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Can You Wear Cowboy Boots with Tactical Pants?

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots with Tactical Pants?

We still know that cowboy boots and jeans with flared bottom legs are the best and most popular choices.

But what if one day you want to find a novelty? An unusual style that doesn’t make you feel silly? That’s when you can try to match cowboy boots with tactical pants.

Although tactical pants are a good choice for cowboy boots, you still need to keep a few things in mind, and to avoid any styling mistakes, this article is for you!

We will analyze in detail to tell you why tactical pants are a good choice and how to harmoniously combine them with cowboy boots.

Let’s check it out!

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots with Tactical Pants?

It can be said that in addition to the familiar jeans like bootcut or straight cut jeans, you can wear any other type of pants with cowboy boots, as long as you feel it’s beautiful. Therefore, tactical pants can completely be in the same wardrobe as your cowboy boots.

Modern cowboy boots are very versatile footwear and are great for the outdoors thanks to their high comfort, good protection and especially impressive durability. They can completely go with tactical pants that also possess the same properties.

If you’re in need of an outdoorsy combo, cowboy boots and tactical pants should be at the top of the list. This combination also brings many breakthroughs in style.

It helps you look younger and fresher but still keeps a clean look compared to the coordination of cowboy boots and jeans.

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However, not all tactical pants turn out to be a huge hit with cowboy boots, especially in style. Here are some things you need to avoid.

One of the most popular styles of cowboy boots is that they don’t show the shaft of the boot. Because of this, people often don’t tuck the bottom legs into cowboy boots, and you should do the same if your job doesn’t require it.

Interestingly, the bottom legs of tactical pants are also quite wide and have enough room for you to tuck the boot shaft in. And this is also what you should consider most when buying tactical pants to wear with cowboy boots.

The bottom legs of tactical pants are not as narrow as some pants like jogger pants, but also are not as wide as bootcut jeans. Therefore, when buying tactical pants, you need to choose jeans with a bottom that is wide enough to accommodate the entire boot shaft.

If the bottom legs of tactical pants are not wide enough, the patterns and especially the V shape of the collar will print on the surface of tactical pants and create an unflattering look.

Don’t worry, you can easily find tactical pants with wide pant legs because many people who wear tactical pants with military boots or tactical boots also like this style. Not everyone wants to blouse pants like when wearing military tactical boots.

Man wear cowboy boots with tactical pants and riding a horse

Choosing cowboy boots to go with tactical pants is also quite important. The most important thing is their color.

Most tactical pants are usually tan, khaki, or dark colors. Therefore, it will be great if cowboy boots also have similar colors to create harmony in style and color.

Don’t choose cowboy boots that are too trendy or out of style with flashy colors, just a pair of boots with a classic or work style is enough to create a clean look.

*Work-style cowboy boots: Today, many types of cowboy boots are born to support heavy jobs such as construction sites. Therefore, they are reinforced more thoroughly, so they look more rugged and rough.


All in all, tactical pants are absolutely a great choice to wear with cowboy boots. Just remember that in terms of style, never tuck the bottom legs of these pants into cowboy boots.

Also, make sure the bottom legs have enough room to accommodate the boot shaft. Don’t let the textures or V shape of cowboy boots stay on top of pants just because the bottom legs are too tight.

Finally, make sure cowboy boots and tactical pants are consistent in color and style. Choose classic, easy-to-match colors and stay away from flashy colors.

That’s all!