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What are Buckaroo Boots? 6 Distinctive Features

What are Buckaroo Boots? 6 Distinctive Features

As y’all know, when it comes to cowboy boots, we’ve got a whole bunch of lines to choose from—western boots, stockman boots, work boots, riding boots, walking boots, and of course, the mighty Buckaroo boots.

Now, Buckaroo boots might sound unfamiliar if you’re new to the cowboy boot scene, but for us seasoned folks, they’re a cherished treasure.

So let’s mosey on over and take a closer look at these special boots, known for their towering height and vibrant designs.

What are Buckaroo boots?

A pair of tall cowboy boots

What exactly are Buckaroo boots, you ask? Well, the term “buckaroo” is just another way of saying “cowboy.”

And as you can imagine, these boots were the go-to choice for cowboys of yore. But what sets Buckaroo boots apart is their eye-catching and colorful design.

If you’re a fan of vibrant cowboy boots or if you’re one of them bold souls yearnin’ to stand out in a crowd, then Buckaroo cowboy boots are the ones for you.

They’re the epitome of style with a look that’s truly unique and unmatched.

When it comes to wearing Buckaroo boots, you can tuck your jeans right in to flaunt the beautiful and colorful shaft of these boots.

They’ve got a special design that sets ’em apart from other cowboy boots, and here’s what makes ’em so special:


buckaroo boots with blue shaft and brown foot

First off, Buckaroo boots are known for their extra-long shafts.

Compared to other boots, their shafts measure approximately 14 inches or even taller. Some of ’em even reach your knees!

Now that’s what I call perfect leg and foot protection.


Now, let’s talk patterns. Buckaroo boots sport intricate and detailed stitching on their tall shafts, so you won’t mistake ’em for any other boots out there.

The vibrant colors of the shafts can range from white, red, blue to green. But don’t you worry, there are also Buckaroo boots that sport a single color throughout, like classic browns or blacks.

Pull holes

cowboy boots with pull holes

The next distinct feature is the pull holes. Buckaroo boots are mighty convenient, featuring two pull holes on each side to make the on/off process a breeze.

Alongside those pull holes, you’ll find pull straps that make it even easier to slip these boots on and off.


And let’s not forget about the heel. Buckaroo boots boast a high heel, standing at around 2 inches or even higher.

Now, I reckon walkin’ in these boots might take a little gettin’ used to, but let me tell ya, when it comes to ridin’ horses, that high heel is a blessing.

It’s just perfect for stickin’ into the stirrup while you’re up on that saddle – to protect your feet from slipping out of the saddle.

Nowadays, there are some Buckaroo boots with heels that are slightly smaller than 2 inches, like 1.5″ or 1.75″, but trust me, they’re still plenty high.


deep scallops of buckaroo boots

And here’s another thing that sets Buckaroo boots apart—the scallops.

You see, Buckaroo boots share somethin’ in common with Stockman boots—they both feature deep V cuts, also known as scallops, on the front and back of their shafts.

These scallops allow your calves to feel comfortable, and they also provide a spot for you to tuck your jeans in and show off that vibrant shaft.

Toe shape

Now, let’s talk about toe shape. Buckaroo boots are all about comfort, and that includes a roomy toe shape.

You’ll find ’em in round toe, square toe, and wide square toe designs. So, there’s plenty of wiggle room for your toes to dance and breathe in these boots.

When do you use Buckaroo boots?

a cowboy on his horse in rodeo performance

When do you wear Buckaroo boots, you ask? Well, these beauties are perfect for ridin’ horses, my friends.

With their sky-high shafts, they offer complete protection for all your rodeo performances. The high heel helps you keep your balance and stay secure in that stirrup.

And let me tell ya, when you’re wearin’ Buckaroo boots, you’ll be the center of attention, ’cause those vibrant shafts and unique designs are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

And let’s not forget about the kiddos! Buckaroo boots are a favorite among the young’uns too. Their stunning appearance captures the hearts of children far and wide.

You can find ’em with all sorts of delightful decorations, just take a gander on any e-commerce site.


So, to wrap it all up, Buckaroo boots are a type of cowboy boots with towering shafts, high heels, deep V cuts, colorful shafts, and convenient pull holes and traps.

They’re a perfect companion for rodeos or simply a beautiful addition to your outfit.

If you ever come across a pair of Buckaroo boots, I guarantee you won’t mistake ’em for anything else!

Embrace the spirit of the West with these extraordinary boots that exude both style and Texas charm.