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How Do You Protect Leather Cowboy Boots?

How Do You Protect Leather Cowboy Boots?

One thing that everyone knows is that cowboy boots are extremely durable, they can last up to more than 10 years. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need protection.

In fact, leather, the material that makes up cowboy boots, although they are very durable, they require periodic care. Proper care can protect your cowboy boots against many bad agents.

Today’s article will offer some notes on how to protect cowboy boots and bring out solutions to protect your boots.

Let’s check it out!

Protect Leather Cowboy Boots: What are the best ways?

First, when you get cowboy boots home, the first thing you need to do is break in them before hard use. Because after the break-in process, cowboy boots will be soft, mold your feet better, and last long with you. Otherwise, cowboy boots may come apart quickly.

Just like you do when playing sports, you need to warm up so that your tendons and muscles are really flexible before participating in the real game.

1. Break in and clean cowboy boots

Breaking in cowboy boots is the first thing you should do to protect them.

man wears cowboy boots and straight leg jeans standing on the road

Then, during use, make sure your cowboy boots are always clean. Don’t let dirt or stains stick to them for a long time. They will cause boots to quickly get old, torn, etc.

Using a leather cleaner with a horsehair brush is the basic method to remove all the dirt and mud.

Just clean the cowboy boots with a damp cloth, then apply the leather cleaner, then use a brush to clean, that’s it.

Leather care kit from Tecovas

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2. Condition cowboy boots

Time is the big enemy of cowboy boots. Over time, factors such as environment and regular use will cause leather boots to dry and crack. To protect cowboy boots from this problem, let’s condition them regularly to help them retain moisture.

In addition, the conditioner also protects your cowboy boots from fading, keeping the original beauty at its best. Some oils like mink oil also work to make cowboy boots waterproof.

Leather conditioner

Simply apply a leather conditioner to cowboy boots periodically with a horsehair brush or a towel. You will make it.

However, cowboy boots are made from many different types of exotic leather, so how often you should condition them is often a big question mark.

Ostrich boots should be conditioned every 2 months, while it is every 3 months for lizard ones. Luckily, we have all the numbers you need in this article!

Also, if you don’t really know how to take care of exotic boots, then this article will be a very detailed guide for you!

3. Polish cowboy boots

The final step to protect cowboy boots is to use polish.

Using polish on cowboy boots will ensure they retain their beautiful color, forming a protective layer for the boots.

Boots are polished

Today, polishes also work to limit dirt and dust on the surface of cowboy boots, and possibly even water.

To have a perfect polishing finish, you may need to clean and condition them first. We have detailed instructions on how to polish them here!

4. Keep cowboy boots from water

The next important thing, protect your cowboy boots against water. Cowboy boots are made from leather, so they are quite water-resistant, but not fully waterproof.

So if cowboy boots are soaked in water for a long time, they will deteriorate quickly. Honestly, I don’t really use cowboy boots much in the rain.

During the rainy season, I make it a point to safeguard my cowboy boots against unexpected downpours.  To do this, I invest in high-quality waterproof sprays or mink oil, applying them meticulously to the boot’s surface.

These products provide a reliable protective barrier, ensuring that my boots remain unscathed and maintain their pristine condition despite the challenges of wet weather.

A man holding mink oil bottle

If cowboy boots stay wet for too long, you’ll need to dry them. A boot dryer, hair dryer, etc. are the best tools to do this. Keeping boots dry inside and out is essential.

All in all, making sure cowboy boots don’t get wet for long periods of time is a good way to increase their longevity.

Boot dryer

5. Keep cowboy boots in shape

Keep your cowboy boots in shape to protect them from wrinkles.

Putting cowboy boots in the corner of the house rather than boot racks seems convenient to you. But in the long run, this will cause your cowboy boots to fold, wrinkle and lose their shape.

Keep cowboy boots in shape Keeping cowboy boots in shape is the next factor to prevent cracking. Don’t let your boots fold and break, keep them straight, that’s the point! There are many ways to hold cowboy boots in shape to avoid cracking, which includes using a boot stand, boot rack, boot trees, boot shaper … These methods will retain cowboy boots in top shape at all times: straight and solid form. We have an article that thoroughly explains how to keep in shape cowboy boots here!

The basic rule for keeping cowboy boots in shape is to hold them upright. You can use a boot rack, or boot shaper to do that.

More simply, you can also stuff the inside of the boots with paper to keep the leather stretched and stand upright.

Many cowboy boots are standing upright

6. Use cowboy boots for the right purpose

Using cowboy boots properly is also essential to ensure your cowboy boots last longer and protect them against time.

Cowboy boots have many types, but in general, you should distinguish cowboy boots for fashion and for outdoor work.

Man wear cowboy boots with tactical pants and riding a horse

Cowboy boots that are worn for fashion purposes often have a construction that is not suitable for outdoor work.

For example, a boot with a 3-inch heel is definitely not suitable for ranch work and will quickly tear the heel off after a short time.

Using cowboy boots for the right purpose of their birth is also a good way to protect them.

Also, don’t use cowboy boots for running or climbing because they’re really not made for those tasks. Cowboy boots can be good for both outdoor and indoor work due to their great construction and style, but they can’t be good for sports.

You should avoid wet conditions such as rain or snow, because as analyzed above, being wet is a big challenge for the durability of leather cowboy boots.


Cowboy boots are storing in a cool, clean and dry place

In general, since you receive the cowboy boots in your hands, remember to break them in before you really use them much.

Next, make sure to go through the three basic steps of cleaning, conditioning, and polishing when wearing cowboy boots.

Making sure cowboy boots don’t get wet in the rain for too long. It’s also important to keep their shape straight.

Buying and using the right cowboy boots for the right purpose will ensure that they perform well without affecting their lifespan.

If you follow the above tips well, you’ve almost protected cowboy boots against many different bad actors.