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Should Your Heel Slip in Cowboy Boots?

Should Your Heel Slip in Cowboy Boots?

The fit of cowboy boots is always a topic of discussion day in and day out. The simplest explanation for this is that they don’t have laces. When the boots are loose, you can’t tighten them as easily as a pair of football cleats.

Usually, loose cowboy boots can easily lead to many consequences. One of the most annoying things that they cause is heel slippage.

Even so, heel slip in cowboy boots is unavoidable, and indeed sometimes it is necessary.

Well, should your heel slip in cowboy boots? This article is the most comprehensive answer for you!

My Heels Slip In Cowboy Boots: Is It Normal?

It is almost certain that you cannot avoid heel slippage in cowboy boots. They appear a lot in new cowboy boots, and in fact, this is quite normal.

New cowboy boots often have stiff and not flexible soles, the leather of the boots also does not mold your feet really well, so it leads to little space between your heel and the cowboy boot when walking. Also known as heel slippage.

During this time, you may experience a lot of discomfort with walking or engaging in any activities.

However, heel slip will decrease over time when the leather gets softer and the sole becomes more flexible. After the break in, the heel slippage will be too small to affect your comfort.

In fact, it’s normal for heel slip to fall between 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch at first. It will happen less after the break-in and you will barely feel it.

If you regularly wear cowboy boots for about 1 week to 10 days, the chance of heel slippage happening in cowboy boots is very small.

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Even so, it’s still common to experience excessive heel slip in cowboy boots, usually caused by too loose cowboy boots. To fix this, you will need to choose 1 of 2 ways: return the boots or make them fit tighter.

If your cowboy boots just came out of the box, then I think it’s best to switch back to the bootmaker for a better fit.

But if you can’t return them for some reason, you can also use some methods to make cowboy boots fit tighter, thereby reducing heel slippage to a low level.

It is very important to make the cowboy boots fit tighter, especially in the instep if you want to minimize heel slippage.

You can buy more insoles and put them in boots to make the insole part of the boots fit better. Or use some heel inserts in the market to tuck into boots.

Lucky for you, I have 2 articles on this topic. They include how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots and how to make cowboy boots fit better, you can check it out.

It’s really not that bad to have heel slippage in the beginning if they’re within the acceptable range (1/4 inch to 3/8 inch). Because cowboy boots are made from 100% leather and are quite thick, they are quite stiff at first.

A little heel slippage will ensure that your foot remains flexible in cowboy boots and not tight. They almost disappear with the break-in process and you can feel it more comfortable.

From my personal experience, cowboy boots do not show a single heel slip, which indicates that they are tight. Your heels will hurt soon.

Except for the fact that the heel slippage is too large and can cause blisters, there is no doubt that cowboy boots with a little heel slippage won’t really be a big deal, it won’t affect your comfort much.

How should a cowboy boot fit in the heel?

Cowboy boots need to fit snugly at the instep to make sure your feet stay in place (because they don’t have laces), but you’ll need a little room and a little slip at the heel to be comfortable.

That can result in heel slippage in cowboy boots, yes, but it ensures your feet can breathe and move more flexibly. Just make sure that the heel slippage on your cowboy boots is no larger than 3/8 inch.

Feel them, raise your heels about 1/2 inch with the ball still touching the ground. Repeat a few times until you get comfortable.

If heel slip doesn’t affect comfort too much, choose them now. Because there are almost no cowboy boots that don’t have a heel slip, even broken-in ones.


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In short, there is no problem with cowboy boots with heel slip, as long as the heel slip does not exceed 3/8 inch.

Cowboy boots should have a little room in the heel to have a little heel slip to ensure your feet can be more flexible and comfortable.

You’ll need to be careful if your cowboy boots don’t have any heel slips at all, as they’re likely already tight. Take a few laps to feel it.

However, don’t let heel slips get too big, because they will make your gait very bad and can cause blisters.

Good luck!