How do you Distress Cowboy Boots | 7 Easiest Methods

Perhaps this topic will cause confusion for many people. Please try to imagine like this:

The cowboy boots you bought three or four years ago used to look very elegant but recently they have become old and ugly. They no longer match with your suit.

You’ve left them in the corner of your house for 3 months, but then you feel sorry for letting the expensive cowboy boots that have been with you over the years cover with grime in the corner and be useless.

Will you sell it to others? No no, it’s not worth the money!

There is a way to keep your cowboy boots from being forgotten: Distress it!

Every revival has its price, your cowboy boots may get some pain, but then they will have a new look with a new purpose of existence. This way makes them stronger, wilder and more distressed.

Let us show you how to distress cowboy boots!

How do you distress cowboy boots?

You probably won’t need to distress your cowboy boots if you work outdoors or do a job that requires a lot of exposure to dirt or sand. Because those jobs give your cowboy boots a great distress look.

However, if you unfortunately work in an office and rarely expose yourself to the outside environment, your cowboy boots will still get old with the years but don’t look distressed at all.

Give your “office cowboy boots” a second chance. Make them appear more wild to serve for endless picnics or having fun outside the city.

There are many simple ways to distress your cowboy boots at home, we will guide you step by step.

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Step 1: Make them cleaner and softer

To perform the distressing process, you first need to make the cowboy boots clean and soft.

There are many methods to make cowboy boots cleaner and softer, but the basic method is:

Step 1: Use a water spray bottle to spray around cowboy boots, then wipe off the stains with a soft cloth. Thoroughly clean the threads, welt and hidden parts.

Step 2: Apply leather cleaner (or saddle soap) in combination with using a special brush to clean cowboy boots.

Step 3: Wipe off the cleaning fluid with a soft cloth to keep the cowboy boots dry. You can use a dryer to dry boots

Once your cowboy boots are clean and soft, it will be easier to distress them.

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Step 2: Start the distressing process

Method 1: Use rock to distress cowboy boots

Use pebbles (or hard rock) to rub on the surface of cowboy boots, thereby creating scratches.

Do not use stones to rub the stitch patterns or welt of cowboy boots, as this will destroy these stitches and your boots.

You can use rock to rub on many places on cowboy boots such as shaft, vamp, or toe.

Method 2: Use wire brush

Unlike other specialized brushes for cleaning cowboy boots with very soft bristles. The wire brush has very hard bristles (stainless steel bristles) and cannot be used to clean cowboy boots.

However, to distress cowboy boots is a different story. Wire brush is a great tool to do that.

What you need to do is rub the wire brush directly on the areas where you scratch the boots to create a distressed look.

Remember not to rub too hard. Keep rubbing slowly until they appear abrasions.

Method 3: Use steel wool

This is also a useful way to make your boots distressed.

In addition to using stone and wire brush, you can also use steel wool. The same way as above, just rub it on the cowboy boots. A special thing is that if your cowboy boots are made from suede, steel wool will be more effective.

Method 4: Use hammer

In addition to using hard objects to scratch for cowboy boots. You can also use a hammer to smash the cowboy boots.

After the beating, the leather of boots will appear interesting traces creating a wild and distressed appearance.

However, it should be noted that do not hit the cowboy boots with a hammer or you will damage the boots.

Method 5: Use car

That’s right, you didn’t hear wrong, use your car.

Take advantage of the weight and ridges on your wheels along with a small gravel road to implement the distressing process.

The way to do this is very simple, put your boots on a small gravel road, then drive your car over the cowboy boot shaft, roll until your boots get the look you want.

Note that they should only be rolled through the shaft.

Do not roll over the sole of the cowboy boots because this will destroy your cowboy boots.

Method 6: Use sandpaper

This is a great way to help your cowboy boots look worn out. Use sandpaper to rub into areas where you feel your boots need a more distressed appearance.

This is a good way to distress your cowboy boots, so you can easily create old scratches and fray in the right places on the cowboy boots.

Method 7: Wear cowboy boots for picnics, long trips, climbing,…

This is the most effective way to create the most natural scratches.

As I told you at the beginning of this article, let’s turn your office cowboy boots into warriors.

Take them everywhere, take them away and do your best in outdoor games and activities

Don’t be afraid of cowboy boots being scratched, because that’s just what we need.

After only a few times, your cowboy boots will be “aggressive” and become a wild beast full of great scratches.

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Step 3: Use boot wax after distressing process

After distressing your cowboy boots, you should use wax to condition your cowboy boots.

Though the cowboy boots leather is very sturdy and durable, you should have the right care to prolong the life of the cowboy boots after distressing them..

From here, your cowboy boots have a new look for new fun.

There are many types of leather conditioner on the market, use them to help your boots always shine, whether they are new or worn, those are the precious beauty of cowboy boots.

Some tips when distressing cowboy boots:

  • You can mix the methods above to help cowboy boots look distorted as you desire.
  • Before using the above methods, you can also use alcohol or wine to apply to leather cowboy boots, wait for them to soak into the leather, dry the leather and start the distress process. It will be more effective.
  • After softening cowboy boots, you should let them dry. Once cowboy boots are dry, it will be easier to create more scratches.

Some note when distressing cowboy boots:

  • The methods above are more effective for suede cowboy boots and cowboy boots with brown, tan colors … and have less effect on black cowboy boots.
  • You should pay attention when using these methods to distress cowboy boots. When using pebbles, wire brush, steel wool… do not let them exert excessive impact on the welt or stitches.
  • Do not use hammers and cars to exert force on the sole of the cowboy boots. Unlike other parts of cowboy boots, the sole is not entirely made of leather, so it can be damaged if subjected to excessive force.

Before you leave

Perhaps after reading this article, many people will think that: “Don’t be silly, are you telling us to destroy our expensive cowboy boots?”

No, of course not. I’m just showing you one way to become a true cowboy with distressed style.

Old frayed and slightly dirty cowboy boots are always charming. They exhibit reckless, generous, strong and wild style.

Remember to read our notes carefully and your cowboy boots will not be destroyed but they will come with a great look instead.

I like boots that have a classic and vintage look. Old boots and scars of memory are something I always love, you should try these things, that will fascinate you too!

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