comfort. Many wearers have highlighted how they fit perfectly right from the first wear, negating the need for a lengthy break-in period.

This aspect is crucial for formal wear, as comfort is paramount in such settings.

The removable comfort insole and the ergonomic design that molds to the wearer’s feet over time further add to the comfort, making them suitable for long events or days.

A man wears Chisos No.2

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

The Goodyear construction of these boots speaks to their durability and the possibility of resoling them, extending their lifespan significantly.

The heritage leather not only looks better with age but also requires minimal maintenance, which is ideal for those who attend formal events regularly.

5. Chisos No.1

A man wears Chisos No.1 with dark blue jeans

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

The No. 1 boots are the epitome of classic elegance. The round toe design is timeless and pairs effortlessly with a variety of suit styles, making them suitable for formal events.

The embroidery depicting the sun and stars over the Chisos Mountains is a nod to Texan heritage and adds an artistic flair to the boots.

The boots come in different finishes like magic black, brushed brown, or roughout, offering versatility in styling with different suit colors and textures.

A man wears Chisos No.1

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Like the No. 2, these boots also boast a comfortable fit, with many wearers attesting to their comfort right out of the box.

The removable insoles offer additional comfort and can be replaced with custom orthotics if needed. The break-in period is minimal, with most users finding them comfortable after just a few wears.

Chisos No.1

Image copyright Chisos Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

These boots are designed to last for decades with proper care. The leather soles are replaceable, akin to the No. 2, ensuring these boots can be a long-term addition to one’s wardrobe.

The care instructions suggest conditioning the leather every three months, which is manageable for most users.

Before you leave

From my personal perspective, you would score the highest marks for cowboy boots with suits when it comes to fashion and style.

This duo makes the best partnership to upgrade your outfits together, especially exotic cowboy boots with all kinds of suits.

Clark Drew

Monday 5th of December 2022

There was a time back in the late 1990s when I wore a suit and tie I would wear my Dan Post cowboy boots and I received a lot of compliments on them too.. But I realized that I don't live in Texas and my last name isn't Ewing and I don't work in the oil industry. But every once in awhile I will wear boots with a suit and tie and I could care less what the critics think.. Just like the old saying goes.. To each his own and whatever floats your boat.


Tuesday 6th of December 2022

Just do whatever makes you feel confident, that's all! :)