How to Make Cowboy Boots Look New | Step by Step Instructions

Most cowboy boots are made from leather, the superiority of them is durability. The longer you wear them, the more comfortable cowboy boots are.

However, during use, cowboy boots cannot keep shiny forever, you need to have some methods to care and protect cowboy boots to keep them looking new.

It’s very simple! We will show you the most basic and common methods, they are easy to do and very economical.

How to make cowboy boots look new? Let’s check it out!

How to make cowboy boots look new?

Normally, if a pair of cowboy boots is well preserved, it can last up to 10 years, but that doesn’t mean your cowboy boots always shine.

Here are four simple ways to keep your cowboy boots always look new:

1/ Clean, condition and polish cowboy boots

Sure, your cowboy boots can’t look new if they’re dirty.

Step 1: Clean cowboy boots thoroughly

For leather cowboy boots:

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Use a soft cloth and clean around the cowboy boots, carefully wipe at seam and welt.

Then use a leather cleaner with a horsehair brush to remove stubborn stains – apply leather cleaner on cowboy boots and then scrub every corner thoroughly.

Finally, take a spray bottle of warm water and spray on the surface of cowboy boots, then wipe off the remaining water and leather cleaner with a dry cloth to keep cowboy boots dry.

For suede cowboy boots:

You need to limit suede to contact with water because water will destroy suede quickly. Here is how to clean suede cowboy boots:

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Use a special brush to clean suede boots, scrub thoroughly to remove stains.

Then use the Cleaning Eraser to scrub nooks and crannies (such as welt, seams) thoroughly.

Use a special brush to continue scrubbing the entire surface of suede cowboy boots.

Next, apply suede cleaner to cowboy boots, then rub with a brush.

Once you see the cowboy boots are completely clean, you can stop.

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Step 2: Condition cowboy boots

This is a very important step, you should condition cowboy boots to make them durable and soft and to retain the original color. Conditioners will keep cowboy boots looking new.

Besides, the conditioner also helps waterproof boots against dirt.

Conditioners will help you reduce the cleaning times of cowboy boots  – cleaning cowboy boots too often isn’t good anyway.

Just after cleaning the cowboy boots, apply a sufficient amount of conditioner and spread it on the surface of cowboy boots. You can use a hair dryer to help the conditioner quickly penetrate into the surface of cowboy boots.

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Step 3: Polish cowboy boots

One last step to protect your cowboy boots, help them shine and keep their fresh color is to polish cowboy boots.

Polishing cowboy boots not only helps them shine, but it’s also like conditioner, it helps cowboy boots resist water and dirt.

After these 3 basic steps, your cowboy boots will look new very long.

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2/ Dye cowboy boots

For cowboy boots that have become discolored and completely old, dyeing is the best way to revive them.

Buy yourself a Leather dye kit (for leather or suede) and Color dye self-shine kit to turn your old boots into a new one.

It may take some time to dye cowboy boots, but the dyeing method is very simple. Don’t believe it? See here.

This cowboy boot dyeing method is a very economical way for you to get a new pair of cowboy boots without spending hundreds of dollars.

3/ Preserving cowboy boots

Good preservation for cowboy boots will help them always look new and ensure their durability.

Make sure your leather cowboy boots are stored in a dry place. Water is the enemy of leather, so keep your cowboy boots away from it.

When it comes to suede cowboy boots, you should store them in a dry and breathable place. Because suede cowboy boots need to breathe.

You should keep the cowboy boots upright with a boot shaper, to avoid creases that make them look ugly.

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A tip is that when cowboy boots get wet, use a bit of household powder or put absorbent paper inside the boots.

However, if you have a lot of cowboy boots and it’s the rainy season (or snow season), you should use a boot dryer to keep them dry.

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Another method to keep cowboy boots look new is using boot trees.

After a long time of use, cowboy boots can shrink, or lose their shape. With boot trees, you can restore your cowboy boots, keep them in shape and look new as you wish.

Just put boot trees in cowboy boots, leave them overnight. The next morning, your cowboy boots will become more comfortable, drier (boot trees can absorb moisture) and newer.

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4/ Use household items to make cowboy boots look new

If you’re in a hurry and need to wear leather cowboy boots to go out but your house is out of polish or wax, you can use the items available in the house.

However, do not abuse these ways, abuse non-specialized products for leather can discolor cowboy boots easily.

Olive oil and lemon juice

Olive oil is a great alternative to polish. If you want your cowboy boots to be shiny, spray olive oil on the boots and rub it gently with a cloth.

Add a few drops of lemon juice to increase the shine. And now, enjoy your work!

Oils of fruits (Coconut, walnut…)

Besides using for cooking or conditioning your hair, you can use fruit oil to shine cowboy boots.

Apply some coconut oil on cowboy boots and use cloth to wipe the surface of boots, your boots will be much more shiny.

Banana peel

Rub banana peel all over the surface of your cowboy boots, then wipe with a dry cloth. That’s all. Now, you have shiny cowboy boots!


Have you ever thought of using alcohol to “beautify” your cowboy boots?

This is a pretty good idea!

Dip the alcohol into a cotton ball and rub it on your cowboy boots, then wipe with a cloth, your cowboy boots will be as shiny as new.

Flaxseed oil and vinegar

Create a mixture of flaxseed oil and vinegar in a 2:1 ratio and rub it on the surface of cowboy boots.

If you don’t have flaxseed oil, you can use water to mix with vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.

Try it, you will be amazed at the shine that this mixture brings!


You might be familiar with this method: vaseline. Many people use vaseline to shine their cowboy boots.

Just apply a little vaseline to a soft cloth and wipe it on the surface of cowboy boots. Done! You get shine and new shiny cowboy boots.

However, again, don’t overdo them!


Apply a little lotion to your cowboy boots with a small cotton swab, wipe it off and you’ll find your cowboy boots shinier than ever.


Using wax is one of the great methods to polish cowboy boots.

All you need to do is heat them until it gets soft and apply it to your leather cowboy boots. Then rub with a soft cloth until the cowboy boots get shiny.

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You should apply the above methods only when you’re in a hurry. We don’t recommend using them all the time because homemade methods may not be suitable for some cowboy boots.

How do you fix discolored leather boots?

There are two basic ways to recover discolored boots:

The first is to polish your cowboy boots with wax that have the same color with the original color of your boots.

If the first option doesn’t work, you should buy dyes and dye your cowboy boots – this the most effective way. When your cowboy boots are discolored, don’t use homemade methods, they might make things worse.

Take care of your cowboy boots with specialized products to get their original color back!

How do I keep my cowboy boots looking new?

Take good care of your cowboy boots by cleaning, conditioning and polishing them.

Especially, please note the 2 steps: condition and polish cowboy boots.

If you condition and polish the cowboy boots properly, your cowboy boots can resist water, dirt and grime, thereby reducing the number of times you clean cowboy boots.

Not just cleaning cowboy boots as much as possible, you should preserve them well so that they can keep the new state longer.

For leather cowboy boots, they should be stored in a dry place and avoid being exposed to water. Use a boot shaper to keep the cowboy boots in shape.

For suede cowboy boots, you should store in a dry and ventilated place. Suede is different from leather, it needs to be breathed.

Don’t let cowboy boots get dirty for too long, you should clean and store them as soon as they get dirty.

You should use specialized products for cowboy boots and limit the use of homemade methods. Homemade ways should only be used when you need to shine cowboy boots immediately but don’t have a specialized product.

In short, proper cleaning, storage, and preservation methods will keep cowboy boots looking new longer.

Before you leave

The above methods are the best methods to make cowboy boots look new and keep them last long.

Take good care of your cowboy boots, they deserve it because they will accompany you for a very long time.

Cowboy boots are very durable and last for a long time, but their colors are new or not depending on your care.

Good luck.

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