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Can You Put Cowboy Boots in the Dryer?

Can You Put Cowboy Boots in the Dryer?

Unlike many other types of boots, cowboy boots need more time to care for. It also requires more attention when using these special boots.

Many things make cowboy boots different from other boots, one of which is the nature of the leather that makes cowboy boots.

Most of the best cowboy boots are made from full-grain leather, this is the type of leather that does not change much after the tanning process and can be considered the leather that retains the most naturalness. It is considered the highest quality leather today.

It is thanks to that naturalness of full grain leather that cowboy boots create a very different feeling compared to sneakers or other types of hiking boots.

However, this property of leather is not good to put in the dryer. We will give you the explanation below. Let’s start!

Key takeaways

  • Most cowboy boots should not be dried in the dryer, as it can cause cracks in the boots.
  • Using a drier for cowboy boots will reduce the natural characteristics of the leather that makes up cowboy boots, thereby affecting the experience.
  • Other boots get sag and slouch after coming out of the dryer, but they can mold to the feet well with laces. Cowboy boots have laceless construction, so you need to keep them in shape, don’t put them in the dryer.
  • There are other simple yet effective methods for drying cowboy boots here!

Drying cowboy boots with a dryer: Good or Bad?

Continuing the story above, what makes full-grain leather cowboy boots so successful is that they possess excellent natural moisture, thereby providing superior softness and comfort compared to other footwear.

You will feel cowboy boots fit snugly, and protect and pamper your feet better than any other boot.

And those things will disappear if the boots don’t retain their natural moisture! Especially when you use the dryer to dry out your cowboy boots.

A dryer is really a good tool for drying fabric products such as clothes. It removes most of the moisture in clothes and ensures they are dry and less moldy.

A Dryer

In addition to fabric, some types of leather such as suede or nubuck can also be dried by a dryer because these materials have changed a lot after tanning, they are dry, durable, strong, and hard.

Therefore, the dryer is really a good solution for hiking boots, tactical boots, or military boots because these boots are usually made from suede, nubuck, mesh, and fabric.

That is not the case with cowboy boots, because they are made of 100% full grain leather. If you suck out the natural moisture of this leather with a dryer, your cowboy boots are affected in an adverse way.

Cowboy boots will no longer be soft or mold to the feet well, and lose their shape. Moreover, due to dryness, creases and cracks appear easily and more frequently, leading to pale color in the leather. That’s the price to pay if you dry your cowboy boots in a dryer.

cowboy boots have dry leather

Although many cowboy boots are made from suede or nubuck these days, you shouldn’t try to put them in the dryer.

Note, some shoes can sag and slouch every time they come out of the dryer but you can still straighten them just by tightening the laces.

But cowboy boots have no laces to do that, their beauty lies in their original shape. That’s why, once they’re saggy, much of the original beauty is gone!

Cowboy boots usually get conditioned after a certain period which can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or longer depending on the type of leather (cowhide, goat, bull hide, or exotic leather).

cowboy boots have adaquate moisture due to being conditioned regularly

Applying conditioner regularly on cowboy boots will ensure they retain the best moisture and stay in good original condition!

On the flip side, dryers do the exact opposite of conditioners. Dryers are too hot, resulting in cracking in cowboy boots.

There’s more than one way to dry cowboy boots inside and out like using a boot dryer. Or you can use boot trees or insert absorbent paper to dry the inside of the boot. For more details, we have a very thorough post here!

Using wind or sunlight (not harsh) is also a good solution for drying boots.

However, dryers are not really a good tool for drying cowboy boots, especially full-grain leather ones!

Before you leave

In general, cowboy boots should not be placed in the dryer, or they will dry out, crack, and lose shape. It is very difficult to restore them.

Use simpler and more effective methods of drying your boots such as wind, sunlight, boot trees, or boot dryers.

Protecting your boots and keeping them properly hydrated are prerequisites to ensure they last longer and retain their original beauty. Don’t let them die in the dryer.

Good luck!