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Should Cowboy Boots Be Stiff At First?

Should Cowboy Boots Be Stiff At First?

Well, as longtime fans of cowboy boots, we all know that they are footwear with a high level of comfort. That comfort may not be the same as sneakers, but it is the comfort of understanding, warmth, and security.

However, for newbies just wearing cowboy boots for the first time, things often don’t seem like that. The reason is that new cowboy boots often feel stiff and cause pain in your feet.

Well, although this stiff thing is a normal problem, it should be clarified so that the gap between cowboy boots and newcomers becomes closer.

Explore this with me today!

Is it normal if cowboy boots are stiff at first?

In fact, it’s normal for new cowboy boots to feel stiff and uncomfortable at first since leather is very hard when it’s new. At this time, it has not molded your feet well so it will make you feel uncomfortable.

While not all cowboy boots are stiff at first, you should be prepared as most of them will be. The feeling of stiffness and discomfort due to poor fit will last for a few days (usually around 10 days).

In addition, due to the stiff and inflexible structure of new cowboy boots, you may also find it difficult to put on / take off them at first. Or worse, they could result in blisters.

And it is also normal if you find their soles lack the necessary flexibility. That’s right, in the beginning, everything was hard!

In most cases, cowboy boots will soften, mold your feet better and become more comfortable after the break-in process.

Many new cowboy boots in the store

Most of the time, if you buy a pair of cowboy boots in the right size, just wear the boots for 1 week to 10 days and they will break in. Don’t worry.

Wearing cowboy boots until they are broken in can be a bit time-consuming. So you can also steam, use a leather conditioner or follow these methods, they are very effective to speed up the break-in process!

Well, to answer the question of whether cowboy boots should be stiff in the beginning is actually quite simple. It’s great if you can find cowboy boots that can feel comfortable right out of the box. But it’s alright if they are just a bit stiff.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your feet in case cowboy boots are still stiff, I suggest you use thick and over-the-calf socks. These socks will be a good shield to protect your feet.

Tecovas Boot socks

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Or you can also apply lotion to the areas where you feel the heat from being rubbed with the leather of the boots, the lotion will make the leather softer and reduce friction.

Women wear cowboy boots with white jeans

Even so, if you feel they are too stiff and your feet are almost numb, they may be tight in addition to being stiff. At that time, you need to consider returning the boots.

But if you can’t return them, it may take a long time to get them to stretch.

The good thing is that all leather boots will tend to stretch and get softer over time. You can wear them until they stretch, or apply some methods such as steaming, using a boot stretch spray, or boot stretcher. We have quite a few more methods for you here!


In short, if I have to choose, I definitely will prefer cowboy boots that provide comfort from the start. But if they are a bit stiff at first, it’s still okay as they will soften over time, especially after the break-in process.

During this time, I suggest you wear a pair of socks that are thick and high enough to ensure good comfort for your feet and stay away from blisters. This method is always effective.

However, if cowboy boots are too stiff and numb your feet, they may be too tight. You should return them if possible, otherwise, find a way to stretch them properly.

Good luck!