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How To Clean The Inside of Cowboy Boots? | A Detailed Guide

How To Clean The Inside of Cowboy Boots? | A Detailed Guide

It’s a free weekend. While enjoying the sunrise in the morning, you notice your cowboy boots placed in the corner. You come and pick them up, then look at the inside.

What’s that unusual smell? Does it come from your cowboy boots? Is there mold inside your boots?

How long do you clean the inside of your cowboy boots? Admit it. I know you never do that.

Maybe you rush on wearing and taking off your cowboy boots daily. Then just leave them there, without caring about the interior because you think you always wear socks, or just because you are too lazy to do that.

You aren’t aware of it. Or because you only wear some pairs of cowboy boots a few times for attending events, dancing or going out. And then hide them in the corner after use.

But trust me, you should clean the inside of cowboy boots for many good reasons.

Why do you need to clean the inside of cowboy boots?

The inside part of cowboy boots is often ignored though it plays an important role in preserving them. This is where your feet directly touch your cowboy boots.

Many problems come from the dirty interior, which affects not only the quality of cowboy boots but also your foot health.

What can you benefit from the clean inner surface of cowboy boots? Read on.

Get rid of stinky smell, mold and fungus

Stinky feet and stinky boots are common problems when wearing any shoes/boots, especially ones with high shafts like cowboy boots.

It’s hard to avoid smelling when you wear cowboy boots. As your foot perspiration always happens when putting on your boots.

The long damp will grow bacteria and result in an unpleasant odor.

Smelly mold cowboy boots

Along with that is dirt accumulation. All of them are the ideal environment for mold and fungus growth.

Regular cleaning of the inside of cowboy boots can prevent those problems. It creates a clean interior for your feet to put on.

Maintain your foot health

As mentioned above, a dirty environment is ideal for fungal development, which affects foot health a lot.

The bacteria can stick to your socks. The damp interior also makes your feet unpleasant.

Consequently, your feet feel itchy and sore, or get pain and bunions due to this discomfort.

bunion on foot when wearing cowboy boots

Cleaning the inside will bring hygiene to your feet. You can comfortably wear cowboy boots anywhere anytime.

Keep the insole and the inner surface of cowboy boots intact

The insoles are also in direct contact with your feet. Though you wear socks, the boot insoles still get dirty with time somehow.

The unpleasant odor often comes from the insole when you let them accumulate dirt, stain, or sweat.

Cleaning the inside along with the insoles will help protect your cowboy boots from the inside.

Retain the quality of cowboy boots

Regular cleaning of the inside and outside of cowboy boots can keep their quality despite long-term use.

On the other hand, if you leave the inside of cowboy boots there without caring for them, it can decrease their quality from the inside.

Cowboy boots might get damaged lining or cracks inside. And these problems are quite hard to mend.

So, prevention is better than cure. Let’s clean the interior of your cowboy boots!

Promote good impression

To complete your glossy look, the clean interior will give you peace of mind.

If you have to remove cowboy boots, you still can be proud of a no-smell state.

You won’t hesitate to remove your cowboy boots as your feet won’t disturb others with a strange odor.

A clean look (with no unusual odor from your feet) always leaves a great impression in people’s eyes.

Imagine that, you really take care of your cowboy boots. Clean, condition, and polish them – all to achieve a glossy look.

Why do you get lazy to do the last touch: cleaning the inside? Your cowboy boots would be perfect if you do that too.

As a careful user, I just love how my footwear stays as clean and new as possible. I will try my best to preserve them for a long time.

Yes. I’m a clean freak! But who doesn’t want to wear a nice pair of cowboy boots with an impeccable state over time?

To achieve that, let’s see how long you should give the inside of cowboy boots deep care.

How do you clean the inside of cowboy boots?

First of all, if your cowboy boots have removable insoles, you should take them out for separate cleaning. This facilitates the cleaning process.

You can both clean cowboy boots and insoles more thoroughly.

How to clean the insoles of cowboy boots?

Let’s pull out your removable insoles first.

If your insoles can be washed by the washing machine. Things are simpler now. Just throw them in the machine and let it wash for you.

If your insoles don’t allow you to wash with the washing machine. Then you can wash them by hand. It just takes you some minutes.

For fabric insole

To do it, use a soft bristle brush to clean the insole first and then make it damp with water.

Apply the foam to the insole and scrub it carefully with the brush.

Once you see all the stains are gone. Then you’ve finished. Use a clean cloth to wipe clean.

Dry the insole with natural wind or a hair dryer.

For leather insole

If the insole is made of leather. You will need a dedicated leather cleaner.

Similarly, clean the insole with a brush first and dampen it with water.

Spray the leather cleaner over the surface and use the brush to scrub them thoroughly.

Once you’ve done this, use a clean rag to wipe all the excess.

Make sure the insole is dry by using natural wind or a hair dryer.

If the insole is non-removable. Then you have no choice but to clean the inside of cowboy boots. That’s why I show you the step-by-step guide below.

How to clean the inside of cowboy boots?

Let’s start cleaning the inside of your cowboy boots!

There are fabric and leather linings. Each comes with different methods and tools.

If your cowboy boots have zipper(s), unzip them and begin the cleaning process.

How to clean fabric lining

What you need:

  • Vacuum
  • A soft bristle brush
  • Fabric cleaner
  • Water spray bottle
  • A clean rag/cloth

How to do it:

Step 1. Use the soft bristle brush or a clean rag to clean all the dirt thoroughly inside. Then use a vacuum to suck all the dirt out.

Step 2. Dampen the inside of your cowboy boots with a bottle of spray water. Then spray fabric cleaner on the soft bristle brush. Use the brush to scrub the inside of cowboy boots.

Step 3. When you’ve done this, use the clean rag/cloth to clean all the excess fabric cleaner. Make sure your cowboy boots are now all clean and dry.

Step 4. Put the boot trees on your cowboy boots to absorb moisture, or you can use a boot dryer to dry them out.

How to clean leather lining

What you need:

  • Vacuum
  • A soft bristle brush
  • Leather cleaner
  • Water spray bottle
  • A clean rag/cloth

How to do it:

Step 1. Use a soft bristle brush or a clean cloth to clean the inside of cowboy boots. Then take a vacuum to suck all the dust out of the cowboy boots

Step 2. Spray a thin layer of water on the inside. Use the leather cleaner to spray directly on the interior of cowboy boots.

Step 3. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess leather cleaner. Do it carefully to make sure your boots are now all dry and clean.

Step 4. Similar to above, use the boot trees or the boot dryer to dry your cowboy boots. For more methods of drying cowboy boots, you can learn more here.

How often should you clean the inside of cowboy boots?

Actually, you should clean the inside at the same time you clean the outside of cowboy boots.

It means that you need to clean your cowboy boots thoroughly inside out. Then you won’t be afraid of any odor or deterioration of your boots. Since you have cared for them carefully.

It depends on how often you use cowboy boots to decide when to clean them.

If you regularly use cowboy boots, you should clean them every 2-3 months.

In contrast, you can clean cowboy boots every 4-6 months if you don’t use them often.

Protips: Every time you take off cowboy boots, use a rag/cloth to wipe them both outside and inside. You can use a vacuum to pull all the dirt from your cowboy boots. Then it is much easier when you give them a deep cleaning!

Final thoughts

It is easily recognized when the exterior of cowboy boots begins to wear out or get dirty. You can take care of it carefully. But the inside is usually ignored and therefore accumulates dirt over time.

However, remember that the inside of your cowboy boots is also as important as the outside.

The outer surface can protect you from external forces, while the inside directly holds your feet in there. If not cared for properly, chances are it develops bacteria inside your cowboy boots and affects your foot health.

To ensure you get the best look along with good foot health, it’s always better to care for your cowboy boots from the inside out.