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Should You Keep Cowboy Boots In The Box?

Should You Keep Cowboy Boots In The Box?

One of the basic principles when storing cowboy boots is that you should keep them straight and place them in a dry and cool place; stay away from moisture, or strong sunlight.

Ventilation is always a priority for storing cowboy boots, so some wonder if they can leave their boots in such a closed place as a box. Well, this is a pretty good query, the answer is yes, but it’s not always a good idea to keep cowboy boots in the box.

Today’s article will clarify this problem for you. We will tell you when and why you should and shouldn’t use boxes to store cowboy boots.

Shall we?

Key takeaways

  • You should not keep cowboy boots in the box every day, because most boxes do not have enough breathability. It is also difficult to keep the shape of cowboy boots.
  • If you travel, leaving cowboy boots in a box is one of the good choices because it is very neat.
  • Although you can keep cowboy boots in the box in some cases, the box should still have ventilation holes with cowboy boots stowed in it.

Can I Store Cowboy Boots In The Box?

In most cases, you can find people using a boot stand or boot rack to keep cowboy boots in the house (usually in the living room).

Or, others just simply leave them on the cool and dry floor of the porch, stuffing paper into the entire cowboy boots to keep them taut and upright.

Well, the above options all have in common that they can hold the shape of cowboy boots very well and don’t make them wrinkle. In addition, cowboy boots can also avoid mold or be attacked by the hot sun.

That is the basic yet important thing to caring for cowboy boots. And in most cases, the box can’t really do that.

Boxes can’t really make cowboy boots stand straight because they don’t support that, so your cowboy boots can definitely show wrinkles.

The construction of cowboy boots is more than 11 inches tall, without support, they are hardly able to stay upright for long periods of time.

In addition, the box is closed and does not have enough ventilation. Cowboy boots are made from 100% leather, and like human skin, they need to breathe. Boxes are not as cool as when you just put them on the floor.

Cowboy boots when getting wet inside (usually from sweat) and when kept in a box that is too tight will not escape moisture. The consequence is that after a long time, cowboy boots will appear mildew and rot.

For daily wear, when you need to put the boots on quickly, keeping cowboy boots in a box is also not really convenient compared to using a boot rack.

Therefore, it is not ideal to store cowboy boots in the box every day.

If you insist on doing so, then you should make sure your cowboy boots are dry, and put boot shapers and boot trees into your boots to keep them in shape and dry from the inside (these two tools can absorb moisture). Then put the boots in the box later!

Mens boot tree from Tecovas

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As you can see, it’s an annoying and inconvenient process. Instead, you should buy a boot stand or a boot rack, it allows you to leave your boots in a cool place in no time!

Cowboy boots in the store in the boot stand

The biggest highlight of the box is that it ensures cowboy boots are tidy inside, so you can easily bring them everywhere. You can put the box in a suitcase or bring it on the plane.

Also, if it’s snowy or rainy outside, the box is really a great choice to protect your boots from moisture.

Another scenario is when you go on a business trip for many days and stay at a hotel without a boot rack or boot stand, the box is also a good choice to carry the boots with you and a good means to avoid dust.

You can put the box in your suitcase neatly without messing up other items. When you return home after the trip but are too lazy to clean your boots, the boots in the box (with dirt and mud) will not affect your clothes.

The box containing cowboy boots in the suitcase

All in all, the box method isn’t a good choice for everyday storage. On the other hand, it is useful when you need to take your boots somewhere and don’t really wear them often. Or using the box to store the boots for a short time is still ok!

While you can keep cowboy boots in a box for various situations above, it’s better to adhere to a few following criteria.

Boxes should be made of fabric and mesh, as these two materials are usually more breathable. Or if it is plastic, make sure it has vents. This will ensure your cowboy boots stay in top shape and can “breathe” fresh air for a long time.

In addition, the box should also be waterproof to protect the boots from water (silent and dangerous enemies). This will be necessary to protect your expensive exotic leather cowboy boots from sudden rain.

A woman is storing cowboy boots in the boxes

You might think that if it’s a plastic box and has air holes, how can it be waterproof?

The answer is to choose boxes with small ventilation holes, and when you get home, be sure to check if cowboy boots are wet or not.

Also, make sure your boxes are completely dry because if they get moldy, mildew and rot will quickly ruin your cowboy boots. Regularly clean your cowboy boots and box to ensure they stay in top condition.

If possible, stuff boot shapers or boot trees into cowboy boots to help them hold the shape, then you can put cowboy boots into the box. Various boot trees or boot shapers made from cedar can also keep the boots dry from the inside.

Also, make sure the box is large enough to carry the whole cowboy boots. Don’t fold them just to fit in the small box, buy a box for western boots. Or, you can choose any box with enough room to hold all the boots, then arrange the boots like the picture below.

Cowboy boots in the box

If you fold your cowboy boots, the creases will last forever and give your boots a very bad look.

Before you leave

In general, although boxes are not ideal for keeping cowboy boots for long, they are still a reasonable choice to take cowboy boots for travel because they can protect and have boots placed neatly in them.

Selecting a breathable, clean, and waterproof box will be essential to protecting your cowboy boots.

During use, you should also combine using boot trees and boot shapers to keep the shape of the boots and chase away mold and mildew.

After all, don’t forget to keep the box dry and clean!

Good luck!