Where are Ariat cowboy boots made?

Where are Ariat cowboy boots made?

Ariat brand, the king of cowboy boots on Amazon

70-80% of the search results for “Cowboy boots” on the Amazon e-commerce site are Ariat products.

Let’s find out more interesting things from this cowboy boots brand!!

Where are Ariat cowboy boots made?

China, that is the answer

So why make it in China?

Let’s take a look at some socio-economic issues.

“Workshop of the world” is the nickname for the giant industry in China. It is both an achievement and a result for 40 years of innovation.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, turn the back to see “Designed by Apple in California / Assembled in China”.

This means that Americans are only the owners of the design and creation, while the remaining stages of component production, assembly, and packaging are all done in Shenzhen – China.

“Designed by Apple in California / Assembled in China”

So we can see

The Ariat brand will die immediately if moved back to the US where the production costs are increased by about 15% compared to that costs in China.

Because Americans don’t get the habit of working three shifts a day with the process of eating, staying, living, working like moths in huge factories, making 400 cowboy boots in a minute, with remuneration of 400 – 600 USD / month. This payment is too attractive in China but pretty low in the US!

So why are production costs in China cheaper?

Because China has deliberately devalued the renminbi in order to create an export competitive advantage with the US.

Ariat’s cowboy boots are manufactured by industrial lines, not by hand, so if made in the US, Ariat will completely lose its competitive advantage.

Okay, I think we can stop the lesson here …


Are Ariat boots worth the money?

Yes, Ariat boots are worth the money.

Don’t worry, not every item made in China is shoddy.

Famous cowboy boots brands in the US are all highly skilled companies because they all have a long history in manufacturing cowboy boots.

Each cowboy boots undergo stringent quality control standards of the parent company in the United States.

Quality control standards are the most important because the quality of every cowboy boots depends on these standards.

Before cowboy boots want to return to the United States, they must pass through the parent company’s quality control standards.

Where is Ariat located?

Union City, California.

Founded in 1993, by Pam Parker and Beth Cross

Are Ariat boots good for riding?

Yes, but not all cowboy boots are good for riding.

For riding, cowboy boots must have special heel designs.

Ariat has developed many different cowboy boots, but overall cowboy boots have three main types of heels.

These are high heels, standard heels and low heels.

If you are looking for the high heels, there is the “riding heel” cowboy boots featuring 2 inch high heels, wide and flat soles for a comfortable feel.

The most important thing for good riding is that these cowboy boots have the wider nook of the heel than other boots. To help gain more control and stability while riding, the high heels and the nook of the heel stop the foot from moving too forward during the stirrup. (Read more “Why do cowboy boots have heels?)


Do Ariat boots have a lifetime warranty?

No, all Ariat cowboy boots are only warranted for a maximum of 1 year.

Ariat brand products are all made according to the industrial production line in China, so it seldom appears defective products.

For that reason, you only get a warranty for the defective product. If your Ariat cowboy boots are bitten by your beloved dog, or frayed after using a long time, in that case, you are not covered by the warranty.

You can report defective products here

How long do Ariat boots last?

It depends on how you use and store the boots

Normally, if well maintained, cowboy boots can be used for more than 6 years (Read more about storage: How To Care For Ariat Workhog Boots). In general, the life expectancy of cowboy boots varies from 3 to 4 years on average.

You can see there are many websites specializing in trading, exchanging used boots, which proves that cowboy boots have a longer shelf life than other fashion products.

Anyway, a pair of boots that cost more than $ 200 should last for more than 2 years …

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Cowboy boots have a long shelf life because their leather is very strong, durable and resistant to external influences.

However, for your long-term use when buying boots, you should pay attention to:

1/ Right cowboy boots size for you

Meticulous guide for choosing the right size at: What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Need?

2/ Cowhide leather lined

We recommend using cowboy boots with cowhide lining for their durability. Noticeably, they don’t stink as much when you’re done wearing them at the end of the day.

Besides, that cowhide lining keeps your boots from getting damaged by mold from the inside.

3/ How to store boots:

At “How To Care For Ariat Workhog Boots

4/ Goodyear welt

Goodyear welt, which makes you resole your boots easily, is what you need for your boots. Otherwise, your boots should have at least a welt or a way to help you replace your boots. Once you don’t get these things, you might lose the potential of your boots and your boots probably “expires” after using 2 years only.

Anyway, you might want to resole for boots that last from 4 to 5 years.

What are the main cowboy boots of the Ariat brand?

Cowboy boots, riding boots and work boots

All products are aimed at the mass market, which includes very affordable prices, diverse designs. What’s more, they are suitable for all ages and genders.

Ariat products are very popular on Amazon offering many sizes and many products so it is very rare for Ariat to run out of stock.


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  1. Very good short article for those who are fairly new to cowboy boots. Thank you. I’ve been to China a number of times and yes things mostly cost less for the reasons you stated and there are many outstanding quality products made in China and there is a lot of history and culture there.


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