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What Should You Not Wear with Cowboy Boots? Unlocking the Rules

What Should You Not Wear with Cowboy Boots? Unlocking the Rules

Whether you’re a fan of cowboy boots or a newcomer to this Western classic, knowing what NOT to wear with them is essential for creating a polished look.

While women often have the freedom to mix and match cowboy boots with a wide range of outfits, it can be more challenging for men to find the right balance.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll steer away from discussing the ideal pairings for cowboy boots. Instead, we’ll delve into the specifics of what to avoid when it comes to fashion choices with these iconic boots.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts, ensuring you make a fashion statement with your cowboy boots.

So, let’s explore the art of cowboy boot fashion together!

Key takeaways:

  • Men and women have different guidelines when it comes to wearing cowboy boots. Men should aim for a classic, clean look, while women enjoy more style flexibility.
  • For men, it’s essential to avoid wearing skinny pants and shorts that reveal the entire boot shaft. Opting for classic jeans, such as bootcut, straight leg, or cowboy legs, is practical as they provide full coverage and a clean look.
  • Women can experiment with various styles, including skinny jeans and shorts, to create unique and trendy looks.

Man and women wear different types of outfit with cowboy boots

What Are The Worst Things To Wear With Cowboy Boots?

When it comes to fashion, a general rule for men is to avoid wearing pants that fully reveal the entire cowboy boot.

In other words, tight pants or shorts aren’t typically considered suitable when it comes to cowboy boots.

What men generally seek in a pair of cowboy boots is a classic and clean style. If the entire shaft of the cowboy boot is exposed beyond the pants, it doesn’t quite achieve that look.

Man tuck pant into cowboy boots

“Men usually don’t wear cowboy boots like this.”

Therefore, short or skinny jeans aren’t the preferred choice among male cowboy boot enthusiasts.

When it comes to skinny jeans, their tight fit often makes it challenging to tuck the boot shaft inside them, and as a result, the details and motifs of the boot shaft can imprint on the pants.

On the other hand, shorts not only fail to offer sufficient coverage for the boot shaft but also tend to create a less gentlemanly style.

The simplicity of shorts may not be the best match for cowboy boots, as they can contribute to a more casual or laid-back look, which may not align with the classic and clean appearance often sought after.

This style preference may seem unusual, but it’s a common practice in the world of cowboy boots, where boot shafts are more prominently featured in women’s fashion rather than men’s.

Of course, there are practical exceptions, such as tucking cowboy boots into pants for outdoor work, but this is less common in everyday wear.

Revealing the entire shaft of cowboy boots can often give a showy and less clean appearance for men.

This happens when the style of the boot shaft clashes with the pants, resulting in an overall mismatch, especially when they don’t complement each other.

In short, it’s best to avoid “overly trendy” or “too simplistic” pants when pairing them with cowboy boots. Additionally, tucking your pants into cowboy boot shafts can create a style contrast that leads to a less polished look.

A man wears Men's Everyday Standard Jeans in Sand color

Men’s Everyday Standard Jeans | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

So, another piece of advice is to choose pants with enough room in the bottom legs to allow for tucking the boot shaft in.

Classic jeans like bootcut, straight leg, or cowboy-cut legs, which have a wider leg design, tend to be more reasonable choices as they can fully cover the entire boot shaft, unlike skinny or shorts.

You can see a few models on Pinterest wearing skinny jeans and tucking the shaft of cowboy boots underneath. Well, in reality, it’s not a particularly attractive style, as the V shape of the boot collar can imprint on the skinny jeans.

pants tuck into cowboy boots

“Again, NO, men DON’T wear cowboy boots like this”

Furthermore, men should avoid wearing bright-colored or colorful pants with cowboy boots for the very reasons – it can lead to a clash of styles, with one side being classic and the other being fussy.

Many opt for blue jeans as the ideal pairing for cowboy boots because they exude a timeless charm without being excessively flashy. They tend to harmonize well with cowboy boots.

A man wears jeans with snakeskin cowboy boots

These days, you’ll also find people wearing dress pants or suits with cowboy boots, especially when the boots are made from exotic materials like lizard leather or caiman belly.

It’s entirely possible to combine these outfits. However, for more formal occasions like the office or weddings, opt for well-polished, dark-colored cowboy boots with an elegant look.

man wear dress pant with lizard cowboy boots

For women, the compatibility of cowboy boots with outfits often hinges on personal style and the flexibility it allows.

Women enjoy a broader range of choices when it comes to coordinating outfits with cowboy boots.

The key is to ensure that there’s a harmonious blend of style and color between the attire and the boots.

A woman wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots

“Yes, women can wear cowboy boots like this!”

Skinny jeans or shorts can still work well for women when paired thoughtfully with cowboy boots, offering a stylish and modern twist to the traditional look.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with shorts made from lace fabric

If you find yourself uncertain about coordinating, classic brown cowboy boots offer a reliable and versatile choice, as they effortlessly complement a wide array of outfits.

For example, many women love pairing a dress or skirt with brown suede cowboy boots.

This combination not only looks super cute but also radiates a fantastic feminine vibe, highlighting the timeless appeal of classic brown boots in various fashion ensembles.

A woman wears dress with suede cowboy boots

For a more edgy and urban style, consider pairing exotic cowboy boots such as snakeskin boots with stylish pants like brown satin skinny pants. To complete the look, add a blazer or sweater and accessorize with a crossover bag or tote.

A woman wears ankle snakeskin cowboy boots with blazer, dress pants

In summary, for women, wearing cowboy boots is a matter of personal expression and style.

There aren’t rigid, one-size-fits-all rules, but it’s important to make certain that your outfit’s style and color don’t create a jarring clash with the boots.

It’s about striking the right balance that suits your unique taste and fashion sensibilities.

A woman wears floral dress with a pair of suede ankle cowboy boots

Last Words

In conclusion, the world of fashion offers a delightful playground for cowboy boot enthusiasts.

While men are encouraged to tread carefully, aiming for a polished and classic appearance by avoiding overly trendy or revealing styles, women enjoy a wider canvas for self-expression.

Remember, fashion is about personal style, and while guidelines can be useful, there are no rigid rules when it comes to showcasing your individuality.

Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl, and let your unique fashion journey with these iconic boots take you to new horizons of style and self-expression.