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Why are Lucchese boots so Expensive? The 10 Best Lucchese Cowboy Boots

Why are Lucchese boots so Expensive? The 10 Best Lucchese Cowboy Boots

Lucchese, a brand of handmade cowboy boots, is extremely famous for its long history. They always offer cowboy boots with high quality, attractive appearance and diverse designs.

Besides the familiar Ariat brand, Lucchese is equally famous for those who love cowboy boots. However, unlike Ariat, Lucchese is made entirely by hand.

Fans of cowboy boots always appreciate handmade cowboy boots rather than machine-made boots. That is why Lucchese has a high position in the hearts of fans compared to Ariat.

However, many people hesitate to buy Lucchese boots because of their price.

Today, we are going to clarify your concern: Why are Lucchese boots so expensive?

Let’s get to it!

Why are Lucchese boots so expensive?

We will consider in many ways to explain why Lucchese boots are expensive.

Those aspects include: how to create Lucchese boots, where Lucchese boots are made and what Lucchese boots are made.

How to create Lucchese boots?

Lucchese’s specialty is handmade cowboy boots.

If you don’t know, a Lucchese handmade cowboy boot is made with over 200 steps ranging from easy to difficult, and takes 24 to 48 hours to complete a Lucchese handmade cowboy boot.

To ensure quality, Lucchese have their handmade cowboy boots made from the hands of the most skilled workers in the world, which is undisputed with more than 160 years of cowboy boot experience.

Lucchese is not only exquisite beauty, creativity and uniqueness, but it also expresses a lifestyle. A lifestyle as it stated: “to build the premier authentic frontier lifestyle brand.”

Handmade cowboy boots are always more expensive than machine-made cowboy boots because higher labor costs lead to an increase in factory costs. Also, durable cowboy boots serving for a long time deserve such a price.

Not to mention, to pay a very high-skilled worker, the pay must be higher than a skilled middle-class worker in Asia, or inanimate machines.

A machine chain can produce dozens of cowboy boots within an hour, but you won’t find West America’s breath or a premier authentic frontier lifestyle there, not to mention the subtlety of each seam on cowboy boots is also a big question mark.

How $1,500 Cowboy Boots Are Made | How Stuff Is Made | Refinery29

Where are Lucchese boots made?

Lucchese cowboy boots are proud of being a jewel of the United States where many other brands have “fled”.

Because US manufacturing costs are increasing, many brands no longer find a competitive advantage when producing cowboy boots in the US.

For that reason, many brands have moved production plants to countries in Asia (India, China). Asia is a place where production costs are low and labor costs are cheap.

In today’s flat world, logistics costs are extremely well optimized, so logistics costs from Asia to the Americas are no longer what worries brands.

However, Lucchese is different from other brands, they have a factory located in El Paso, TX. They accept expensive costs in many ways, but in return, Lucchese produces the best cowboy boots in the world. Their cowboy boots are full of breath and the lifestyle of West America.

Made from the hands of contemporary artisans at the birthplace of cowboy boots, Lucchese cowboy boots have their own beauty with unique designs that no cowboy boots in Asia can have.

A number of Lucchese handmade cowboy boots are also made in Mexico which is one of the cradles of cowboy boots.

Lucchese cowboy boots made in Mexico often have a distressed style, a wild and strong appearance.

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What are Lucchese boots made?

Cowboy boots are made from many different animal skin types, such as cowhide, ostrich leather, crocodile leather, caiman belly, etc.

The quality of leather will determine the quality, durability and appearance of cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are mostly made from cowhide which is durable, beautiful, easy to make, and affordable. However, the skin quality control step is crucial, and Lucchese does it well.

Lucchese brand makes cowboy boots from the highest quality leather. Not only cowhide, but Lucchese is also famous for cowboy boots made from expensive leather such as ostrich and especially crocodile skin.

Fun fact: There is a pair Lucchese handmade cowboy boots that costs thousands of dollars, it is made of blue crocodile skin on the Nile.

Are Lucchese boots worth the money?

Certainly, Lucchese cowboy boots are worth the money!

If you ask 10 collectors of cowboy boots, I’m pretty sure all 10 of them have at least one pair of Lucchese cowboy boots in their houses. I believe this proves the value of Lucchese boots.

Lucchese cowboy boots are made of the highest quality materials by the hands of the most skilled artisans. One thing that cowboy boots fans will love even more with Lucchese boots is that most of their cowboy boots are made in the US and Mexico – the birthplace of cowboy boots. Not Europe or Asia.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when buying Lucchese cowboy boots is the size of cowboy boots. Not just Lucchese, choosing the wrong size is a typical mistake when buying cowboy boots.

We have some guides on how to choose cowboy boots here!

Or you should carefully consult the comments from previous customers to make the right decision.

The quality of Lucchese is something you don’t need to be too concerned about. Lucchese cowboy boots are one of the best cowboy boots in the world.

Lucchese cowboy boots for men feature classic beauty, masculinity and elegance. Meanwhile, Lucchese cowboy boots for women are equally beautiful when feminine, fragile and pure beauty takes the throne.

The 10 Best Lucchese cowboy boots

To prove our point, we’ll show you 10 best Lucchese cowboy boots. They are most appreciated and loved on Amazon.

1. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot

Cowboy boots made from ostrich skin always look different from cow leather. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot looks wild but it has an elegant color.

What do you think of when wearing these boots with a pair of jeans or a suit?

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full Quill OstrichNo more products with other colors
Leather sole
Single stitch welt construction
Individually dyed

2. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Franklin Western

You probably won’t find a brand in the world that makes caiman boots (or shoes) better than Lucchese.

If you don’t believe it, look at Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Franklin Western. This boot is for men who love the beauty of crocodile skin.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Hornback Caiman Tail
Leather Heel, Upper and Sole
Fully Leather Lined
Black Cherry Color

3. Lucchese Men’s Carson Leather Cowboy Boot

Simple yet classy, Lucchese Men’s Carson’s Antique Brown color brings an attractive look from the first moment.

Attractive colors, delicate seams, unique textures – Lucchese Men’s Carson is for the masculine and luxurious gentlemen.

Please don’t bring it to the wedding, you may distract people from looking at the groom.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather soleSome people complain that this is a bit tight
Embossed stitching
Perfect color
Comfortable from the start

4. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Rusty Western

Textures don’t need to be too prominent to create a premium look, just like Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Rusty. It has a hidden texture but comes with mesmerizing beauty.

The look from the top to the sole of Rusty cowboy boots is a gift from God.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Oil & Slip resistantThe sole is a little slick at first
Comfortable right out of the box
Rubber sole
Good price

5. Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Nicole Western Boot

Don’t just focus on male Lucchese boots, Lucchese cowboy boots for women are also contemporary masterpieces.

Believe it or not, you can’t resist Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Nicole with feminine and sexy curves. It gives a captivating look that no boy can take his eyes off.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather Heel, Upper and Sole
Western Styling
Antique Castano Color
Soft burnished leather

6. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Lewis-Tan Mad Dog Goat Riding Boot

Take a close look at Lucchese Bootmaker Mens Lewis boots to feel the great class. It’s a world-class quality of the Lucchese brand.

These Lucchese boots feature the tan burnish colors and textures. These characteristics are also Lucchese’s signature. Make it yours now!

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% LeatherSlightly narrow with people with wide calves
Distressed leather vamp
Great looking boots for the price
Soft leather and very nicely detailed

7. Lucchese Classics Women’s Robyn

Not only excellent with traditional high-cowboy boots, but Lucchese also has the wisdom and skill to create exquisite, wild and distressed ankle western boots.

Evidence is that Lucchese Classics Women’s Robyn with feather and fringe charm will captivate every look.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% LeatherQuite tight on the arch
Leather sole
Feather and fringe charm
Great heel height

8. Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Catalina

Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Catalina is the next ankle western boots masterpiece.

You won’t find one ankle western boots anywhere.

The feminine appearance with a stylish and slightly oriental pattern will give the wearer an appealing look.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Leather soleNot for wide feet
Distressed floral print leather
Fit: True to size
The print is feminine, subtle and beautiful

9. Lucchese Classics Women’s Grace

A simple but classy cowboy boot, and this one is for fashionable women.

Lucchese Classics Women’s Grace doesn’t look glamorous but it gets the sophistication and elegance for a modern woman.

A pair of 16-inch cowboy boots with classic tan features an outstanding look.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole
Lightly cushioned
Leather lining, insole, heel, and sole
Soft leather and wonderful color

10. Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Sierra Western Boot

If you need a pair of cowboy boots with a flashy appearance to attend great parties, Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Sierra is just right.

With breaking design woven into the overlay creates a brilliant appearance, you can’t go wrong with this look.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole, 100% real leatherNot for large calves
No need break in period
Feminine and very intricate design
Comfortable for all day wear

Before you leave

In fact, a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots that cost several hundred dollars isn’t that expensive!

As it can last for more than 15 years if appropriately used.

Therefore, hundreds of dollars for a pair of boots with more than 15 years of use is not a high price compared to a few dozen dollars for sneakers that need to be changed every year due to their short lifespan.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy Lucchese cowboy boots. They are beautiful cowboy boots with timeless beauty!


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I wish I could give zero stars. About 18 months ago I went to get custom fitted for a new pair of boots that cost about $2,000. They were supposed to be here in 4 to 6 weeks. Six months later they showed up but had been completely wrong sized (2 sizes off). They said sorry and sent them back. Four months later they came back, but still were too long and now too narrow. They got sent back. They lost them. For another four months.

Then they sent them to the wrong store and lost them another month or so.

When they showed up again they told me they used the wrong size again and would have to be redone again. (This isn't a slight mistake, they're a size and a half off). Evidently the order was misentered. At this point I asked for my money back and they refused.

I will never do business with them again, and I would advise anyone thinking of getting a pair of custom boots to go anywhere else. They're the worst boot company I've ever dealt with and now I have to go deal with court just to get my money back. And I still don't have boots.


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

Well, it really wasn't a good experience...

Joel Lineberger

Friday 18th of December 2020

The initial cost of Lucchese boots is higher but well worth the investment. My Lucchese boot experience began as part of a 60th birthday trip that included a visit to the Nasheville store. Having visited other boot retailers the Lucchese quality was readily apparent. They create a great pride of ownership. Comparing the annualized "cost to own" over the life of the boots places Lucchese in a more favorable light. With no hesitation I purchased a second pair for my 65th birthday. These are boots you don't just toss aside. My first pair have been repaired by Lucchese for heel caps and have just been returned for complete resoles and heels. I expect them to easily last 15 years. I am completely satisfied with the Lucchese experience.


Friday 18th of December 2020

Hi Joel, thanks for sharing your experience with Lucchese cowboy boots with us. Hope we will have more discussions about many other cowboy boot brands in the future.

Kevin Knight

Sunday 13th of December 2020

I like to buy a pair of roper boots a little thicker leather but classy which ones are you recommending


Wednesday 16th of December 2020

Hello Kevin, this is really a difficult question because everyone's preferences will be different. But if you want to look for a Lucchese boot with a classy look, I recommend a pair called Wilson in a dark brown color. You can find it on the Lucchese website. Although the price is quite high, Wilson boots have an extremely luxurious look of belly caiman material. It would be great if you match them with your office pants or suits. Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the slow reply!