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How Do You Pack Cowboy Boots in a Suitcase Properly?

How Do You Pack Cowboy Boots in a Suitcase Properly?

Packing for travel always requires skillfulness. You may need to carry a lot of stuff along with you, but you also need to get all of them in a neat suitcase.

If it is your clothes, these soft materials are easy to fold. But packing boots is always a puzzle for travel.

You cannot just simply roll or fold them as clothes as cowboy boots need to be in form.

It’s your dear cowboy boots!

The idea of folding cowboy boots like folding clothes is really scary. This will surely destroy your cowboy boots, create many creases, and cause them to lose their ability to hold up well.

So, how to pack your cowboy boots in a suitcase? Follow our steps and get ready to go anywhere with your beloved boots!

Step 1: Clean cowboy boots

Of course! You need to make sure cowboy boots are totally clean to put on your suitcase.

First of all, start to clean cowboy boots thoroughly.

Then, let’s condition and polish your boots (if you have much time). And don’t forget to get rid of the smell on your boots.

All in all, these steps ensure the glossy look of cowboy boots and keep your suitcase from getting dirty.

Cleaning is a must-have step even when you put cowboy boots on a cover like bags or boxes.

Step 2: Keep the shape of cowboy boots

This is extremely important. I know that one will never agree to fold their boots like they do with soft clothes or socks.

Especially in this case, these are cowboy boots with such a high shaft. Let’s see what you need to fill up your cowboy boots!

Stuff Cowboy Boots with Socks, Underwear and Shirts

You can make use of the room on your cowboy boots! Cowboy boots with a high shaft provide an ideal room for stuffing things in. You can fill them with many socks, underwear and T-shirts on the foot and the shaft.

Try to completely fill in your cowboy boots to make sure they can stay in shape. You can press on the cowboy boots to check if you stuff things tightly.

Use Boot Trees or Cedar Boot Shaper

Tecovas Men's Boot Trees

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If you don’t want to tuck your clothes in cowboy boots, you can insert boot trees, or cedar boot shapers into cowboy boots. They can keep your cowboy boots in a straight form.

A boot tree is put into the foot of cowboy boots, this tool can be perfect for short cowboy boots. But if they still leave a short shaft, you can insert some socks in.

A cedar boot shaper can cover cowboy boots in both the foot and the shaft. They are just right for your tall cowboy boots.

These dedicated tools can keep your cowboy boots in shape excellently (without a boot rack or boot stand). They also help your boots absorb moisture pretty well on your way.

They may add more weight and occupy your luggage a little bit.

Boot Ups Boot Shaper - Best Boot Inserts Ever!

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Step 3. Cover your cowboy boots to protect them

Leaving cowboy boots without cover will result in scratching them. Therefore, adding a layer to protect them is necessary.

What can you use to put your cowboy boots in?

Use boot bags to cover cowboy boots

A boot bag is the best thing you can think of first.

It not only keeps cowboy boots in place but also avoids scratching against other stuff in your suitcase.

It was born for travel purposes! Boot bags have the shape of cowboy boots, you should pick one that fits your cowboy boots.

If you don’t have boot bags, use plastic bags in your home.

How to care for your tall boots

Put your cowboy boots in boot boxes

If you stored cowboy boots in boot boxes. Why not take the whole package with you?

A boot box is a protective shield against other stuff in your suitcase.

You should pick one with ventilated holes for your cowboy boots to breathe.

A woman is storing cowboy boots in the boxes

Use fabric bags to hold your exotic cowboy boots

Some types of exotic leather such as ostrich leather need a more breathable space than normal types.

You cannot keep them in those plastic boot boxes as they may feel airtight.

So, we recommend picking fabric bags to hold exotic cowboy boots.

After all, pay attention to the materials of your cowboy boots and choose a suitable cover for them!

Step 4. Place cowboy boots in a suitcase

Now, put your cowboy boots in your suitcase. The question is how and where you should place them in your suitcase for the best protection.

Place one cowboy boot on the other (stack your cowboy boots) in the corner of your suitcase.

Remember to point the sole and the back of cowboy boots to the corner of the suitcase to avoid scratching other stuff.

Or you can just lay them all on the bottom in a position like this:

Or like this…

In case you place cowboy boots solely with no cover at all, remember to gather your garments and stuff around them.

Then add another layer of your clothes to protect cowboy boots under. This also keeps your luggage organized.

Other tips with your suitcase

How to pick the right luggage for completely protecting your cowboy boots (and other stuff and property too)?

Choose a suitcase with a zippered compartment

This is born to put your shoes or special stuff in. They are separate from the rest space of your suitcase, and hold your property orderly.

However, you might consider a wide zippered room, as cowboy boots are pretty big. And remember to fill the space around your cowboy boots when you put them in this compartment.

Pick a rigid suitcase

This seems to be a “heavy” choice. But I still prefer using hard-sided luggage for packing things over soft ones for my trip.

They are a great option to avoid collisions and protect all of your property, including your beloved cowboy boots. And I love the fact that the hard luggage is waterproof.

You can comfortably leave the rigid suitcase on the ground while waiting, they have quite closed and protected rooms.

Fill up your suitcase

This may take time and a little packing skill to fold and organize all your things and cowboy boots neatly in luggage.

But after that, your suitcase is invincible. It can protect itself and your stuff better.

And what is the best? Once you open your luggage, you will see that your property stays neatly and orderly. Isn’t it cool?

Put on your heaviest pair

I’m sure you don’t want to carry such heavy luggage. If you have more than one pair of cowboy boots, take out your heaviest pair and wear it on.

This also helps in reducing the suitcase weight at the airport. Hopefully, you won’t exceed the maximum weight limit of luggage!

Other question

Can I wear cowboy boots on a plane?

Why not? There is no such thing that bans you from wearing cowboy boots on the plane. They are just normal footwear.

In fact, cowboy boots are excellent footwear at the airport. You can easily put on/ take off them due to their no-lacing construction.

Their shafts are just ideal for keeping your wallet, mobile phone, watch and any small stuff while passing security screening.

Cowboy boots hold up perfectly for waiting at the airport no matter whether you’re standing or sitting long.

However, I hope you don’t wear brand-new cowboy boots that haven’t been broken yet.

They may be stiff and uncomfortable for the first wear, you don’t want to get your feet hurt on your trip, right? Just take already broken-in pairs to travel with you!

A last note is that you should take a non-metallic pair of cowboy boots.

Those with steel toes or steel shank can make a metal detector go off.

In this case, check with the manufacturer to see if you can bring these cowboy boots on the airplane before embarking on your trip.

To sum up

Let me get this straight. All you need to do to carry cowboy boots in a suitcase is:

  • Clean cowboy boots thoroughly, condition and polish them if you have time
  • Keep the shape of cowboy boots by stuffing your clothes, socks, or dedicated products like boot trees, boot shapers
  • Cover your cowboy boots by gathering clothes around, or put them into boot bags/ boxes
  • Place them at the bottom and position them in the corner of the suitcase

For complete protection, you should pick a rigid suitcase with a zippered compartment and fill it up with all your things.

And all of your stuff will stay in place and neat once you open your suitcase!

Happy Packing and Traveling!