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The 15 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with Dresses in 2023

The 15 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with Dresses in 2023

Cowboy boots with a dress is a classic combination. No need to be too fussy, just a simple bright colored dress with vintage-style cowboy boots can give you a feminine and attractive look.

However, not all cowboy boots can be worn with dresses.

There are many different types of cowboy boots in the world, and you need to know which ones will suit your dress.

Today, FromTheGuestRoom will show you 15 best cowboy boots to wear with dresses.

Along with that, we will show you how to wear dresses with cowboy boots to ensure that the combination will give you the best look.

Let’s get it started!

For busy bees, we have prepared for you the 3 best pairs of cowboy boots to wear with dresses!

ARIAT womens Western Cowboy BootARIAT womens Western Cowboy Boot
  • Unique design with turquoise floral print
  • Fit great calves well
  • Outstanding and youthful style
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Corral Womens Brown Crater Bone Embroidery Cowboy BootCorral Womens Brown Crater Bone Embroidery Cowboy Boot
  • Perfect toe and heel shape
  • Vintage style with beautiful embroidery
  • Perfect match with dresses
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CORRAL Women's L5001 Dragonfly Distressed Embroidered Cowboy BootCORRAL Women’s L5001 Dragonfly Distressed Embroidered Cowboy Boot
  • Distressed full-grain leather
  • Simple yet whimsical embroidery
  • Well-handcrafted boots
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Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with Dresses

What cowboy boots look good with dresses?

There are many different types of cowboy boots and each of them has different advantages.

We will show you how to choose cowboy boots to wear with dresses to suit your purpose.

5 best types of cowboy boots to wear with dresses

I’m sure cowboy boots will go great with dresses. But there are a lot of cowboy boots out there, some might not go well with your dresses.

These are the 5 best cowboy boots you should think of when you want to wear them with dresses.

Traditional cowboy boots

Traditional cowboy boots with high heels and pointed toes give you a feminine look.

And that feminine look is taken to a whole new level when traditional cowboy boots go with dresses.

When you attend a wedding, this combo is a good choice even if you are a bridesmaid, guest, or the bride.

In addition, traditional cowboy boots have leather soles. The leather soles slide pretty well for you to enjoy a fun line dancing.

A red dress with traditional cowboy boots will make you stand out in the line dance party.

Another interesting thing is that traditional cowboy boots with high heel design will make you look taller, arrogant and confident like a true cowgirl.

Classic western boots

Classic western boots often look wild, distressed or vintage depending on the brand. But classic western boots paired with a dark dress also make a classic choice.

If you are a girl with a gentle and feminine style, vintage boots with floral embroidery on the shaft and foot will be an interesting choice for you.

Classic western boots usually come with low, wide heels and square toes.

They are well designed to create a comfortable feeling for the wearer in the long term.

Short cowboy boots – Ankle boots and booties

Not only traditional cowboy boots are excellent coordinators with dresses, but some new generation cowboy boots can do that too. Among them are short cowboy boots.

Short cowboy boots usually reach to mid-calf or shorter. Some pairs are ankle-high, while some pairs even have no shafts.

These boots can bring femininity and dynamic style on hot summer days. You can fully be flexible and active without any obstacles.

Roper boots

Roper boots are a delicate cross between dress boots and cowboy boots. These elegant boots bring the charm and cuteness for girls.

The standard features of Roper boots primarily are round toe, low and wide heel.

These features are put together to make the wearer comfortable and flexible all day long.

Nowadays, Roper style cowboy boots are as popular as traditional cowboy boots.

Put on any dress in your wardrobe and match with Roper boots, you will be surprised.

Cowboy boots with fringe

If you’re planning on dressing up in cowboy boots for a western wedding, then a pair of cowboy boots with fringe won’t be a bad choice.

Line dancing parties are very common at western weddings. With fringe around the cowboy collar, your line dancing moves look more attractive.

Read more: Best Cowboy Boots for Line Dancing

Some cowboy boots should not be worn with dresses

Western work boots

Western work boots are used for function rather than fashion.

You can still wear these boots with dresses, but this is not a good choice for fashion. If you plan to wear a simple dress with western work boots for off-farm work then it’s no problem.

But if you intend to wear this combo to a party, I don’t think this is a good idea..

Stockman boots

Like western work boots, Stockman boots are perfect for those who love to hit the road.

With durable and flexible designs, strong looks, it will be difficult for stockman to have the same style with feminine dresses.

Stockman boots would probably suit a skinny jean better than a dress.

What dresses look good with cowboy boots?

Dresses suitable for cowgirls should have one thing in common: they don’t cover the front of the legs from the knee down – this will help you show off your cowboy boots.

The three classic dresses that cowgirls love are tea-length bridal dress, 1950s-style short dress and tea-length front dress.

And you know what? We have a collection of 10 of the best dresses for you to wear with cowboy boots here!

The 15 Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with Dresses

1. Corral Womens Brown Crater Bone Embroidery Western Cowboy Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Full Grain Leather, cushioned insole, leather lining
Bone hue, stylish and fashionable
Easy on / off, vintage look
Perfect to go with a dress, jeans…

Vintage-looking boots are always a great choice to wear with dresses, and these Corral cowboy boots are the perfect piece to complete your look.

With delicate embroidered motifs and attractive on the shaft and foot, the distressed leather background color of the boots will catch the attention of others.

2. ARIAT Women’s Circuit Champion Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Full-grain leather foot, 100% LeatherNeed break in period
Leather sole, cushioned insole
Fit good even wide calf
Outstanding appearance

If you are an energetic girl and love vibrant colors, then a pair of cowboy boots with an impressive colorful floral pattern is a good choice for you instead of looking cowboy boots out in the wild. ARIAT Women’s Circuit Champion Western Boot has these features.

These boots have rich colors covering the shaft and bright textile. These colors create a strong impression for the wearer.

Besides, if you are a line dancing lover, the leather soles of these boots will create gorgeous sounds to serve your skilled line dancing moves.

3. CORRAL Womens L5001

What we like

What we don’t like

Full-grain leatherNot fit well
Cushioned leather insole, leather lining
Gorgeous stitching, bold and whimsical embroidery
Handcrafting supreme leather

It can be said that CORRAL Womens L500 is a world-class masterpiece by Corral.

Take a look at each color and texture of the L5001, and you’ll see a gradation from distressed rich brown full-grain leather, subtle patina effect and floral and dragonfly embroidery.

Besides, Corral has always been a beloved brand because they respect their traditional values ​​and have great initiatives to elevate traditional cowboy boots, and this pair of boots is an example to prove that.

4. ARIAT Women’s Round Up Johanna Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Rubber sole, full-grain leather foot and upperNeed break in period
Fabric lining, comfortable for all day wear
Fit good even wide feet
Good traction, gorgeous boots

Just a two-row stitch pattern to make a feather-shaped masterpiece throughout the shaft, this is something that only ARIAT Women’s Round Up Johanna Western Boot owns.

Feminine looks, eye-catching colors and simple motifs, but these Ariat boots can easily capture the wearer’s love.

5. ARIAT Women’s Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

100% Leather, Rubber soleNot approved for riding
Footbed support, comfortable for high arches
No need break in period
Fit good even wide fit

If you love novelty then the combination of dresses and fatbaby boots is one of the interesting choices you should consider.

Fatbaby is one of Ariat’s famous collections. Fatbaby is unique and modern but still retains the Western-inspired appearance.

Super cute and adorable are exactly 2 words to describe the coordination of a dress and Fatbaby cowboy boots.

6. Ariat Women’s Desert Holly Western Cowboy Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

100% Leather, full-grain foot and upperNeed break in period
Western inspired upper stitch embroidery and pattern
Perfect to go with a dress, short, jeans…
Stylish, comfortable, and great for riding

Are you a girl with narrow feet and calves? Then Ariat Desert Holly cowboy boots are an ideal option.

Desert Holly has a streamlined design and a sleek form for girls to show off their long and slim legs.

Along with that, the familiar floral motifs on the distressed leather create a noble and wonderful look.

And you know what? These boots are extremely great for riding!

7. Roper Women’s Riley Floral Fashion Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Fit as expectedNot for wide calf
All-over floral embroidery
Comfort and fashion
Great price

Here we go, we’ve got a pair of vintage Roper boots.

Feminine and adorable, the Roper Women’s Riley with embroidered flowers on the entire boots is a perfect choice for girls with a small build.

You will be surprised at first sight, these boots are gorgeous!

8. Soto Boots Wildflower Women’s Cowgirl Boots M50030

What we like

What we don’t like

Easy on and off, 100% leatherNot for high arches
Leather lining, Cushioned insole
Fit exactly right, rich colors and beautiful embroidery
Great price

Referring to vintage-style cowboy boots, the Soto cowboy boots are the number one option with floral patterns.

Soto Boots Wildflower completely stands out with a floral embroidery pattern on a fanciful black leather pattern with flowers blooming from a heart.

You will definitely be the focus of the party with these fantastic boots.

9. Ariat Women’s Round up Square Toe Work Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Traditionally style, comfortableNot for high arches
Full-grain leather foot and upper, six-row stitch pattern
Mesh lining, cushioned insole
Fit perfectly true to size

Ariat Women’s Round Up handcrafted from full-grain leather top to bottom will give you the ultimate high-class experience.

Extremely striking shaft motifs along with vintage bomber background leather will create the most luxurious style to go with fancy dresses.

10. ARIAT Women’s Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

100% Leather, Full-grain leather foot
Synthetic lining, Leather sole
Cute and fit well
Perfect for riding

You have a dark dress in your wardrobe and don’t know which cowboy boots are suitable to match with it?

Then you should give these Ariat western boots a chance.

With prominent pink red motifs on the leather distressed truffle background, a chance for these western boots to meet your dress is also a chance for you to shine brightly in the parties.

11. Laredo Women’s Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

Rubber sole, 100% leatherThe toe is narrow
Rich, distressed leather upper
Gorgeous embroidered
Fit perfect

Are you fascinated by the vintage style? Here is Laredo Women’s Western Boot full of vintage and feminine to go with every dress.

These boots have rich, distressed leather upper along with boasts silver studs offering a unique and distinctive look.

You love a chic cowgirl look, then why don’t you buy yourself these Laredo boots right away?

12. Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Catalina

What we like

What we don’t like

Distressed floral print leatherNeed a week to break in
Ankle straps and buckles
Perfect fit to size
Make feet look smaller

We can’t remember how many times we reviewed Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Catalina, but it’s certainly a lot. Why? Let’s take a closer look at these boots.

Only with distressed floral print leather highlights, these boots have created a luxurious, glowing look for the wearer.

A pair of Catalina boots with a bright color dress is a classic combination of classics.

13. Corral Women’s Sand and Cognac Laser Overlay Cowgirl Western Boot

What we like

What we don’t like

100% Leather, rubber soleQuality is not stable
Leather upper and lining, lightly cushioned insole
Perfect vintage style
Great fit

If we have to name the brand with the most creativity, we certainly do not hesitate to point out the Corral brand.

Corral Women’s Sand and Cognac is a living illustration for Corral creativity.

Scarring, abrasions and tinting on leather creates a unique look for these boots.

And one thing that we haven’t seen in any other boots is a unique laser overlay design, which is a very bizzare design.

You want to stand out in the crowd? Corral Women’s Sand and Cognac can help you with that.

14. ARIAT Women’s Remuda Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather foot and upper
100% Leather, rubber sole
Traditional Western stitching
Durable and attractive boots

With a gentle and simple style, the ARIAT Women’s Remuda will be perfect when they come with a thin and light dress.

Just two row stitch patterns based on Western inspiration create the sleek and stylish look for these boots.

You just can’t go wrong with these boots!

15. ARIAT Women’s Dixon Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, full-grain leather foot and upperSuitable for a slimmer leg than athletic legs!
Four-row stitch pattern, leather outsole
Comfortable after broken in
Perfect to go with skinny jeans and dress

ARIAT Women’s Dixon with an interesting look, fancy style will give you a new and sexy look.

Although not a western boot with a shaft like other boots, Dixon still retains the charm with its subtle curves.

As one of Ariat’s much-loved booties, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this bootie. The boot construction allows you to easily slip on/off the boot.

Do ankle boots go with dresses?

Ankle boots perfectly match with dresses.

Ankle boots and dresses are one of the classic new-age women’s fashion. This combination gives every woman a modern and stylish outlook.

Short cowboy boots are surprisingly suitable for dresses. If you are a girl who loves western boots but doesn’t want a country look, this is a good combination.

Do boots look good with dresses?

Surely the boots will look good when going with dresses.

There are many ways to wear boots with dresses to give a nice look, like knee-high boots with short dresses, ankle boots with midi dresses…

Some mixes offer a classic look, like vintage cowboy boots and floral dresses.

Depending on your taste, you will have different styles, but boots and dresses are one of the easiest combinations.

Just take out any dresses from your closet and try them on with boots, and wait for interesting surprises.

Can you wear boots with a dress to a wedding?

Boots and dresses can completely go together to attend weddings.

In fact, cowboy boots coordinated with a dress is a favorite option of many girls when they attend western weddings.

Regarding wedding boots, many girls usually choose traditional cowboy boots, classic western boots.

When it comes to the dress to go with these boots, they opt for a tea-length bridal dress, 1950s-style short dress or tea-length front dress.

We have an article on how to combine cowboy boots and dresses for weddings here!

Last words

The right pair of cowboy boots is the best piece to wear with a dress. Trust me, you can never go wrong with that look! Your femininity will be exalted.

You can totally wear this combination at your wedding, to the office, or go down the street, etc. Anywhere you want!

Good luck!