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Is Blazer A Good Choice for Cowboy Boots? Your Styling Guide and Outfit Ideas

Is Blazer A Good Choice for Cowboy Boots? Your Styling Guide and Outfit Ideas

My father probably has never dreamed or thought of a day when cowboy boots and blazers could walk side by side. Blazers look too modern and formal, while cowboy boots seem to bring the traditional and distressed style.

It is fortunate that I’m a young person and have a deep love for cowboy boots, so I have a different look. I realize that cowboy boots nowadays can be worn with everything in the closet, from chinos, cargo pants, tactical pants, suits, and of course, blazers!

Today, we will talk about cowboy boots and blazers, two fashion accessories that seem impossible to match but can perfectly go together.

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Cowboy boots can absolutely go with blazers, but not all of them can. You should choose boots with an elegant style that look like a pair of dress shoes.
  • Stay away from boots that look too distressed or wild, as they will have the opposite style of a blazer.
  • How to wear cowboy boots is also very important. Pay attention, if you are a man, do not tuck long pants into cowboy boots. For women, western booties or ankle booties would be the recommended choice.

A woman wears cowboy boots with business casual (plaid skirt and suit blazer)

Cowboy Boots Today can Perfectly Match Blazers, but Not All of Them Can

If you’re a devoted cowboy boot enthusiast with years of appreciation for these timeless classics, you’re well aware of the vast array of styles that cowboy boots boast today.

Gone are the days when cowboy boots were solely associated with a rugged, distressed appearance. Contemporary brands like Lucchese and Tecovas now present a splendid blend of modernity and elegance, while still preserving the cherished essence of classic cowboy boots.

The Marshall midnight color from Tecovas

The Marshall | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

This is where the magic happens – those chic and formal cowboy boots seamlessly complement a blazer, catering to both men and women with an impeccable sense of style.

When selecting accessories to accompany a blazer, it’s essential to maintain a sense of harmony in their style.

Blazers are renowned for their opulent and refined fashion appeal, and cowboy boots should seamlessly align with this aesthetic.

A woman wears white cowboy boots with jeans, plaid blazer and stripped shirt

In contemporary times, you’ll find a plethora of cowboy boots that exude a distinct and refined allure, perfectly in sync with the blazer’s elegance.

For instance, impeccably polished bovine leather cowboy boots radiate a sense of sophistication, making them an ideal complement to a blazer.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with suits and white top

Furthermore, boots crafted from exotic leathers like caiman belly, lizard, python, or supple ostrich leather harmonize exquisitely with a blazer.

Caiman belly and python leather showcase exquisite, upscale scales, while lizard leather boasts remarkably uniform textures.

A woman wears exotic cowboy boots with jacket in the town

Conversely, smooth ostrich leather displays enchanting natural wrinkles, contributing to a harmonious, refined appearance that enhances most formal ensembles.

The Waston smooth ostrich boots from Tecovas

The Waston | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Not All Cowboy Boots Are a Good Choice

Nevertheless, not all cowboy boots are a suitable choice, as I mentioned earlier. Distressed boots, with their rugged and worn appearance, should be definitely excluded from consideration.

The stark contrast in style between such footwear and a refined blazer is something to avoid. After all, when you think of blazers, you typically picture them paired with dress shoes, not steel-toe work boots, right?

In essence, it’s a clear rule: don’t wear cowboy work boots with a blazer.

do not wear cowboy work boots with a blazer

The key point to remember is that the more your cowboy boots align with the sophistication of dress shoes, the better.

Fortunately, in contemporary times, finding such stylish cowboy boots that fit this criteria is relatively easy.

So, it’s essential to understand that not just any pair of cowboy boots from your collection will harmonize seamlessly with a blazer.

Wearing Cowboy Boots and a Blazer Properly

Moving on, achieving a harmonious balance between cowboy boots and a blazer requires careful consideration of how to wear them together.

For men, it’s advisable to ensure that the boot shaft fits neatly inside your trousers, allowing sufficient room for the pant width to cover it entirely. This approach results in a clean and seamless top-to-bottom appearance.

The Nolan black version from Tecovas

The Nolan | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

A practice that many Texans, especially men, steer clear of these days is tucking their pants into cowboy boots.

When the elaborately patterned shafts of cowboy boots take center stage, they can convey a sense of ostentation, potentially overshadowing the rest of your outfit.

Conversely, women enjoy more freedom and a wider array of choices when it comes to styling. The decision to tuck their pants into the boot shafts or not largely depends on personal taste.

A woman wears black sexy suits with black cowboy boots

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see women confidently flaunting cowboy boots with shafts covering their slim pants, paired with stylish blazers. The result? A truly fantastic look!

However, the boot shaft is typical of the West with a special style, so you should consider if it is suitable to appear in elegant, formal or luxurious places.

In today’s fashion landscape, women have the option to explore western booties or ankle boots, which exude exceptional style and class while seamlessly enhancing the blazer ensemble.

In my view, these boots represent wonderful choices that merit your consideration.

A woman wears short boots with jeans and blazer

But, lastly, in the playful dance of fashion, you make the rules. Why not pair your go-to blazer with a flirty skirt, a sun-kissed dress, or playful shorts?

A woman wears cowboy boots with tights, black skirt and black top and red coat

Slide into those cowboy boots and strut out the door with an unexpected twist.

It’s your world to style, where the classic blazer is no longer just for the boardroom but becomes a versatile piece for your every adventure, playful and chic in equal measure.

A woman wears cowboy boots with mini dress and blazer

Cowboy Boots and Blazers Outfit Ideas

Cowboy boots and blazers, seemingly distinct in their styles, can create a harmonious symphony of fashion when combined thoughtfully.

This section is your guide to exploring a myriad of outfit ideas that seamlessly blend the rugged allure of cowboy boots with the refined elegance of blazers.

So, let your creativity flourish, and let’s dive into a world of endless possibilities, where every outfit becomes a canvas for your unique style expression.

1. Start by slipping into a sharp, structured blazer – think of a pattern that stands out, like a classic check or plaid. Pair it with a matching short skirt for a cohesive and confident look.

A woman wears brown cowboy boots with brown suits

Step into a pair of high cowboy boots, preferably in a solid color like caramel or tan, to add that unexpected Western flair.

This outfit is a power move for creative professionals or the fashion-forward attendee at an art gallery opening.

2. For a look that plays with contrast, pair a sleek, modern blazer in a light color with edgy leather pants. It’s a mix of professional meets rock ‘n’ roll.

The blazer should have clean lines and a fitted shape, while the pants can be relaxed and a bit slouchy.

Black cowboy boots, with a touch of shine or interesting texture, will tie the whole outfit together. Add a structured handbag to keep the look polished.

This look takes you from a trendy rooftop party to an upscale lounge with its chic, modern edge.

A woman wears a stylish suit blazer, leather trousers and black cowboy boots

3. Sometimes, less is more. Go for a monochromatic ensemble with a softly sleeveless blazer and straight-leg pants in a neutral hue.

A simple, white tee underneath keeps it understated, while creamy white cowboy boots add a dash of Western chic without overpowering the outfit.

This combination is effortlessly stylish and works for a variety of occasions, from casual coffee runs to a day at the office.

A woman wears white cowboy boots with stylish suit

4. There’s something about a perfectly fitted suit that exudes confidence. Choose a light-colored suit that complements your skin tone and fits like a glove.

The blazer should be buttoned just right, creating a flattering silhouette.

For a subtle nod to cowboy culture, opt for ankle-high cowboy boots in a white or off-white shade that matches the suit.

This get-up is the definition of office chic, ideal for making a statement in the boardroom or at networking events.

A woman wears white cowboy boots with suit.

5. Sometimes, an outfit needs just a splash of color. Start with a bright, solid-colored dress – think of a vibrant green or blue.

Top it with a long, dark blazer to keep it grounded. Pull on a pair of cowboy boots with some personality – perhaps with a pattern or texture to them.

Sheer polka-dot tights add a playful touch that’s sure to draw the eye.

This vibrant number is just right for a weekend art stroll or adding a touch of sunshine to any daytime outing.

Fashionable woman in blazer and green silk dress

6. Pair a classic tweed blazer with a light, floral dress for a feminine yet sophisticated look. Black cowboy boots will add a dash of modern style to the timeless fabric of the blazer.

It’s an ideal way to show off your boots and your flair for combining patterns and textures.

A woman wears black cowboy boots, dress and blazer

As for the bag, a classic crossbody in a neutral color would keep your essentials close without detracting from the outfit’s charm.

This stylish combination is perfect for a casual catch-up with friends or exploring the charming streets of your favorite city.

7. Go for a boho-chic look with a lightweight, pastel-colored blazer over a whimsical, flowy dress. Choose cowboy boots in a soft suede material to keep the vibe laid-back and earthy.

This outfit is all about playing with soft textures and patterns to create a relaxed and refined look. A large leather tote can complete the ensemble, offering a practical touch to this dreamy outfit.

This breezy and beautiful outfit is your companion for a relaxed yet fashionable weekend, from market meandering to a casual brunch.

A woman wears cowboy boots with a layered dress and blazer

8. For those with a bold sense of style, match a striking coat with a dark dress. This is the kind of outfit that works just as well for a day at the office as it does for a night out.

The boots here are key – choose a sleek pair of cowboy boots that make the outfit pop.

This sleek and sophisticated choice is ready to take on a day of urban exploration or a night out at the theater.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with black dress and tan blazer

9. Combine light-washed denim with a crisp white shirt tucked in neatly, and top it off with a light-colored blazer for a breezy, casual chic ensemble.

Cowboy boots in black add a dash of boldness to this airy outfit, making it perfect for a day out in the city or a casual brunch with friends.

A woman wears suit blazer, jeans, black cowboy bốt and a white blouse

10. Elevate your style with a chocolate brown blazer, seamlessly layered over a soft, turtle-neck top.

Pair this with bright, mustard-colored trousers for a pop of color, and complete the look with taupe cowboy boots that compliment the earthy tones of the outfit.

This look is ideal for when you want to make a statement at the office or an evening event.

A woman wears short cowboy boots with orange cargo pants, turtleneck and coat

11. A long, plaid blazer over a simple denim shirt pairs beautifully with skin-tight jeans, creating a sleek silhouette.

Black cowboy boots will give the outfit a touch of edginess. This is a great look for transitioning from a day at work to an evening dinner with ease.

A woman wears denim on denim with a paid blazer

12. For a more structured outfit, choose a blazer with a strong shoulder silhouette, paired with a form-fitting leather skirt.

Black cowboy boots bring an unexpected western twist to this powerful look, suitable for making an impression at any professional or social setting.

A woman wears leather skirt, sweater, cowboy boots, and suit coat

13. Elevate your style with a white ruffled blouse and light trousers for a clean, unified look.

Drape a white scarf for added elegance and top with a long neutral coat for sophistication.

Finish with beige cowboy boots for a chic, monochrome outfit perfect for any fashion-forward wardrobe.

A woman wears cowboy boots with outfit in the same shade of color

14. Finally, for a sleek and modern vibe, go for all-black. Combine black skinny jeans with a chic, dark blazer and a matching long coat.

Black cowboy boots will complete this look, giving it an air of city-sleek modernity, perfect for the fashion-forward individual.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with all black outfit

Before You Leave

Overall, with the ongoing innovation and style evolution, you can definitely find cowboy boots that go well with your blazer.

In essence, the key principle to remember is to a perfect style blend when combining cowboy boots with a blazer or any outfit. Cowboy boots with elegant vamps, akin to what you might find in dress shoes, to achieve a great look.

Also, consider where you’ll be wearing them and how formal the place is. By paying attention to these details, you’ll be able to create a fantastic fashion combination that suits the occasion.

Wishing you the best of luck in crafting your ideal cowboy boot and blazer look! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.