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How to Walk Quietly in Cowboy Boots? Extremely Easy

How to Walk Quietly in Cowboy Boots? Extremely Easy

Cowboy boots are popular because of the beauty and sophistication of their design. They carry the culture and long history of the American West.

When walking in cowboy boots, they emit a distinct and glorious sound – the sound of confidence, of the cowboy style and of freedom.

However, sometimes, it happens to be not this good sound, especially when it’s too loud, or it’s annoying squeak sounds.

We don’t always need the sound of freedom coming from cowboy boots, sometimes it’s better to be quiet in meetings (lots of cowboy boots work in the office).

So how to walk quietly in cowboy boots? We will guide you!

Shall we?

How to Walk Quietly in Cowboy Boots?

We need to determine what that sound is and where it comes from.

Typically, the click-cluck sound comes from the heel of cowboy boots or from cowboy boots with stacked leather heels. The noise usually emits when you’re walking on hard and smooth floors (like marble floors, or wooden floors).

There are also annoying squeaky sounds that may come from inside or outside your cowboy boots.

Don’t worry, all of them have solutions!

A woman wears cowboy boots with a lot of accessories for street style.

First, read this Pro tip: Toe-to-heel walk

When walking in cowboy boots, it’s important to adopt a mindful and deliberate approach to minimize the noise that may disrupt others.

One effective technique is to focus on the sequence of how your foot lands. To walk quietly, start by placing the ball of your foot on the ground before gradually lowering your heel.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step forward with the foot wearing the cowboy boot, and lead with the ball of your foot.
  • Gradually transfer your weight onto the ball of your foot while keeping your heel slightly elevated.
  • As you continue moving forward, gently lower your heel to the ground in a controlled manner. This gradual toe-to-heel movement reduces the impact and noise.
  • Once your heel is on the ground, roll your foot forward and shift your weight onto the front part of your foot again, preparing for the next step.

This technique not only reduces noise but also improves your overall stability and balance while walking in cowboy boots.

Most of the click-cluck sounds associated with cowboy boots originate from the heels, especially if they have a leather construction.

The toe-to-heel walk method we discussed earlier is particularly effective in preventing these noises.

walking in cowboy boots

By consciously landing the ball of your foot first, gradually lowering your toe and heel, you engage the softer, cushioned parts of the boot.

This technique helps absorb the impact and significantly reduces the click-cluck sounds that may otherwise occur, ensuring a quieter and more considerate stride.It’s worth noting that practicing this technique may require a bit of adjustment, especially if you’re accustomed to walking in regular shoes.

Take your time, start with shorter strides, and gradually increase your comfort level as you become more familiar with the method.

Remember, walking quietly in cowboy boots is not only considerate to those around you, but it also showcases your expertise in wearing these iconic footwear choices.

So, next time you’re strolling in your cowboy boots, follow these tips to maintain a stealthy stride that won’t disturb others!

If the pro tip fails, read more about the methods below!

A click cluck sounded from the heel of the cowboy boot

Traditional cowboy boots often have stacked leather heels (that are quite hard) and rubber heel caps. Nowadays, cowboy boots with rubber soles are also very popular. And these two heels very easy to make click-cluck noises when walking.

This noise can be great for cowboy-style lovers, but not always good, especially if it’s too loud.

Here’s how to fix the cluck-click sound coming from the heels of cowboy boots:

Method 1: Use new heel caps

A common way to prevent your cowboy boots from making click-cluck noises is to change to new heel caps.

Cobbler is attacking rubber heel cap

The cowboy boot heel is usually made from stacked leather, so it is hard and causes cluck clicks. Or simply the cowboy boot heel is not well designed.

Option 1: There are many heel caps made from rubber for cowboy boots sold on the market today.

You just need to buy them and use glue to paste them on the heels of cowboy boots, so as to get rid of annoying click-cluck.

Option 2: You need a professional shoe repair kit, remove your old heel caps and replace them with new ones, that’s it.

This is an article to help you replace heel caps.

If you’re not confident doing that, then take your cowboy boots to a good cobbler, they know what to do.

You should use the new heel caps made from rubber. Rubber is elastic and soft so it can reduce the click-cluck sound significantly.

Method 2: Use gaffer tape

If you don’t want to replace heel caps, another method is to attach gaffer tape to the heels of cowboy boots.

gaffer tape to tape cowboy boot heels

This will help your base reduce noise when you are walking on a flat floor, marble or wooden floor.

However, when using this method, you have to change the glue quite often, which is quite an inconvenience.

The noise from the half-sole of cowboy boots

Besides the loud click-cluck sound from the heel, the cowboy boots half sole could produce annoying noise too.

Traditional cowboy boots are usually very smooth and different from other shoes. Plus, they get a very hard base, so they easily produce tab sounds.

Method 1: Resole cowboy boots

And in the same way, you can replace your half sole with a new type of half sole – softer and less tab-sounding.

resole cowboy boots

You can completely replace a half sole instead of a whole sole. And again, you can do it yourself at home or find a good cobbler to do it. (We recommend finding a cobbler, replacing soles is not as simple as replacing heel caps)

Method 2: Use gaffer tape

An easy homemade method is to use duct tape to attach to the sole of a cowboy boot. The tape will help half cowboy boots to reduce noise as you go.

duct tape and cowboy boots

This method is cheap, easy to make and effective, but sometimes annoying because you have to change the gaffer tape constantly.

Method 3: Use shoe grip rubber adhesive sole

Another effective method to help you walk quietly in cowboy boots is to use a shoe grip rubber adhesive sole.

This type of product is usually made from rubber. It keeps cowboy boots walking smoothly on a smooth and flat surface and prevents them from slipping.

The sound of squeaks emanating from cowboy boots

This is what happens with newly purchased cowboy boots. You need to identify the squeaks emanating from inside or outside the cowboy boots to get the right treatment.

To stop cowboy boots squeaking is simpler than to handle click-cluck, you can read more here:

In general, here are some ways to handle this problem:

The squeaks from inside cowboy boots:

The reason may be because the cowboy boots are moist, you can use household powder to desiccate cowboy boots. (Or you can use cornstarch, baby powder, talcum powder…)

If cowboy boots have removable insoles, replace them with new ones.

Besides, if your feet often sweat, use socks when wearing cowboy boots, cowboy boots will no longer be moist.

Tecovas Boot socks

Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Make sure your cowboy boots are dry inside, and use a hair dryer or boot dryer to ensure that cowboy boots are not damp, thereby preventing nasty squeaks.

The squeaks from the bottom of cowboy boots

In general, if the sole of a cowboy boot is too new, there is often a squeaking sound from the beginning. If so, don’t worry, the squeaking noise will disappear over time.

If you’re impatient, you should put on cowboy boots and rub the boots on the surface of the cement road. Or use sandpaper to wear out the cowboy boots a little bit, the squeak will disappear.

man wears cowboy boots and straight leg jeans standing on the road

The squeaks from the top of cowboy boots

Another reason cowboy boots make a whooping sound when you wear them is that the cowboy boot instep is too tight.

If so, you have to find ways to break in / stretch the instep of cowboy boots. There are many ways such as using a boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, steaming inside, or using a hair dryer… to stretch the instep of cowboy boots.

A boot stretcher is stretching a boot

We have very detailed instructions here!

Besides, you can use saddle soap to make the instep of cowboy boots softer and smoother, thereby avoiding the annoying squeaks.

Once again, we have a separate article on how to stop cowboy boots from squeaking here!

Some other methods to help cowboy boots get rid of squeaks, click-cluck sounds

Walk carefully

The click-cluck usually happens when you go up or down the stairs and your weight largely puts on the cowboy boots. In this case, use your hand to grip the railing to reduce your weight on cowboy boots and reduce click-cluck.

In some cases, such as entering the meeting room, you should put the ball of your foot on the ground before placing your heels, which will help reduce the noise disturbing others.

Walking slowly and gently will lessen the click-cluck, and you’ll become more elegant and confident.

Read more: How to Walk in Cowboy Boots

A woman wears black cowboy boots with black mini dress for street style.

Break in cowboy boots

If your cowboy boots are new, don’t rush, give them time.

Recently bought cowboy boots are quite new and hard, so they can cause click-cluck or squeak.

You can break in cowboy boots by wearing them often at the beginning or applying methods to accelerate the break-in process such as steam, boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, hair dryer, etc.

We have an article about break-in methods here.

Clean and condition cowboy boots thoroughly

condition black leather cowboy boots with wax and horsehair brush

Dirty cowboy boots can lead to squeaking sounds, all you need to do is clean them.

After cleaning cowboy boots, use a little conditioner to make cowboy boots soft and smooth. This will help a lot in preventing annoying squeaks.

Before you leave

Before you leave, let’s recap what we’ve learned about walking quietly in cowboy boots. We explored the challenges that arise when it comes to minimizing noise in these iconic footwear choices.

Cowboy boots, with their distinctive construction, can naturally produce click-cluck sounds, especially from the heels. However, we’ve provided effective methods to help you overcome this issue.

Remember, by adopting a mindful approach and employing the toe-to-heel walk technique, you can significantly reduce the noise generated while walking in cowboy boots.

Placing the ball of your foot first and gradually lowering your toe and heel engages the softer, cushioned parts of the boot, minimizing click-cluck sounds and creating a more considerate stride.

So, whether you’re attending a social event, exploring the town, or simply want to enjoy a quieter walk, these methods can make a noticeable difference.

A woman wears jeans with sweaters on the streets

Embrace these techniques, practice them with patience, and soon you’ll be able to master the art of walking quietly in cowboy boots.

Now, put on your favorite pair of cowboy boots and enjoy both the style and stealthiness they can offer. Happy walking!