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10 Best Skirts to Wear with Cowboy Boots in 2023

10 Best Skirts to Wear with Cowboy Boots in 2023

Every woman wears skirts, or if she doesn’t wear them often, there will be at least one skirt in her wardrobe.

Dresses and boots are a great pairing for any stylish girl. But if you’re not the kind of cheesy girl, you can still become more individually impressive with a glowing skirt and a pair of cowboy boots.

In general, cowboy boots when combined with any skirt will shine your uniqueness and impression.

With bold designs, the boots can reduce excessive femininity or increase personality to the extent you want, in combination with outfits.

The classic combination is cowboy boots and jeans, but skirts and cowboy boots will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can pair cowboy boots with skirts for Bohemian, vintage, or whatever you want.

Even a professional business look can be done as long as you know how to choose the right material, color and design of the skirt to go with your cowboy boots.

Now, let us just break down what skirts to wear with cowboy boots and how to wear the duo properly.

How to choose a skirt to wear with cowboy boots?

There are several dozen cowboy boots and thousands of skirts out there in the market. So how do you choose the best duo?

Colors, materials, purpose, and weather are some main aspects that you need to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on any item.

Let’s find out below!


The purpose of the combination with skirts and cowboy boots is the first thing you should consider.

For business dressing, choose A-line skirts or office pencil skirts which are minimalist in design as well as using typical fabrics for office wear.

A smart choice is to pick a skirt that is the same color or nearly the same color as the cowboy boots.

You will have a professional and consistent overall look instead of looking like a chameleon in the meeting.

If you wear cowboy boots to picnics or outings, wear what you want!

You can be either colorful or stylish as long as you feel most confident and comfortable in that outfit and boots.

High-low, handkerchief, circle, or even bubble skirt designs with cowboy boots are all perfect for showing up your personality and impression, but keep in mind to mix the colors properly!


The color of cowboy boots is important to consider when thinking about how to mix with a skirt.

Usually, boots that are in dark tones and possess basic colors like black or dark brown are extremely easy to coordinate with any skirt design.

For example, classic brown and black cowboy boots with wrinkled, embroidered leather patterns on the body can be worn with a Boho high-low skirt for outings and can also be combined with an A-line skirt to wear at the office.

But if you have a pair of cowboy boots in bold and glossy color variations like red, green, purple, silver, or gold, well, I think you better wear them for parties or shows if the dress code is matched.

You should not burn the eyes of people around you when wearing these shining babies just to go shopping at the supermarket or to drink coffee.


The material of the skirt will create your style when combined with cowboy boots.

There is no set standard for what material of skirt should be worn with cowboy boots and what material should not.

Because cowboy boots are footwear that can go with any material as long as you pair the right one.

Yet, there is still a general rule for the combination that there must be mutual reciprocity between materials.

If your boots look too stiff, choose a soft-styled skirt and vice versa.

For example, you wear a calf-length leather skirt that looks pretty sturdy, but you still want to look feminine and soft in that outfit.

If worn with a pair of classic 12-inch cowboy boots with wrinkled leather and heavy embroidery, your lower half will look as bulky as boots.

Let’s go with ankle cowboy boots, they will show part of your legs and will make you appear noticeably taller and slimmer. That’s how you look more feminine and stylish.

Conversely, if you’re wearing an ankle-length maxi skirt in soft chiffon, wear a pair of traditional 12-inch cowboy boots with wrinkled leather and lots of embroidered detailing.

These two materials support each other so that you look both feminine in a maxi skirt but equally impressive in cowboy boots.


You may think the weather has nothing to do with choosing a skirt for cowboy boots, but in fact, the weather affects psychology, emotion, and performance in that outfit a lot.

In winter, choose bold colors like red, blue, or yellow to dispel the darkness, gloom, and cold around.

A pair of cowboy boots in Burgundy red will go great with a black pencil skirt and sweater. You will stand out in a very sophisticated and fashionable way.

But if you wear Burgundy boots on hot days, watch out you’re making some people around you feel more annoyed and stressed than ever.

A pair of high collar cowboy boots under the sun is also not a good pick if you do not need to protect your feet carefully.

Ankle cowboy boots make your feet feel more breathable, light, and flexible in hot and irritable conditions.

What types of skirts are suitable for cowboy boots?

Any type of skirt can be worn with cowboy boots.

What you need to decide are colors, material, shape, and the most important aspect is the purpose of use when it comes to combining together.

A-line skirts

A-line skirt  is a classic skirt design used mostly for professional office style.

This design features a triangle shape with a tight waist and extending downwards to the knee or shin.

Most A-line skirt designs are plain and quite minimalistic. The fabric and materials are also very diverse with optional textures according to preferences.

With a skirt at a little below the knee, you can wear 10-12 inch high cowboy boots. Your legs will still be partially exposed and this will make them look longer.

If you feel a bit clumsy with the above combination, you can choose a pair of ankle cowboy boots with heels about 2 inches high.

Get the best use of the principle of “ton sur ton” to coordinate cowboy boots and outfits. You will look fashionable and sophisticated in any condition.

Straight skirts

Straight skirts are another type of skirt that many women tend to wear at work.

This type of skirt usually has a shape that pulls vertically from the waist down to a little below the knee or shin.

This type of item is quite picky. If you have wide hips or a pear-shaped body, this skirt will show all the imperfections of your body.

To wear cowboy boots with straight skirts, you can pair them with ankle high or 8-inch high boots.

This will make your legs look longer. A heel height of about 1.3 – 2 inches is considered suitable for all uses.

Maxi skirt

Personally, I love how comfortable and feminine vibes that maxi skirt can give you.

When wearing it with cowboy boots, people will be more impressed by how vintage and boho you look.

Maxi skirts are often worn to the beach, so they are made with soft and breathable materials like chiffon or rayon and are a sort of floor or ankle length.

You can become a Bohemian if you wear a white maxi skirt with traditional wrinkled leather cowboy boots or you can also create a vintage look as desired in this duo.

High and low skirts

High-low skirts are quite a favorite fashion item and became a trend about 10 years ago.

They have a great advantage in that the wide shape helps to hide the shortcomings of pear-shaped people.

The material of the skirt is usually quite soft, thus bringing femininity, grace, and loveliness for the wearer.

In addition, they also have a low cut in the front and a long down at the back. This helps to create the illusion that the wearer’s legs are longer and slimmer.

I think 8-10 inches of cowboy boots when combined with high-low skirts will reduce the feeling of femininity and increase coolness and charisma in the overall style.

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts have a light A-shape with pleats running down the entire skirt. That’s why it’s called pleated skirts.

The length of the skirt is usually below the knee or shin. The width of the skirt can also vary according to different designs.

You can wear it with ankle cowboy boots or 8-inch cowboy boots.

However, if your boots have too heavy embroidery on the body, we suggest choosing a pleated skirt with a minimalist pleated design and avoid the one that is being too wide, which will make the overall messy and less sophisticated.

Bubble skirts

Bubble skirts are skirts that are playful and possess a very cute design.

Teenage girls or those who love youthful style are often in love with this type of skirt. They used to be a hot fashion item from Disney movies.

The design features unordered pleats and slightly bulges from the waistband to the hem.

Usually, skirts are thigh-length or above the knee. Therefore, when worn with cowboy boots, they will make the legs look slimmer and longer.

In addition, the high collar boots also reduce the sexy feeling due to the shortness of the skirt.

If you have a pair of boots in basic colors like black or brown, you can wear them with skirts in neutral colors like grey variations or bold colors like neon green, red or yellow.

Overall, it will still look very fashionable. You can also wear Buckaroo boots with bubble skirts.

Mini skirts

Mini-skirt can be said to be a variation of A-line or straight skirts but with a shorter length (usually above the knee or thigh).

The skirt can be slightly extended A-style or straight form. But it all brings a youthful and extremely dynamic feeling to the wearer.

You can combine this skirt with any line of cowboy boots. If you choose boots with high heels, you will have an extremely sexy and seductive style.

If you wear it with boots with square-off soles and low heels, you will have an attractive and dynamic style.

The material of the mini-skirt is very diverse and easy to transform into many styles with cowboy boots.

You can choose a khaki fabric that provides a bit more structure when worn.

Or you can also choose a soft material like cotton or Buckram fabric with a softer form. All can be combined perfectly with cowboy boots.

Circular skirts

Circular skirts are a type of skirt worn by skaters. It is cut round and wide open, creating a naturally folded form that bulges and falls loosely downwards.

The length of the skirt can vary depending on the design and preferences, it can be above the knee, below the knee, or reach the shin.

The longer the skirt length, the wider the natural flare.

If you’re wearing cowboy boots with circular skirts, knee-length skirts should be worn with turtleneck boots, and knee-length skirts should be worn with ankle boots.

This will balance the overall outfit so that it doesn’t make you look too sloppy and flashy.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are seen as a fashion standard of the office. They have a tight fit and are usually black, creating a clean and professional look.

We rarely wear pencil skirts when at home or going out because honestly, this skirt brings a lot of discomfort to the wearer.

For your sake, we recommend wearing a pencil skirt with ankle cowboy boots. The shoes will provide the flexibility and breathability needed for the wearer.

How do you wear cowboy boots with skirts?

How to wear cowboy boots with skirts, well, it’s as simple as putting on those two things at once, right!

Just kidding, the problem of coordination is not that simple. You need to pay attention to the material, length, and color.

Regarding color, always follow the rule of “ton sur ton” consistently between 2 of the 3 (or 4) items you wear.

This means that if you wear a pair of black cowboy boots, you should wear a shirt with some black details or wear a black jacket.

This will make your overall outfit more eye-catching and reasonable. This principle is also important if you need to dress professionally in business.

In terms of material, keep in mind that cowboy boots are usually made of leather, so the shape of the boots is often quite stiff and bulky (for high collar types).

Therefore, choose minimal skirt designs with few details and avoid materials that are too thick that make your lower body look rigid.

Regarding the length of the skirt, to avoid looking sloppy, follow the general and safest rule of “short on top, long on bottom or long on top, short on bottom”.

This means trying to show some space between the hem of your skirt and the collar of your shoe.

If your skirt is too long (like ankle length), wear short cowboy boots and vice versa. It makes your legs look longer and your style is more elegant and comfortable.

10 Best skirts to wear with cowboy boots

Now we have gathered around some good things for you. These 10 best skirts to wear with cowboy boots will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Wedding Planning Women’s A-Line Skirt

WDPL Women's A-Line High Waist Short Knee Length Ruffles Party Tulle Skirt (Dusty Pink, Small)
  • Length: 24"
  • Waist size*...
  • Tulle Fabric with one layer liner, if you receive the skirt in satin fabric, just turn the tulle...

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you have a dream of being a princess, let’s just be a cool princess with this Wedding Planning Knee-length Tulle Prom Party Skirt and cowboy boots.

There are dozens of colors for you to mix with your boots, no matter how the boots look.

This type of skirt is more like a combination of pleated skirts and circular skirts on a piece of unique and flamboyant tulle fabric.

Click image for more information

This is a perfect option to pair with cowboy boots, especially high-heeled ankle cowboy boots.

You can mix either neutral colors or bold colors or contrast colors between boots and skirts.

You will definitely stand out from the crowd but still possess a very elegant and feminine vibe. The skirt may be a bit tight, yet fairly comfortable to any body shape.

The design also comes up with different lengths including knee height, above the knee, and calf height.

We recommend pairing with a sheath shirt/ blouse in black, white, or neutral colors.

You can also wear a leather jacket in the same color as cowboy boots when teaming with this skirt. That would be so trendy!


  • A wide selection of sizes
  • 5-layers of tulle along with 1-layer lining to build the bulge
  • Wide selection of colors, patterns, and lengths to choose
  • Very elastic and stable closure


  • Very hot and less breathable

2. CATALOG CLASSICS Women’s White Peasant Skirt

CATALOG CLASSICS Womens Long Boho Skirt - Cotton Lace Womens Skirts Midi Length White, XL
  • CALF LENGTH WOMEN'S SKIRTS - Be stylish and carefree in an ultra-feminine, lacy peasant skirt. Falls...
  • A PRETTY HIPPIE SKIRT FOR ANY SEASON - Combine this bohemian skirt with a cute tank top and sandals...
  • COOL AND CASUAL SKIRT - A versatile addition to your boho clothes collection, this long summer skirt...

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Wanna be a Boho girl in cowboy boots? Let’s up for this CATALOG CLASSIC Women’s White Lace Skirt.

The skirt is calf-length and has a slight A-line shape on a cotton base with a certain amount of stretch.

The material is well-made to build classy and ultra-feminine vibes for the wearers.

If you wanna hide your wide or fatty hips, this skirt is perfect for you. Boho white lace patterns running vertically make the legs look longer when worn.

Click image for more information

In particular, you can wear it with ankle cowboy boots or high collar cowboy boots for a breezy look at the beach or a Boho/Vintage look at the mountain landscape.

You can feel very comfortable fitting around the waist and embrace gently around the hips.

The crinkle pattern makes a good match with wrinkled classic cowboy boots.

You can either wear the same white lacy design blouse with the skirt and cowboy boots to attend Boho parties or can wear it with a regular shirt at home.

Overall, this skirt is extremely versatile. But due to its white, it can get dirty quickly if you don’t take care of it and wash it thoroughly.


  • 100 high-quality cotton fabric
  • Elastic and comfortable closure
  • Calf length with lacy Boho and crinkle patterns


  • Easy to get dirty and discolored when washed with other clothes.

3. Relipop Women’s Floral Flared Short Skirt

Relipop Women's Floral Flared Short Skirt Polka Dot Pleated Mini Skater Skirt with Drawstring
  • BRAND INTRODUCTION: Relipop is a registered trademark. We are committed to providing high quality...
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: 95% Polyester+5% Cotton, soft, comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly, comfy to...
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Floral/Polka dot print makes you more fashion. High elastic waist makes you more...

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Looking for something playful and energetic to pair with cowboy boots, take the whole new level of your girliness with this Relipop Women Floral Flared Polka Dot Mini Skirt.

It features a very dynamic vibe with polka dot patterns and flared form downward. And yes, this skirt and high collar cowboy boots are an incredibly classic combination.

Click image for more information

You can just add a white shirt, a leather jacket in the same color as cowboy boots, and a trilby hat, boom! You now look so classy and high-fashion in that outfit!

This type of skirt has been very popular for a long period of time. Until now, it is still the trend to be used.

You can wear it to attend parties, dancing or any special occasions (except formal dressing requirements).

Besides, the drawstring is very comfortable to fit around your waist. With a 2-tier design, they are subtle to help you hide the flaws of wide and fat hips. Your legs will look slimmer.

The skirt is made from polyester and cotton which is good at breathability and stretch to make you feel comfortable.


  • Well-made polyester and cotton fabric
  • Thigh- or over the knee length
  • A wide selection of colors, printed dots, and floral patterns
  • Comfortable drawstring closure
  • A wide selection of size


  • Wrinkle folds and rough feel may occur

4. MANER Women’s Sequin Skirt

MANER Women's Sequin Skirt Sparkle Stretchy Bodycon Mini Skirts Night Out Party (X-Small, Silver Grey)
  • mini length sequin club skirt, full lining to protect the skin. stretchy bodycon skirt, slim fit for...
  • high elastic waistband, fits for most body shape, handy to put on and off. full deco with concave...
  • Occasion: Formal Party, Dating, dancing, clubwear, night, club, going out, cocktail party, Banquet,...

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Let’s stand out in the crowd with this mesmerizing MANER sequin skirt and cowboy boots. You are up to rock the whole night out!

This mini skirt possesses a very bulky and stiff look with sequin sparkles all over the outer surface.

But it is sketchy, indeed, which makes your dance moves smoothly and comfortably for long hours.

Click image for more information

Due to the sketchiness, it has a slim-fit look as well as fits perfectly any type of body shape and size without giving bulge or discomfort.

But it will be a little less breathable while wearing it. Sitting on this skirt will also be a bit uncomfortable due to its stiff and dense sequin sewn construction on the outer.

Therefore, the skirt makes itself an excellent choice for a bling party with high-collar cowboy boots.

Many said the skirt is well-made and well-stitched that can be worn and washed many times without losing the stitch.

Besides, the sequin detail doesn’t have a cheap look, it is well-finished and won’t destroy your classy bling vibe.

Overall, it is a great choice for dressing colorful Christmas or New Year parties with knee-high cowboy boots.


  • Quality 100% polyester fabric
  • Sequin sparkles details all over the surfaces
  • A wide selection of colors and decorated patterns
  • Thigh- or knee length
  • Comfortable closure
  • Slim-fit form


  • The skirt is way a bit short for some people

5. Urban CoCo Women’s Sheer Tutu Skirt

Urban CoCo Women's Sheer Tutu Skirt Tulle Mesh Layered Midi Skirt (S, Nude Pink)
  • Women's high waist handkerchief tulle tutu midi skirt
  • Two layer,one layer Lining inside,waistband is made of elastic, so stretches to fit a range of sizes...
  • Suit for Party,Bridal Shower, Casual outings ,Birthday Party,Fancy Party,Costume ect.

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Another ultra-feminine skirt with cowboy boots, Urban Coco Tutu Mesh Midi Skirt will soften the heart of anyone who sees wearing it.

The skirt features a very girly look with multi-layers of mesh stacked on top of each other to create a bulge that extends to the calf.

This is definitely what you need for a birthday party, a wedding, or even a ballet costume.

Click image for more information

The large-sized black elastic rubber band not only brings a better fit but also helps to shape your waist in a slimmer way.

The mesh doesn’t bother your skin and comfort. Instead, it is very soft and breathable.

Wearing the skirt with cowboy boots, you are going to receive a rain of compliments for having a cool and classy appearance.

The producer provides a wide range of colors to mix and match whatever you like to.

However, some said the waistband will be a little snug that you should try in person or get a bigger size.

The design of the skirt is a bit messy and ruffle.

I think it’s better to mix with a minimalist skirt design. It will balance the overall look to make your appearance more delicate and classy.


  • 100% comfortable polyester
  • Large-sized black rubber waistband
  • Elastic closure provided
  • Multi ruffle mesh layers
  • Hand wash and soft soap requirement
  • A wide selection of colors


  • Easy to be torn off if not careful.

6. Soojun Women’s A-line Long Flowy Skirts

Soojun Women's Solid Cotton Linen Retro Vintage A-line Long Flowy Skirts
  • Elastic Waist, Skirts with Pockets, Fashion design
  • Petite: Length(Top to bottom) 80cm / 31.5"
  • Average: Length(Top to bottom) 90cm / 35.5"

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A long A-line floor skirt, this Soojun Women Solid Cotton Skirt gives you a vintage and Korean vibe.

The A-line shape extending to the ankle can hide the flaws of your body shape pretty well, especially if you have fatty and super thick and muscular legs.

You are going to discover your feminine side yourself in this skirt. This makes a perfect match with cowboy boots no matter ankle boots or high-collar boots.

You will look like an innocent girl in that outfit.

Click image for more information

Besides, the skirt is very versatile that you can wear almost everything for daily use, photography, going out, or even business if you pick the right color and mix them properly with cowboy boots.

Sheath blouses and shirts are a better option to wear with this skirt as they will make you look neater and organized.

The material is comfortable with half cotton and half linen. It does bring some wrinkles while wearing but won’t stay too deep.

Overall, the skirt is very well-made but it seems to run a little bit bigger.

Moreover, the skirt has two side pockets for you to put your hands in if you don’t know where to put them.


  • Well-made fabrics of linen and cotton
  • Comfortable elastic closure that fits well around the waist
  • Side pockets provided
  • Floor/ankle lengths
  • Natural weave material for comfort and skin-friendliness


  • The size seems to run smaller.

7. Urban CoCo Women’s Vintage A-Line Long Midi Skirt

Urban CoCo Women's Vintage Elastic Waist A-Line Long Midi Skirt
  • Suede nap
  • The skirt is made of soft and high-quality fabric with strong elasticity, which makes you very...
  • Women's fashion loose hem MIDI skirt, solid color design makes the skirt look simple and generous

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This Urban Coco Women Vintage A-line Long Midi Skirt makes itself a super good match with cowboy boots to bring you a classy Cowgirl look just like you were born in Texas.

The skirt features slightly ruffle details and a flared form that extends to the calf.

But it never looks messy at all. Instead, the skirt covers very well your flaws of shape like the thick thigh or muscular legs.

Never miss being in “Old Western” style with this skirt, high collar cowboy boots, and a brimmed hat.

Click image for more information

The fabric is properly sketched which gives you perfect comfort and class.

Believe me, it does not look like a kitchen skirt due to refined suede nap. The waistband is very small and minimal and uses a drawstring.

Therefore, you can wear a big belt to cover the waistband easily.

The skirt pairs well with either ankle cowboy boots or high collar cowboy boots.

But make sure you pick high heels that will make your legs look taller and more sophisticated.

Overall, the skirt fits very well, is really comfortable and breathable. The fabric won’t easily get wrinkles but it does appear while wearing.


  • Quality polyester
  • Comfortable elastic closure
  • The suede finish on the surface
  • Proper sketch fabric experience
  • A wide selection of colors
  • Calf length


  • The size tends to run a little bigger.

8. Lexi Women’s Skirt

Womens Super Comfy Perfect Fit Stretch Denim Skirt SKS22885 BLUEBLACK 2
  • Dresses Length:Above Knee/Short
  • Machine wash cold / Tumble dry / Do not bleach

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Looking for something sporty and dynamic to wear with cowboy boots? This Lexi Denim Skirt is for you.

There is nothing better than cowboy boots and a jean skirt/pants. The duo gives you a very Texas, young-and-wild-soul vibe.

The denim fabric is super sketchy to make your legs breath well, even in hot conditions. The line comes in several colors and forms.

You can either choose a well-shaped pencil skirt form or a mini skirt form. If you have wide hips, big butts, or muscular legs, you better go with a mini skirt instead of pencil form.

Click image for more information

We recommend wearing high-collar cowboy boots as your legs and shape will look slimmer and longer.

This skirt won’t bring a bulky arrangement in the tummy area, it is well-organized and doesn’t show the bulge.

The denim is not too light and poor in quality. The surface is fairly smooth and highly elastic.

But the material tends to be rough right out of the bag. It will soften after some wash.

You can wear everything with this denim skirt on any occasion or even at home. It still fits well and is perfectly comfortable.


  • Quality and high elastic denim x spandex fabric
  • Pull-on closure for adjustment
  • Pencil or mini skirt form
  • A wide selection of colors and printed patterns


  • The denim will be a bit rough at first.

9. Katiewens Women’s Classic A-Line Mini Pencil Skirt

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A very excellent match with cowboy boots, this Katiewens Women Classic Faux Suede Pencil Skirt is highly top-rated.

For decades, suede skirts always gave a unique and classy look. This skirt brings a very youthful and dynamic look.

You can either wear a shirt, blouse or even a loose sweater, they are all good.

Click image for more information

The detail of the letter X running along the sides of the skirt adds to the interest and impression when wearing cowboy boots.

The material is very comfy. It has a nice soft finish on the outer and a thick and well-made layer inside.

The size may run a little smaller, so, if you have a wide hip or fatty waist, we recommend picking a bigger size for a better fit.

One more downfall is that many said the zipper seems not to work smoothly all the time.

It is a kind of stickiness and to fix it, you can add some oils or shoe polish. Overall, the skirt form is not for everyone due to its slim fit.

The suede is not much sketch, so the form will fit better for some skinny types or those who have normal hips and butts.


  • 100% Well-made faux suede
  • Slim fit mini skirt form
  • A wide selection of colors and patterns


  • The suede seems not to fit comfortably.

10. CATALOG CLASSICS Women’s Peasant Maxi Skirt

Women's Floral Embroidered Maxi Skirt - Over-Dyed Long Peasant Skirt, Ankle Length - Denim Blue -Small
  • STYLISH SUMMER SKIRTS FOR WOMEN - Lightweight and colorful, this flowy skirt makes the perfect...
  • MAXI-LENGTH LONG SKIRT - With a design inspired by bohemian clothes for women, this hippie skirt...
  • EMBROIDERED FLORAL SKIRT IN RICH TONES - Swirled embroidery on the over-dyed, enzyme-washed women's...

Last update on 2023-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A very Boho and Vintage vibe when mixing this CATALOG CLASSICS Maxi skirt with cowboy boots.

The drawstring to tie the bow in the front is super cute and the waistband is very elastic and minimal to put the skirt over the top.

The ankle length should go with high heel cowboy boots to create a slimmer and dedicated look.

Click image for more information

No matter hot/cold season or beach/mountain/urban landscapes, the skirt works perfectly.

The embroidery details on the skirt are well-made and nicely accomplished on the material surface which is like ton-sur-ton to embroidery cowboy boots.

The fabric is sketched well to fit perfectly any body shape out there.

However, one downfall of the material is that it easily produces wrinkles and color fading after some washes but there is no shrinkage while washing.

Overall, the skirt is well-fitted and extremely comfortable. You can either wear it at home, for outings, or even as business attire.


  • 100% quality Rayon material
  • Pretty drawstring closure
  • A few selections of colors
  • A wide range of sizes provided
  • Super sketchy and comfortable fit
  • Maxi ankle-length form


  • Easily get wrinkles and color fading.

Before you leave

As a woman, you have a ton of skirts to wear with cowboy boots.

Your problem is just choosing materials, colors, and how to coordinate them to achieve the effects you want.

We hope you find something useful for what you are looking for in this article.