How to Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country? | Reveal 5 ways of Coordinating

The annual fashion trend is always changing and gives girls hundreds of choices.

To follow such a trend, girls start to search for how to coordinate with cowboy boots. There are a variety of choices such as skirts, dresses, short jeans, etc. These are both dynamic and trendy items in girls’ wardrobe. However, how to wear cowboy boots without looking country?

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Now, join us to know how to wear cowboy boots without looking country.

Let’s check it out and choose the best style you love below!

How to Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country?

Girls should determine what kind of cowboy boots you’re going to wear: standard cowboy boots (13″ to 14″), knee high cowboy boots, or ankle cowboy boots.

From there, let’s choose the outfit that best suits your body shape and style to go with your cowboy boots without looking country.

Classic style: cowboy boots with a short skirt or dress

Well, you want to match your cowboy boots with something in your wardrobe. But you don’t know how to pair them perfectly? If you aren’t sure about styling, just go with a dress or a short skirt. Skirt or dress are always familiar items in girls’ closet, but they are enough to stir this summer when matching with cowboy boots.

Don’t worry about being boring with a checkered dress and classic knee-high boots.

Just make a little change (maybe some accessories), you will become the focus of attention in this dynamic summer.

Cowboy boots with short skirts have never been an outdated outfit when it is easy to style and brings you an attractive, youthful and beautiful appearance. You can completely rely on your own taste to change a bit to have a different and creative outfit.

If you have a perfect body with a slender waist and slim legs, don’t hesitate to put on this combination, you’ll be attractive anyway.

Cowboy boots with neutral tones are always the perfect choice for dynamic short skirts. If you are a fashion trend-follower, you must know this unwritten rule in mixing clothes.

When combining cowboy boots and short skirts (office dresses), you should choose black, tan boots. This way, you would have an elegant and noble ensemble.

In addition, combining cowboy boots with plain plaid skirts give you a simple yet mysterious look.

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Chic look: cowboy boots with a sweater dress

A sweater dress always brings a soft and gentle feeling to the viewers.

For petite girls, they will look stylish and lovely when matching cowboy boots with a sweater dress.

Otherwise, for traditional girls, mixing cowboy boots with sweater dresses brings them a chic and sexy look.

This outfit is perfect for a weekend coffee or an afternoon stroll with friends.

You can also wear them to night parties without worrying that it will affect your elegance and courtesy.

Dynamic fashion: cowboy boots with shorts

It’s not too much to say that short jeans and cowboy boots are a perfect couple. If you want to own a cool outfit without being out of style, this combination is the best choice.

Besides classic fashion pieces such as leather pants or jackets, simple shorts always bring a stylish, dynamic look for women when combined with boots.

Short jeans are easy to pair with boots. No matter what type of boots, whether classic (traditional boots) or modern (ankle boots), short jeans come great with them and offer a modern and sexy style.

Simple but attractive, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular combinations for this spring-summer fashion trend.

If you want to create an accent in others’ eyes, add an extra sheer shirt to increase the charm when going with cowboy boots. Don’t forget to adorn yourself with a noble red lipstick.

Some accessories such as statement rings or layering rings give you an extraordinary look when going downtown or coffee with friends.

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Glamorous look: zipper cowboy boots with distressed jeans

A zipper cowboy boot is one of the boots with quite convenient design. It is beautiful and easy to mix and match with many types of costumes.

A zipper cowboy boot with distressed jeans – this combination creates a dusty but equally glamorous look.

You should cuff your pants at the bottom to balance the overall appearance. This way creates the illusion that your legs are longer and slimmer.

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Attitude: be confident like the real cowgirls

Cowboys and cowgirls aren’t famous just because of their appearance, but also for their attitude.

Confidence, swagger and arrogance – that make the beauty of a true cowgirl.

Every scheme or every transformation, all nonsense if you keep head down to the ground. Keep your head up, and you will have the comprehensive beauty with your beloved cowboy boots.

Let your class do the talking! Cowboy boots won’t be what define you, you are the one who defines cowboy boots.

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Tips for the best look with cowboy boots

  • For tall girls

If you have an ideal height with long legs, you can freely choose any pair of boots you like as long as it suits your outfit.

  • For short girls

Girls with short legs should avoid choosing cowboy boots that have a scallop with lots of fur or knee high cowboy boots. These boots make your legs look shorter, and the overall appearance isn’t balanced.

The second thing to note for short-legged girls is not to wear cowboy boots with flat soles. They make your legs look bigger.

  • Choose right size cowboy boots

Don’t wear too tight cowboy boots or they deform your skin and your toes. Otherwise, too large cowboy boots are also no good. They make you look not very unsightly because the boots don’t sit straight on your legs and it’s difficult for walking.

You will look elegant and fashionable when matching a short skirt or short dress with over-knee cowboy boots. Adding a turtleneck, now you get a perfect set of clothes.

  • Choose suitable types of boots

You should clearly distinguish the different types of cowboy boots.

Depending on the boots’ type, consider choosing a suitable outfit and accessories to go with them. Also, the colors of boots are worth considering too. Yes, color is very important when matching with clothes! Don’t hesitate, sometimes colorful boots create a beautiful contrast with your dress!

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The evolution of cowboy boots has brought new beauty and a new look in fashion.

You ladies can get the look you want, as long as you know how to work with cowboy boots.

That will help you complete your appearance in others’ eyes. So, spend your time researching and finding the best ensembles for your style.

Anyway, I hope you know how to wear cowboy boots without looking country.

Good luck!

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